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  1. Thats good to know. How thick was the Caldwells tape in the end?
  2. Hi @andybarrett1 how did you get on with the window sealing? I also need to do this. The windows were originally fixed using foam tape which failed after a few years. I replaced with butyl tape, which eventually dried up (a few years later) and cracked! As I've a lot of boat painting to do and need to remove the windows a couple of times, I'm thinking of going back to a tape. Perhaps an EPDM tape like this one. https://www.toolstation.com/stormguard-epdm-weatherstrip-p-profile/p23386
  3. Nice to see something done properly for a change! Embedded micros can rarely cope with high network usage or code written defensively
  4. I like the ingenuity, but would advise against any port forwarding especially to low CPU power potentially "hackable" devices. This device is likely to be receiving thousands of "scans" Could the BMS not push the data to the cloud server instead ?
  5. In between forum posts, I managed to slip a disc in my back so only just got to replace the rubber bushing. My initial impression is that it should work okay, the mini rubber bushings are a little softer than the original parts, but similar size and shape.
  6. Looking at the brochure, the rubbers are about the same size as the washer - thats 33.7mm in my case, so the rubber is likely 32mm. Interestingly, they also appear smooth, without the "top hat" so I think this may just be a side effect/moulding of them being crushed against the bearing!
  7. Thanks Tony. The original parts quote "P30-R: silent rubber blocks should be compressed to 13 mm."
  8. On second thoughts, https://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=W31487 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1981-1991 - LAND CRUISER 60 SERIES HJ TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1980-1990 - LAND CRUISER 60 SERIES FJ TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1985-2000 - LAND CRUISER 70 SERIES Appears to be a good match. Bush Type Bush Qty OD A ID B L C FL D FLOD E C/Tube QTY C/Tube Size Similar Bushing Size 7 4 37.5 mm 9.5 mm 16 mm 2.5 mm 14 mm click here
  9. Looks like the mini part is too small, the outside diameter at 32.8m is smaller than the washers on the Pythondrive @ 34mm. The "top hat" is also 18mm vs 14mm. I might give it a go anyway and see what happens! These are the dimensions I got from this site https://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=W81156&sq=280666
  10. For anyone who's shopping online to find heater hose, I found https://www.autosiliconehoses.com/rubber-hose-radiator-heater-epdm-automotive-hoses-black.html to be the most competitive priced, and free delivery if you spend over £40.
  11. I'd agree @Alan de Enfield but I'd struggle to find hose that is 34mm I/D, you have to go with the standard sizes. There is a single barb on the inlets rather than smooth tube though, so if I can get the clamp around that, should be good.
  12. I took the plunge and pulled the pipes off to measure as I couldn't find any information online. Here's the results, in case it helps somebody else. On the bottom of the header tank, is a 35mm outlet, requiring 35mm I/D hose The other side of the pump is also a 35mm I/D hose (marked X below) On the thermostat to header tank connection, it's a 90 degree bend. A = 32mm outlet, requiring 32mm I/D hose B = 72mm C = 112mm D = 100mm The hot water take off for the calorifier is two 16mm barbed fittings. Requires 16mm I/D hose.
  13. Thanks Tony, I'll see if I can find the dimensions for those, the 'top hat' looks a little wider in the photos I've found. May see if my local motor factors has some to look at.
  14. Thanks Tony. I've just been to the boat to remove them. They have a 10mm hole for the bolt, the bushing is now 39.6mm in diameter (after being squashed) and 13 to 14.7mm thickness. There is a little top hat that fits into the python unit, only a few mm tall and 14mm in diameter. The metal washer that pushes against this is 33.7mm diameter. As expected hard as nails after all these years
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