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  1. This is the one at VC marine - I cant do links but someone else will follow this I'm sure
  2. The "entitled" generation at their best ? - a timely reminder of why we decided to leave the canals behind - particularly after 3 separate incidents of trouble with this generation in Gas St last year. A result of CARTs outdoor gym propaganda......................happy for them to get on with it now we aren't involved or affected.......................society has moved on faster than we want to.
  3. Ask local boatyards to your new boat - I have just saved over £1k by shopping around - £3k down to £1.8k (fro NI to England) - this wasn't a return load just a local haulier to the boat.
  4. Interesting this debate as your holiday is another persons business and whilst holidays are frowned upon everything possible is being done to encourage business activity I hope this is all OK as my new boat is coming into Wales from Northern Ireland on Monday en-route to Stourport for a Tuesday launch ?.
  5. RS said OK for continuous use so long as they were well ventilated esp underneath it did get hot but they do have a safety trip and mine never tripped in an engine room
  6. and ..........if he's good enough for Mr Dave Moore to recommend - don't bother looking anywhere else ?
  7. Sorry don't know how to do links but if you go to RS components and put isolation transformer into the search engine then "safety site transformers" yellow boxes they are there Just done it - cant remember which one I had though sorry Wife just found receipt! - their ref 122-6709 3kva portable isolation transformer £160 ish
  8. I was just passing on my own purchase which I think was app £180 delivered. I always take the view with electrics that you get what you pay for and this was also wanted as a precaution against corrosion from permanent hook up to poor shore based electrics
  9. Keep them coming - great stuff................ Thanks
  10. Enjoyed that - thanks - also the era of my model railway!
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. WD40, cable ties, a good adjustable spanner and tank tape - in 50 years I've never needed an inspection camera? and yes as others have said a spare of everything sensible - esp an alternator, fan belt and a water pump
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. A good clean usually sorts it but it is very often fluff so perhaps try a hoover first if you can get it in before you dismantle your "galley"
  15. The closer you can get it to you the better - even if it involves additional transport cost - you will enjoy the process more and find it much easier to deal with esp deliveries and keeping on top of the process esp quick 1/2 jobs in an evening to maintain progress ie "this just needs another coat before I can move on" Have you decided on her beam yet Have fun we need pictures..........
  16. Good pics Are there many about cruising around you or are you having a fairly quiet time?
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. Welcome 9ft will restrict a lot where you can go and IMHO you need to make this decision BEFORE you even start looking others will do better than me but there is a map readily accessible on line which shows all Inland waterways/canals identifying their width restrictions Are going to be working from your new home, are you retired, are you going to travel or pretty much stay put (if so where?) - answers will inform replies much better What is your timescale for making the change - general advice is don't go looking until you have money in the bank as the brokers won't/cant take you seriously in these strange times unless you are "proceed-able" Above all have fun - we do all like pictures (of boats) so one of your sailboat would be a good start
  19. The simple answer is because its for a boat!?
  20. A couple of early thoughts - your surveyor should be your source of sound advice here that's what you paid him for - was he recommended by the boatyard?? Paperwork is essential with a boat of that age as is quite a lot of general knowledge - do you mind saying what price range we are dealing with?? The mooring is irrelevant unless you can pass it on for value if you leave/sell which if its in a marina is unlikely - where in the country are we talking about Get quotes to sort bowthruster and either get the vendor to sort it or better get the right money off then sort yourself with a proper tradesman then you have some comeback in 3 months time if it goes wrong. If it needs 10 anodes it probably needs blacking and again what has the surveyor said about the rust and its remedies I am concerned from here that the surveyor hasn't answered these questions for you ...............
  21. 90%preparation and 10% perspiration Take a friend if you can for the Northampton - Hartford section esp the Nene itself Northampton to Peterborough. There is another live thread on here covering the same journey in the app direction but sorry I'm not clever enough to tell you where to find it It is all do-able but has its challenges in simple terms remember the River Nene is an active flood relief drainage system so if the weather is crap so will the Nene river conditions be Denver to Hartford is just fun all the way The short trip from the middle level to Denver is OK as you will have VERY knowledgeable lock keepers helping/controlling you Enjoy it - overall its a great run which I have done a few times and I wish I was coming too..............my parents boat was moored at Hartford in the 80's
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. Enjoy - I'm really missing our boat even after only 2 weeks - I'm envious that's a nice trip. Don't worry about that prat in no 10 he hasn't got a clue what he's doing and I for one am far less interested in keeping to the law/regs now than I was - just use your own common sense as I know you have been and keep safe. Until he fully closes the pubs I'm really not listening any more J
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