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  1. Happy New Year all. I've just clicked the "TERMINATE" button on the Water Explorer website, so its officially switched off now. Thank you to everyone who used, commented and suggested improvements to the site over the past 15 years. Perhaps one day, I shall resurrect the service! Thanks, Stuart.
  2. There isn't a user interface to download those on the site. If you haven't deleted them, the files will be on the computer they were recorded on - in the Navvygator folder.
  3. Technically, the Windows app will still work (I think!!), it just won't get updates or be able to upload the data to the website. Unfortunately there isn't anyway to download the old journey data from the website, except taking screenshots or copy+paste the summary. Stu.
  4. Hi everyone. Back in 2007 I started a project called Water Explorer, to provide the first UK GPS based canal maps & "sat nav". This was at a time when phones were running on 2G services, WAP was the most popular mobile tech and the iPhone had only just been launched ! I've had thousands of visitors to the site in the past 15 years, with several thousand route recordings made, covering hundreds of thousands of miles. The website and Windows application needs a significant rewrite and improvements made to keep up with modern technology and legal requirements. I don't have the free time to dedicate to this project, so I'm making the reluctant decision to close the site at the end of 2022. Once again, thank you to everyone who has helped build it, suggest improvements and use it. I will be retaining the domain name, and in the future I may restart the project using modern tech, but no timescales on that decision! Regards, Stuart.
  5. Thanks for the info, looks like a similar replacement device for the AD7280A is the LTC6803-3. Just double the cost and out of stock everywhere!
  6. Sure, I'd be interested in a PDF schema. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for that. Are you only using 4x cells for a 12V style setup? As luck would have it, I'm also part of a project for a pick and place machine 🙂 https://indexmachines.io/
  8. Heres the PDF of the schematic - https://github.com/stuartpittaway/diyBMS-CurrentShunt/blob/master/CurrentShuntCircuit/export/Schematic.pdf I've spent thousands with JLCPCB this year already ! @nicknorman forgot to ask, what was the cell monitoring chip you used? I'd be interested to use that in my next designs.
  9. Yep, thats what I did - RS485/MODBUS based Current Monitor, with electrically isolated data connection. https://github.com/stuartpittaway/diyBMS-CurrentShunt
  10. Good idea, might try that with an acrylic sheet to bolt everything to.
  11. I agree custom chips are the best way for that. I used the INA228 in my current shunt/monitor and that been super accurate (20bit ADC) When monitoring cells, a lot of people have multiple parallel banks, so that's what the 256 monitors allows for, like 5x16 etc.
  12. Ah, but that's cheating!! 🤣 I wanted the flexibility of a unknown number of cells to monitor, my solution can monitor up to 256 cells and provide about 1amp balance current for each.
  13. I use an external 1.25V reference for measuring via the Atmel chip. I'm using attiny devices and the internal reference wasn't good enough.
  14. Take a look at software antialias filters, or over sampling. You can increase the effective resolution without changes in hardware.
  15. Thanks @Jen-in-Wellies it is a greaseless gland. From the comments above, I think a "normal" float style switch is going to be the best option - I'd hoped that the electronic/no moving parts would have been a better option by now, but alas! Next question - mounting the thing, previous float switch (from boat builder 15 years ago) was mounted on a flat steel plate and thrown into the bilge - this eventually rusted, broke up and clogged up the pump! Any other ideas for fixing both the pump and float switch?
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