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  1. That silly Billy was me. Those Illuminated Rocket launcher toggle switches looked so good!!!!! But the heater one has to go!!!! CHEERS
  2. Haven't seen/heard of a spring loaded one ,But sound just the ticket thanks Hi Tony thanks for your info [once again] you are a mine of information, Some just said a spring loaded switch ,That would be a good idea. I Will follow your tips and work fro, the key backwards. thanks again
  3. Hi I did a very dumb thing today .I Left the Glo Plugs [new last week] on for 15 mins after starting up my old BMC 2.5 50hp. I got a slight smell of burning, so I turned off glo plugs at toggle switch. Used the engine stop, turned off ignition, left it all alone 2 hours. When I re tried to start the Ignition switch was dead .Nothing ..,Batteries are all charged . I turned on the glo plug switch on to see it the toggle lit up, But it flashed on/off/on [instead of solid red light] so quickly turned it all off at ignition and auxiliary switches and batteries as normal .Came home Muttering like t
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