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  5. I never met Malcolm but enjoyed living aboard Marcellus many years ago which he fitted out beautifully after the late Ian Clifton rebuilt her. RIP
  6. Here you go Matt. Give Charles Mills a call.
  7. I had the new Eber HS3 D4 fitted a few months back. Super quiet and no cycling! http://www.espar.co.uk/EsparPlymouthProducts_NarrowBoatHeating.htm
  8. Changed boat again last October which has a lovely Barry Hawkins cherry fitout. The previous owner (3rd owner) said they had used Danish oil to maintain it but I'm not sure if just the panelling or framing as well. Quite honestly, much of the woodwork appears to have been polished (beeswax?) Before I go storming in, I'd ideally like to get someone to have a look. Unfortunately Mr Hawkins or his son aren't contactable. The only other place I can think of that may have used more traditional methods is Bluehaven at Hillmorton but they could be a different outfit now. Does
  9. I had a similar issue when I had the Kelvin K3. Fixed it with JB Weld (Waterweld). Sanded and painted well too. Good luck
  10. you don't need to leave a radiator on for safety. Just heat the calorifier. When the water's hot enough, the HS3 will cycle down to 1.3kw. Speak to the suppliers and you'll have all of the info!
  11. I've already answered this as a yes above Rick? Isolation valve to the heating circuit. Endorsed by Espar
  12. You'll see from my previous posts how I've harped on about how quiet the HS3 is. Hurricane's are quite noisy apparently. The Thermo Top C was like a jet engine in comparison to the HS3.
  13. If I could afford it, I'd go for the Hurricane although you'll still find negative comments as with anything. I lived aboard for 17 years until 3 yrs ago and now part-time (on a regular basis). I've had Webastos, Ebers' Mikuni etc. I cannot imagine that my HS3 wold not prove reliable for full time use. I think the service interval is 3000 hours and it appears to sip diesel. As mentioned, speak/email the guys at Espar. I have no connection with them other than as a customer and drove them nuts with questions prior, during and after purchase. The only real nuance was due to the different exhaust
  14. I can conform that the new Eber HS3 (as per my old post someone embedded above) does require the dedicated exhaust it is supplied with due to a different internal diameter. It is under the back cabin floor which is immediately outside the bedroom door. I'm a light sleeper and it doesn't wake me up. It is not recommended to run it with a programmer as per the information from the supplier (Espar). If you're considering this model, speak to them. They are a wealth of knowledge and extremely helpful. However, unlike most others, they DO recommend to fit thermostatic valves to the radiators as it
  15. and she viewed it from the right angle
  16. 5th July, no doubt will pass each other at some point. I have a proper 2 cylinder Gardner now πŸ˜‰
  17. Ignore the negative comments Gaby although it's a fair comment above about reasons for living afloat in London as a means to an end. Why Hackney? Is it because you live there? I think you'll have more success as previously mention n FB, London Boaters and a plethroa of other narrow-boating groups.
  18. Thinking of booking in here for July as relocating the boat t the area. Is this the same yard that Roger Farrington operates put of as I may need some other work doing?
  19. I'm an ex fireman and now a fire risk assessor. Fire doors or not, I'd never say that was safe to sleep on in a hotel/B&B capacity. The compartmentation would be breached in various inaccessible places.
  20. Sorry for the delay, been slightly off-radar. Thanks for all of the replies and information, it's helped me make my mind up as to where I was leaning. Hopefully see some of you later in the year. πŸ™
  21. That's reassuring Graham! Always glance at Alnwick when I drive over the bridge, I lived aboard Enid in 2015-2016. Do you still take her out for trips (the boat, not the missus!) πŸ™‚
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