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New Eberspacher HS3 D4E installed..so quiet!

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Just thought I'd share this as when researching, there did not appear to be many/any installations of the new Ebersplutter out there to research.


Anyway, all installed and it's the quietest compact diesel heater both myself and the installer have ever heard. It's beneath the boards in the engine room where the Mikuni was and comes with a marine exhaust and air intake silencer. The guys at Espar (Tim & Mark) where I bought it were super helpful as well. £1275 for the full kit although didn't need all of the parts of course (Header tank, fuel pick-up etc). They even advocate isolating the heating circuit in the summer for calorifier use only as the variable output modulated down to 1.3kw with a brushless, step-less motor. They also advocate the use of TRV's and not to use a wall thermostat. The controller is a doddle to usewith full diagnostics readout incl. resetting if required and service intervals are extended.


If anyone is considering one then I'd be more than happy to show you it running on the boat at Harefield and experience it for yourself.


Eberspacher HS3 D4E 4.3kw Hydronic Heater


I have no connection with Espar/Eberspacher other than as a customer. Of course, time will tell as to reliability but I can't foresee any of the historical associated problems as a result of cycling.

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11 minutes ago, PaulJ said:

Thats interesting to hear Mark-cheers. Be interesting to see how it performs in time.

Reckon youre getting a bit posh on there..😀

Not quite Paul! Still got to get the Mastervolt fitted yet but can't find a decent sparks anywhere!

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19 hours ago, matty40s said:

The new Webasto Evo50 is similarly quiet and amenable to temp controls.......main ticking noise now almost silenced by running the fuel pump at twice the speed with half the voltage!!(or something clever like that)

Yep, studied the Evo for sometime as it was launched long before the HS3 but technical gurus who supply and work on both convinced me of the superiority of the innards of the Eberthingy. The fuel pump is inaudible. 🙂

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