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  3. How about rewinding and asking how tall is your cabin. I fitted a box to my cabin roof and cut a hole in the bottom to accommodate a mushroom. I then fitted a solar panel to the top of the box. So far we haven't come close to running out of clearance.
  4. We used to have a bog standard log periodic. It was ok. We now have a Moonraker DTV 1000. Much better than the bog standard. It's very rare to not get a signal. It needs 12v or 240v power at the TV end. The power goes up the coax cable to the booster inside the aerial. This means that the signal is boosted at its strongest before it heads off down the cable to the telly.
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  6. I shan't relax until I get to Middlewich. MP.
  7. That's a strange way of composting, whatever floats your boat I suppose.
  8. It was in recent memory that they did inject foam into those locks. Maybe foam isn't a long term fix. All three Pennine routes are a disaster. We set out in May and have been prepared for the possibility of no way back ever since. CRT have been a disaster for boaters. Mr Parry should be ashamed.
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  10. Any Kiwis in the family? A friend sent it to one of your relatives who served with them in WWI? Kigoma was used as a transport ship to return the NZ Expeditionary Force after the first world war.
  11. 100% this. 15 quid from Screwfix for their 15 inch bog standard log periodic, attached to a bit of old shower riser pole and aligned with the 'UK aeriel alignment' app on the phone.
  12. Some will, but we have a bit of history on here of members putting off new members from ever posting again. If you have some pics of the hatch and damage in question that will help.
  13. Did you have a survey done ? Where you aware of the leak / damage before you purchased the boat, ie did the surveyor make note of the problem and give any suggestions as to likley methods or costs of rectification ? If the surveyor didn't make note (or mention) the leak then you may have some 'comeback' on his business insurance for negligence. Tracing and fixing leaks is one of the hardest things to resolve on a boat as the water often 'shows' itself some considerable distance from where the leak is, boats are generally bow-high so the water can run down inside the ceiling or walls and appear by causing watermarks and damage at the 'other end of the boat'. If you are sure that it is the hatch leaking then you will need to remove all of the linings (wall and ceiling) around the area, close the hatch and get someone to play a hosepipe over the hatch whilst you look for the leak. Once leak is found, rectify the problem and rebuild the boat linings. A common problem with the East West boats and the use of bamboo, is that it is a very unstable wood in moist climates an not a particularly good choice for boats to be used in the UK. You will find that in the Summer the cupboard doors are all 'loose fit' as they dry out and shrink, whilst in the Autum and Winter they will swell up, jam and you will struggle to open the same cupboard doors.
  14. I would hope that as a novice owner most people would be sympathetic and try and offer advice, but no doubt there will be some trolls.....I'll wait and see
  15. Today
  16. Hi-Heading to Whaley next week and looking for a 14 day mooring in Whaley or Bugsworth, anyone know of any possible spots? Many thanks
  17. Ok Here is a challenge for the forum. Answer this post without any sarcasm, piss taking or ridicule to a new member. Over to you. Ps its not me posting the OP.
  18. It does remind be of a birds beak. Not a boat for the river. Even the diminutive MAYFLOWER at 6' beam looks larger. I seem to recall it had a water cooled Lister(?) complete with radiator in the front end. Tied at 'The Ship' shop Maffers, early eighties.
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  20. I have just bought a 2009 39ft East West Marine narrowboat, and see that the hatch cover has been leaking, damaging the bamboo deckhead...has anyone else had this problem and what is the solution? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  21. Or how about just removing the dome and leaving the upstand
  22. On this day in 2009 Pero's Bridge Bristol Floating Harbour Compare 6Jul2002 (#2) 28Sep2009 1Jul2006 (#2)
  23. Paper sizes Imperial and metric: https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/guides/paper-size-guide
  24. New entrance to the Wilts & Berks canal near Abingdon on the Thames this day 2016.
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  26. Maybe that should have been @Lord Maffi of Oxford
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