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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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14 hours ago, Graham and Jo said:

We were pleased to see this previously sunken boat floating at Woolfhampcote today.


Cheers Graham


It's always good to see that, as so many old wooden boats appear to be fighting a losing battle.

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Today in 2017 we were still waiting for the new part for the water pump. Easter got in the way but eventually the French agent said they didn’t stock it anyway as they mostly did swimming pool pumps. The Belgian agent would send one straight away but didn’t take visa or MasterCard and our French bank wanted 3 days to make a transfer. Easiest thing was to pay by TransferWise from our Nationwide account. The dog is looking for the van.


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On 16/04/2021 at 16:11, PeterScott said:

On  this day 2010 10.15pm

16 hours ago, George and Dragon said:

Probably 10:15 am :) 



... or possibly





(Another try at this post which didn't work yesterday)


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On this day in 2004




Stoke T&M from railway footbridge looking south. 



#3394 (1977)

#4048 (1993)

#2584 (1997)

#2881 (1998)

#1725 (2000)

#506 (2001)

#4267 (2004)

#4649 (2006)

#3376 (2009)

#2776 #3519 #3583 (2012)

#1459 (2013)

#3924 (2014)

#3679 (2019)

#3346 (2020)


And looking North:

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A diesel loco then appeared on the bridge, the vibration causing ripples in the water. It didn't do anything so I carried on walking.  The building in the distance to the right of the engine belonged to Queen Mary College and its site  lay right in the middle of the olympic stadium.  Most of it was occupied by the dept. of Civil Engineering for hydraulic experiments, but one corner was occupied by the Dept.of Nuclear Engineering's experimental nuclear reactor. It was decomissioned and removed some years before 2012! My late uncle became the building's caretaker in the 1970's and gave me an unofficial personal tour of the reactor one Sunday morning.




07 Diesel on bridge 1200 c.jpg

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Once well away from the lock-keeper, the camera came out again, but I was nearly out of film  [ I was using a 120 roll film camera and was going to Lea Bridge Road to stock up on film]. 




Ths is a London Transport low head room bus (RTL) on the Carpenters Road Bridge. A low railway bridge on its route prevented the use of ordinary double deckers. 




This is the view from the same position as the previous photo, but looking the other way, back towards the Old Ford locks, showing one of the timber yards that used to exist in the area and which used to get their supplies of imported timber by lighter from the London Docks. About the only recognisable  signs of their existence today are the raised sections of towpath at the former locations of the travelling cranes, which still have short sections of rail at right angles to the canal, and the old mooring bollards. 




The last frame on the roll is a view of the Lesney factory, home of the "Matchbox" toy. This was taken from under the original road bridge, which does still exist, but the more recent dual carriageway road bridge now blocks much of the view from this position, and the factory is long gone.


Most of these photos were published in a piece I did for Waterways World in early 2012, along with then-current views from as close to the original viewpoints as possible. Olympic structures were visible in several of them.

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On this day in 1973



spacer.pngBratch S+W


Sign says








Compare 6Aug2012


More from eighteenths of April




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On 18/04/2021 at 00:36, John Liley said:

Stourport again, long ago. A few Health & Safety rules being broken here, but never mind. That is myself on the nearer bow. It still seems like yesterday.

JL 8. (badly marked in sky) (JOHN LILEY).jpg

Which contemporaneous rules were being broken?  It is always good to remember that some of the things we happily do today will tomorrow be forbidden!

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On this day in 2001




spacer.pngTame Valley Junction BCN

(or Doe Bank Junction)


Compare (pan left from photo position)

Lower Ocker Hill Branch Junction


posting from this day 2020 (also this day)


Sign on the BW office at the junction.

These days similar signs are printed on perspex, with a fixing at each of four corners. This one seemed to have each bit fixed separately to the wall: that's 13 separate pieces for the ICBMs, 5 more for the rest of the logo, and another sixteen for the name (or eighteen if the dots of the i are separate)


And from Sept 1979



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