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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. When we had a Heritage compact duo in a previous boat, we used Paul Hollamby for a service at Harefield/Uxbridge. Was very experienced with the Heritage and said they're the best to work on and most reliable. Also have contact details for a Dave Keanan and an 'Andy' who I've marked in my phone as unreliable. PM for contact numbers unless Google is your friend!
  3. I was aiming for a biosecurity/hazmat kind of look. Apparently, that's all the rage! 😉
  4. or even a one-piece, black leather, studded strappy suit!
  5. Just out of interest, who built the shell, when was it built and has the tube been blacked? Thanks
  6. I just got an Uber quote from LHR to Napton Narrowboats. Upto 3 passengers £121, XL car (which you'd most likely need for luggage) £145. Executive £245. All one way of course!
  7. was one of our regular lockdown walks.
  8. Link to three videos I took the other day. Should work?? The meadows are a flood plain but not usually this much. I know the Great Western Arms at Aynho was flooded for the first time in 12 years according to the owner. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eb475l004x440h5/20201224164622.m2ts?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vemb31hj2i7fb7g/20201224164735.m2ts?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ro7y0jirjfm1nji/20201224164101.m2ts?dl=0
  9. I had a similar problem when I had a K3. The water pump had lost it's efficiency and I discovered that the shaft/rod in the pump was bent so had a new one made. Also put new leather pump seals made. Lastly, the water jacket had some corrosion in (probably from years at sea when it was in a trawler). I removed the plugs and used a metal coat hanger amongst other times to give it a good prod and cleared out the scale/rust that had fallen. All was ok after that. Sorry for a rather non-technical reply but it was a few years ago. Dick Goble was my goto man then as well as Phil Trotter (RW Davis) an
  10. 55 litre horizontal installed a couple of weeks ago. Having a rad replaced today and new coolant so should be good for a while.
  11. I can't see how there's room to fit a drain valve o the calorifier side of the NRV? But then I have been on the wine...and gin!
  12. I've since realised the 3.5 is the noisy one that Jabsco do (in their own admission) and is either discontinued (but available) or due to be. So will go for the par max 4 or the par max 4 plus which apparently has an improved pump for longer life and 15lpm.
  13. As often as possible with previous 3L2, 3LW and now 2LW.
  14. A little late into this topic. I've been looking at the Parmax 3.5 13LPM with 10/25psi respectively: https://www.marinesuperstore.com/marine-pumps/fresh-water-pumps/jabsco-parmax-3-5-pressure-controlled-pump-12v?utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=pcn&utm_term=02254&utm_campaign=MSS&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrOy7lYz07AIVWe7tCh2atwchEAYYASABEgLUgfD_BwE And from MC https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/jabsco-32600-0292-par-max-3-5-pressure-pump-12v-13-lpm-25-psi-wp-012
  15. I used Photonic Universe. Found them very knowledgeable, helpful and according to their blurb, they offer the latest (April 2019) technology. Well, I believed in the 5 busbar technology anyway 😬
  16. Yep, studied the Evo for sometime as it was launched long before the HS3 but technical gurus who supply and work on both convinced me of the superiority of the innards of the Eberthingy. The fuel pump is inaudible. 🙂
  17. Not quite Paul! Still got to get the Mastervolt fitted yet but can't find a decent sparks anywhere!
  18. I wonder if they have kept in mind a future possibility to link to the Thames or if this development makes it impossible? Good point!
  19. Just thought I'd share this as when researching, there did not appear to be many/any installations of the new Ebersplutter out there to research. Anyway, all installed and it's the quietest compact diesel heater both myself and the installer have ever heard. It's beneath the boards in the engine room where the Mikuni was and comes with a marine exhaust and air intake silencer. The guys at Espar (Tim & Mark) where I bought it were super helpful as well. £1275 for the full kit although didn't need all of the parts of course (Header tank, fuel pick-up etc). They even advocate isol
  20. I've just down-sized from years of 70 footers to a 54 foot due to a worsening health issues (back, his etc). The BT on my previous boat was a godsend when mooring up in breezy conditions on the Thames in August. The new (used) boat also has a BT but would like to think that it will be a rarity to use it. But it's there and it may just allow me to boat for longer than I could without? On the downside, there's no baffle to the tub sit is exposed to the rest of the bilge (Colecraft shell). The survey was inconclusive if there was indeed two pits as the surveyor felt they were a build
  21. Yep, there's no way I would put a 40 psi in with the typical nb system for the reasons you state. On the other hand, I would've thought that there were perhaps far superior 'lumpy-stuff' pumps that would be specced in your average $10m super-yacht!
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