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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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On this day in 2007 (... from yesterday's #2086)


Sheffield above Ickles lock S&SYN. This boat was sunk at its moorings in the flood and was being pumped out.

L1327_20070627_0034a.jpg.37316361cbd9318a78d3669a20257169.jpgLater in the day this seemed to have been successful. The Sheffield Keel remained at its crazy angle where it settled when the flood subsided.


BW on the phone had no information of the extent of the damage nor any idea of how repairs might be needed.


A walk into Rotherham found Tescos, then close to Rotherham Lock had been under three foot of water and much of the stock had been junked.


Radio Sheffield phoned for another interview and update on our position behind Rotherham football ground.

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11 minutes ago, Richard T said:

On this day 2019 - North Oxford canal




Marston Junction




I'm pleased someone finally cleaned that bridge up. It was called "Steve" for years.

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5 minutes ago, Athy said:

Is that Luciole centre stage, just in front of that big stone thing?

Indeed it is. That is our regular mooring, much negotiated for with the navigation authority (It made the EU trade talks seem easy). We only recently got back there after a Covid-extended visit to the shipyard  in Paris this winter. Quite when we will move into the Nivernais again I dunno. Fingers crossed for a vaccine, I suppose. 

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May 2004

1 hour ago, Iain_S said:



May 2004 :


Crinan Basin






From 6 March 2020


The accursed Virus hadn't quite caught up with us that week. Presumably VIC32 hasn't done any puffering this season. Website says "All of our cruises up to June 21 have had to be cancelled or postponed until 2021.   We sincerely hope to resume our cruising schedule on June 21"

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