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  1. grahamjnewman

    Fernwood boats

    Ken is now involved with Finesse boatd
  2. grahamjnewman

    Parking for Braunston Historic Boat Rally.

    I can confirm its £20 per day for visitors to park. Entry to the Rally without a car is free. I have printed separate car park passes for Saturday and Sunday. Tim decided, against our advice, to double the parking charge. We don't advise trying to park in the village, you may find the residents will make it very difficult to find a parking space. We have 79 Historic Boats already registered and from previous years experience another 10% turn up on spec. Apart from Raymond receiving £2000 Tim has given a further £4000 to other charities connected with the waterways. A further appeal for funds will be made by Steam powered boat President, she needs a new boiler. Other events include Morris dancers, theatre performances and a tribute to the late David Blagrove. Good live music and of course a very good beer tent with some strong local beers, all real ale of course. David Suchet (Poirot) will open the rally and well known moorers and hit and run boaters Timothy West and Prunella Scales will also be present. If anyone wants to know anything else will be in the office from 8am everyday this week. Graham N.
  3. grahamjnewman

    March of the Wide Beams

    Another wide beam being launched on Friday - 68' x 12' - possibly heading for Wigrams Turn
  4. grahamjnewman

    New service to boaters.

    Gilly Where are you based ? - I am the Service Manager at Braunston Marina and could offer work of the type you are offering. Gilly Where are you based ? - I am the Service Manager at Braunston Marina and could offer work of the type you are offering.
  5. grahamjnewman

    Where’s the water

    A new home for the wide beans ?
  6. grahamjnewman

    Braunston Historic Boat Event 2018

    Definitely 23rd and 24th June - invites being sent out soon.
  7. grahamjnewman

    More about marina livin'

    It was the 1st question I was asked by larryjc
  8. grahamjnewman

    Hit and run

    The owner of the plastic boat had been in Braunston earlier last week and caused problems in the Plough. He has been interviewed by the police.
  9. grahamjnewman

    March of the Wide Beams

    He does. He used to live in Stockton.
  10. grahamjnewman

    March of the Wide Beams

    Yes a 62 x 12 _- think they are headingvtowards Stockton to fit it out.
  11. grahamjnewman

    March of the Wide Beams

    I had to go to Onley Marina, known as Dunchurch Pools this afternoon. There are now 10 widebeams moored there. Clearly CRT dont care nor do Daventry District Council as they gave planning permission for the Marina but not for residential use. I understand at least 6 of these boats will not move out of the Marina as they are occupied by liveaboard 'boaters'. Maybe its time for narrowboat owners to congregate on a regular basis at Braunston Turn and the sanitary station/water point to stop these larger boats reaching Dunchurch Pools Marina!!
  12. grahamjnewman

    Canal Boat Magazine

    Nick Wall- Top Man, good magazine.
  13. grahamjnewman

    Bow Thruster. (Girlie button)

    I'm the service manager at Braunston and I can assure you all, and the includes Sue the buyer, that the bowthruster does work. You just need to know how to turn it on at the panel. I will prove to Sue that it works and show her how. Hopefully you will all stop knocking Tim and Braunston Marina. Tim gives huge amounts of money to canal based charities and this is clearly not appreciated by some.
  14. grahamjnewman

    Missing Lock Windlass

    Taryn is a VLK at Hillmorton with her husband Kevin. Both lovely, friendly and helpful people. Please help her find her windlass.
  15. grahamjnewman

    Boat finance/marine mortgage

    Arkle finance and Zebra finance lend on narrowboats. Details on google

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