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    Nice, so as far as they are concerned you are this warm fuzzy friendly helpful type, whilst behind their back you have gone on to the internet to slag them off for having a flag you dont approve of. I see loads of boats with pirate flags, in fact I would go so far as to say there are more pirate flags than any other type. Sadly my GF wouldnt let me have a pirate flag, so instead I got this pirate hat made which I wear when boating.
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    Entirely true, however that doesn't help the folk who subsequently encounter the broken paddle not those who suffer in other ways due to funds being diverted to repair the broken paddle. It is a 200+ year old system (well, not those paddles admittedly) and it is unhelpful to take a position that the infrastructure should be used as originally intended without a care because CRT have a duty to fix anything that breaks.
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    if its any help, I have removed my timer and timer wiring now I have the GSM controller. If i want it on I just text it, then text it to turn it off. so simple I cannot believe I didn't do it before. I don't even have to get cold in the engine room turning it on, just sit there and text it.
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    You don't need a 7 or 14 day mooring - because you could stay at one of the 48h moorings, then after 2 days move to another of the 48h moorings.
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    I don't know. I don't have to. There all sorts of flags one may not fly willy nilly, the royal standard, blue ensign etc. It is so, it is the case. The white ensign belongs to the men who fought under it and their service. Apart from Warrior, take a look at Trincomalee in Hartlepool. Another old British warship for which a white ensign would be appropriate but is not flown because it is no longer a ship of the Royal Navy nor has a warrant. The only two ships which are not part of the current navy with permission to fly the white ensign are Belfast and Cavalier, not Warrior (warship) not Trincomalee (warship). They have respect enough to not fly a reputation to which they are not entitled. Certainly not Great Britain.
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    Come to think about it,its hard to see how these lads and lasses of old got any work done at all,what with the plate arranging and the fussing over mops not to mention the arguments there must have been over nomenclature and tiller pins.It must have been like an interior designers convention down at the old wharf of an afternoon.
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    This would seem to be correct - as today it's now limited to one day later ie the 2nd Feb. So it looks like you can look at the last two weeks only. Even if you look at it via. your profiles it appears to be the same. To go further back it would appear you need to use the advanced search facility and do a a search with a date range and your user name as the 'Author'.
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    It affects us all if it prompts CRT to divert much-needed funds from maintenance etc to enforcement, and start making up more and more rules, policies and terms & conditions which will bring many more people who use their boat in ways slightly different to each other under the spotlight of (possibly inappropriate, possibly illegal) enforcement. With the proposed alterations to the T&Cs, all home moorers who actually use their boat rather than leave it safely tucked up on its mooring, effectively become CCers in the eyes of the enforcement officer!
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    But this is the same with all paddle gear. A windlass must always be removed from a raised paddle, irrespective of which canal the paddle gear is on and whether there is a securing device (unless of course there is no securing device or the windlass forms a part of the securing device). My philosophy has always been to never let my windlass leave my person, i.e. it is either in my belt or in my hand.
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    I go back quite a long way with these boats, and I am very familiar with the correct terms for most parts of a narrow boat. About 10 years ago I was watching a loaded narrow boat pair passing through the Watford area, and for my own entertainment followed for a while on my bicycle. This pair is operated by a charity and their volunteer crew tends to be of very mixed ability. The steerer of the motor on that occasion was pretty capable but had a liking for using all of the 'old fashioned' boating terms. Unfortunately the less experienced crew did not have a clue what the motor steerer was asking them to do as he may as well of being talking a different language, the consequence being a catalogue of mini disasters and a far from professional portrayal of how a working pair should be operated. Consequently as many enthusiasts do not know what a 'cant' is, or will only associate a 'cant' to be the raised coamings of a fore / stern deck, then I am more than happy in these circumstances to stick with 'handrail'.
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    Filling a kettle - I just turn on the tap! Dave
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    Dean For a long time boaters in London asked for clarification of distance and the meaning of places/neighbourhood. CRT came up with a proposed places map for London and the boaters said it was unworkable. I think any map CRT produced would have been 'unworkable' Those who follow the rues will be OK because they already comply those who don't, won't. What worries me is this has come about because there are people on boats who don't want to follow the rules and a blanket solution has been issued. What will be the next blanket solution that will affect all of us and the one after that?
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    Maybe they are just doing it for a bit of a laugh, or to amuse grandkids when they visit or even just because they can? I think you and your neighbours perhaps need to lighten up a bit TBH. What real harm are they doing? I wouldn't do it myself either but I am certainly not going to decry somebody who does. I realise you were not being serious but you certainly should fly yours. We used to like spotting hire boaters from far off lands by virtue of the flags they flew. Always a good conversation starter.
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    They need to know nothing of the history of the canals, they do need to have an understanding of what's going on on the canals right now - that isn't filtered through the lens of middle class moaning in the form of the outpourings of certain groups - to know how significant the issue of CMers is and what resources are needed to tackle them rather than say, shift a sunken boat, burnt out boat that's been sat in the cut for over a month. Other wise we'll have CRT wasting time trying to publish maps of places they have no legal authority to define, monitoring people who may not be causing any problems at all, restricting mooring to 48 hours in places it's not necessary and leaving sunken, burnt out boats sat in the cut for a month.
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    What are you blathering about now?
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    Hi Kris if you get a mig welder and need any advice or help just give me a shout
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    I've already written the program code to make this work, but you would need to know how to "burn" this program code onto the chip - the Arduino system - its relatively straightforward, start here... http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/HomePage
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