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  1. Best price I've found for split film polypropylene is from these guys. Tyson Ship Riggers of Grimsby https://www.tysonsriggers.co.uk/
  2. I thought my alternator was seizing up (over 4 days & getting worse). Turns out it's ran out of diesel, oops ?
  3. On the River Nene somewhere between Wellingborough & Thrapston, an empty cassette nicked from my bow. As I discovered when my last (supposed to be a spare after this) cassette was full & needed changing. Definitely didn't leave it on the towpath, the elsan point at Wellingborough was closed.
  4. I'm liveaboard usually in a marina with shore power. I do get out about 6 weeks per year plus weekends. I used 340 litres of diesel in the last 11 months.
  5. The EA at my marina doesn't inspire confidence. Cleaning We are increasing our cleaning regime for all washrooms, toilets, showers, laundry, pump out, elsan and water taps. Our cleaning contractor has provided cleaning fluids that are designed to be anti-bacterial and help combat viruses. & the local hospital where my missus works is making the cleaners share with each other & re-use those hazmat suits instead of throwing them away. Plus they don't get masks.
  6. I would expect the inverter/charger to have an led that shows when its getting AC & another led that shows when it's charging. Certainly my old 2kw jobbie from 2007 does.
  7. My boat is called 'On Schedule'. My mum & sister bought a boat & moored next to us, & called it 'Running Late'
  8. Lol, I didn't even know they had a CWDF section. I have noticed that the other sides threads get discussed
  9. Did a quick search for that other place & found this. Are they now 1 & the same place as this?
  10. Like the title says, I've just noticed new bigger mooring signs have gone up on the Nene at Northampton between Southbridge & Beckets Park
  11. Is that the guy who's always getting his nob out?
  12. We need a new cratch cover, the 13 year old PVC 1 is all falling apart. I was thinking of using AJ Canopies of Braunston, & getting their canvas type cover instead of PVC. Q. Are AJ Canopies any good? The missus wants windows. Q. How long are those windows likely to last? I've seen old ones where the clear plastic has discoloured & cracked.
  13. I got annoyed going up Foxton, no boats coming down & only 2 going up including us. The boat in front had 6 people in their late 20s or early 30s & was being helped by 4 volockies, basically all having a good old natter. Yet we (just 2 of us in our 40s) didn't get any help at all. The icing on the cake was when they told us to wait at the crossover bit until another boat came down even though there were no boats waiting to come down. Well we didn't wait & the rest of that day no more boats came past in the opposite direction even after we moored for the night.
  14. Is this the future of blacking? https://qz.com/india/1673557/indian-scientists-use-mango-leaf-to-prevent-ships-from-rusting/ Mango leaves: Indian scientists’ solution to a $2.5 trillion global shipping problemA team of Indian scientists has developed a compound from the leaf of the mango tree that can protect ships from rusting, which is far more efficient than synthetic paints while also being non-toxic and environment-friendly...
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