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  1. I'm not boating these days but the other day I went to A and B Auto's Devizes - by bridge 136 Coate road bridge on the K & A and found the premises empty. Thought I would post it here (can't find if it has already been posted) as it might help someone who might rely on the shop for things like Morris oils etc which used to be sold there. HTH someone. Dave
  2. It always struck me as an expensive shop at any time of year! Dave
  3. We obviously have different experiences then. Dave
  4. Well thanks for the replys folk. Still considering the idea but i can see i could spend from a few pounds to several hundred. One thing is certain - after being a narrowboat owner for 12 or so years i won't be one of the grumpy so and so's that never speak to passing boaters! May see you on a towpath soon. Dave
  5. I have not been fishing since I was a lad of 11 so and that was 57 years ago - what kit would I need to get to maybe start canal fishing again? What would a reasonable set up cost these days? ​ Cheers Dave
  6. OldGoat, on 05 Jun 2016 - 7:56 PM, said: Scu8a said " use one of these too. Works a treat but I doubt it will filter a 'taste' out of the water." Seagull IV would ​ Dave
  7. The River Pageant to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday will be held on June 11th​ ....... Yet Her Majesty's birthday was on APRIL 21st. Dave
  8. We had a Seagull IV for 11 years on the boat and was so impressed with the quality and taste of the water that we have now fitted one into our motorhome. Dave
  9. I have one in my garage in Devizes. If you can get here in the next week ('cos i am going on holiday) it's yours. Dave
  10. DaveC

    Cratch covers

    Used AJ Canopies at Braunston for cratch cover and wait for it a PRAM HOOD which was on a tubular frame. Dave
  11. DaveC

    The Bargee

    Channel 81 is broadcast by the Mendip transmitter - I can get it on my YouView box but not the TV (not retuned the TV as we watch everything via the YV box). Dave
  12. Yes, the Dexter was a Fordson, bit more power than the grey fergy but smaller than a Major (or E27N). I have to admit I haven't had much to do with the vintage tractor scene lately but I always wanted a Dexta 'cos I used to work on one - as well a Fergies, but could never see one that was within my budget. I have owned a couple of TVO Fergies in the past. Dave
  13. Before fitting any type of heater I suggest you get in place a decent charging system - I don't think your outboard will provide enough power to run an eber when the engine is not running. No experience of gas heating but that MIGHT be the way to go. Dave
  14. DaveC

    Decent Loo brush?

    Get a washing up brush from Lidl - just the tool on the boat. Make a holder from a cut down squash bottle or cut down milk container. Dave
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