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  1. Very happy with the Nene. Just left Northampton Washlands
  2. Ssscrudddy


    Yep, this. Ours was reaching the point it would only last 2 weeks. I assumed a pipe had rotted & therefore wasn't emptying it. So we decided to replace it with a cassette. It turns out the pumpout was half full of dried up toilet paper...
  3. On the Nene the flow never even got flowing up at Northampton all the time that red flag was on. Which is weird considering all the rain we've had.
  4. What have the Avocados ever done for us
  5. True, but the missus did know about it though.
  6. Metric Place Te Atatu South, Auckland 0610, New Zealand https://maps.app.goo.gl/GtrWYBQeMpv61sKq9
  7. & the Nene is back on red flag again 🚩 & the Nene is back on red flag again 🚩
  8. I bet we get a real red flag very soon
  9. I'd be happy to leave it at Gayton Junction for a few days unattended
  10. For Peterborough to Northampton I have it at 32 cruising time, so for you to do it in a couple of days that's going to be very long days
  11. Not 1 of you said cuz steel boats master race, grp peasants... Meh!
  12. "charge only" when on shore power. Then if the electric goes you will know about it. If you have it to "on" while on shore power & the electric goes, it will be 'inverting' your electric from your batteries draining them to flat without you noticing.
  13. Wrong way round. Nenn in Northampton. Cogenhoe - Cook no Bozeat - Bo (as in hoe) zhat (as in shat but with a z)
  14. Yep, same here, not in the pub, but drinkypoos on the back of the boat Sunday Monday Tuesday so far, probably again this arvo (see what I did there) if this weather keeps up. ?
  15. You know what, I don't measure the temperature with a wet thermometer & a dry thermometer in a louvred box that sits in the ideal location & then split the difference. Instead I have a digital thermometer in the bow. Being a steel narrowboat that is soaking up the heat from the sun & then radiating it back out, in a marina with a whole bunch of other steel narrowboats doing exactly the same thing, sheltered from the wind, therefore giving me a higher temp than what the met office would say. Presumably that also means the side of the boat facing the sun wasn't too hot to touch for more than 5 seconds either. Maybe it also means the river wasn't frozen last year. I just say the temp that the digital thermometer reads, after all I'm not doing scientific research so it really doesn't matter. I guess this didn't happen last July either seeing as the highest recorded temp was 35.3°C in July last year in Kent, try telling it to the guy that was down in the engine hole!
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