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    Boats, dogs, past interests Cars Stock Cars Motorbikes. See my website http://www.angelfire.com/rnb/malcsworld/

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    Forcibly retired.
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  1. As everyone knows I don't post on here.......but I know Carl's story. I also am aware of unfairness. Respect where it's due. Apart from the first few weeks, my years been sh1t. Went to the Dawny BBQ and the coupling on my boat gave trouble after 2 years and over 2000 miles trouble free boating. Finally managed a direct replacement and it lasted all of 20 miles. Postitives......I've made a couple of videos http://uk.youtube.com/user/MalcOfLincoln Negatives.........I sincerely hope my 'fate' has turned. For instance. At the start of may a couple kindly let me stay on their unoccupied mooring at Bardney. Got there on a Saturday to find a can of diesel on my boat. Had a great weekend with a friend, finally helping some 'posh' Burton Waters sports cruisers. Got back to Bardney only to be told to F&CK *FF in the strongest possible terms by the neighbouring boater when I got back to Bardney. From then on it's been all downhill.........I hate boating (not boaters) at this minute. Hoping things are about to change. New 'blog' (webpage coming soon). That's it..........reading only from now on. Good luck Carl.......... Oh......and for all the 'armflappers' .......... be afraid......be very afraid.
  2. Not exactly the towpath John, but the old railwayline that runs alongside the Witham has now been opened for the majority of the distance from Lincoln to Boston. This is for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. So it wouldn't be inconceivable to tow a boat from there. Trees along the bank would be a major obstacle however, which would involve quite a lot of manpower and tying, untying etc. But it would be possible for some of it, and a great photo opportunity. In fact you've given me a great idea for a short video next year
  3. We know it is repeated, and I'm watching part one again. Have to say the pics of the boat while sailing, and running in the wind are fantastic. As impressive as the pics of the helicopter keeping station with the lifeboat were in part two, I find the pictures taken of Undina in the waves just as impressive, as they must have been taken from another boat in the same conditions. I'll most likely give the second part another chance, and try to look at the good bits.
  4. About as good as pigeon I should think, but if you've ever made pigeon pie, then you'll know just how much work it takes preparing for a smallish amount of meat. Magpies would be worse
  5. Walking round Stamp End today, I noticed there was no ice about, and it reminded me of when I took Wud out with my mate in much thicker ice than I thought. Such a pity I didn't take some photos. Some of Wud going through the ice would have been good.......and although not recommended to repeat it too often, picutres of water above the cabin floor would be a reminder. What is your most missed photo opportunity?
  6. It is good.....much better when you hear it as well
  7. Good story Ray What you could have done is stop, then video them scraping their way past you, obviously making a hash of the whole thing. Then send it to framed and get your 250quid
  8. My first post......as the point was getting lost. Have you heard of, or had experience of Magpies stealing. It's nothing to do with squirrels.
  9. Can I beg a lift then, to get one
  10. Agree Roj - best quality by far. Wonder if the fact there is no air is a partial reason for their clarity? (yes I realise a camera probably costing millions probably helps as well LOL)
  11. Nothing to do with steering your boat from the bank, but I'm just putting it forward again as it might??? help someone, or give them an idea. Just so I can roam around my boat, even sit on the stern in the sunshine if I want, I made this
  12. The program a few days ago 2007 death race (or something like that) showed a vid of a biker doing 171. If caught he'd be the fastest UK speeder. Someone (can't remember who) told me that one was caught doing 203, so obviously must have been abroad somewhere, because although he only showed the speedo, the make of the bike was known, and the milage recorded, hence all the bikes of similar mileage were known. He probably just owned up, at the shock of being confronted.......no idea. As well as Utube, apparently they are shown http://www.mischief-inc.co.uk/view_video.p...d197eacd77acce5 and liveleak.com (be careful of this one, as it contains some real nasties from the titles. I don't watch them)
  13. Hmmm spot the 'deliberate' mistake (Sorry Mary, I thougth I was being clever lol)
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