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  1. New service to boaters.

    Hi Graham We are based in Macclesfield Cheshire, which is quite a distance from you, depending on what work you could offer. Please tell me what you had in mind? Thank you
  2. New service to boaters.

    Good idea. Thank you.
  3. New service to boaters.

    Thank you for this information.
  4. New service to boaters.

    Thank you all for such positive replies. What you are all proposing are the things we are considering. He just wants to hangout on the canal and earn a bit of money at the same time.. My partner is not after earning megabucks. His priority is hanging about canals and topping up his police pension.
  5. New service to boaters.

    Thank you for this info. I will have a Google. Can you suggest what I put as my search?
  6. New service to boaters.

    Of course this would be taken care of. He would take public liability insurance out and any other required. The proposal he has will be very professionally done, without the need to charge ridiculous amounts. My partner wants to try and combine his love with a part-time job.
  7. New service to boaters.

    I am asking for opinions please of a tentative business idea my partner has. He has recently retired as a police sergeant and is looking to combine his love and addiction of canals, by offering a service to other narrow boat owners. He has had a connection to the canal most of his life, going back to his childhood and has owned a narrowboat of his own for nearly 20yrs. Can you see a requirement/demand where you may require your boat moving for you to a new location, whether temporary or permanent. We know the problems of wanting to be one place but the car is in another and its such a hassle, going backwards and forwards. A further service offering, water top up, loo emptying, oil and fuel top ups, coal collection and general cleaning of inside and out. If there are any other services that you think may be of interest, please let me know. Thank you Gill
  8. Gilly1