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  1. "charge only" when on shore power. Then if the electric goes you will know about it. If you have it to "on" while on shore power & the electric goes, it will be 'inverting' your electric from your batteries draining them to flat without you noticing.
  2. Wrong way round. Nenn in Northampton. Cogenhoe - Cook no Bozeat - Bo (as in hoe) zhat (as in shat but with a z)
  3. Yep, same here, not in the pub, but drinkypoos on the back of the boat Sunday Monday Tuesday so far, probably again this arvo (see what I did there) if this weather keeps up. 😊
  4. You know what, I don't measure the temperature with a wet thermometer & a dry thermometer in a louvred box that sits in the ideal location & then split the difference. Instead I have a digital thermometer in the bow. Being a steel narrowboat that is soaking up the heat from the sun & then radiating it back out, in a marina with a whole bunch of other steel narrowboats doing exactly the same thing, sheltered from the wind, therefore giving me a higher temp than what the met office would say. Presumably that also means the side of the boat facing the sun wasn't too hot to touch for more than 5 seconds either. Maybe it also means the river wasn't frozen last year. I just say the temp that the digital thermometer reads, after all I'm not doing scientific research so it really doesn't matter. I guess this didn't happen last July either seeing as the highest recorded temp was 35.3°C in July last year in Kent, try telling it to the guy that was down in the engine hole!
  5. Our weather is highly variable, so no one knows. February last year -10°C, this year 25°C. & for the record I've been snowed on twice in July. 1 year at Skegness (the seaside) we got a bit of snow. Another year a bunch of us on our way to a motorbike rally we had a full on blizzard that came out of nowhere, yet once we got down into the valley all covered in snow everyone was walking around in shorts & T-shirts & it was stinking hot. In 2016 1 day in July after the 3 hottest days of the year, it was that cold I lit the fire, 7°C!
  6. Never gonna happen, I may be nice, but I aint that nice!
  7. Damn it, why cant I give a mod a greenie (rhetorical). So rusty69 got it instead
  8. Yep, we can see that Erm... except she did indeed say it. She's since edited it out.
  9. Wow, real classy. So do you get the hump immediately someone doesn't understand?
  10. Hilarious. So you come on saying rah scam on gumtree is disability do through gumtree, which quite frankly didn't make a lot of sense, then you get all humpy twice when asked for a bit more info. What's up, didn't you get enough greenies
  11. Thanks for all the replies. This is interesting, it means my whale pump was no good from day 1. I reckon its most likely the pressure switch, but can't see anything. Sadly I can't put the pump back together again as 1 bit that was supposed to just pull off from the motor just won't come off the spline, & I need to get underneath that bit to screw it back together again. I'll try a jabsco next time. I have 1 of those square D pressure switches.
  12. As per the title, how many years would you expect a water pressure pump to last for a liveaboard? Reason for asking, 1st pump (shurflo) was already 7 years old when we got the boat (previous owners just leisure cruisers) & it lasted another 2 years & 9 months. I replaced it with a whale watermaster which has only lasted 2 1/2 years.
  13. Ssscrudddy

    Pump leak

    Bump. Well it's been 2 1/2 years according to that, & the whale pump has packed up. Not a happy bunny, slightly smelly too
  14. I'm happy with these. 29kg £100 https://advancedbatterysupplies.co.uk/product/abs-120ah-ampere/
  15. Actually it's way more civilised than you would expect an unmoderated forum to be.
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