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  1. Impressive detail in that his right shirt sleeve is down to his wrist. Legend has it that he rolled that sleev up before every delivery and every time it came loose!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Being that it appears to be a wide beam it has looks of an early Senior.
  4. Surprised nobody has suggested a gentle bimble on The Broads! No locks, no competition for moorings. Norwich is a lovely city and, out of season, both Yarmouth and Lowestoft are much more civillised! The pubs have improved beyond recognition.
  5. Grand account of your holiday and impressive selection of photographs. Thanks very much for the effort, much appreciated!
  6. I reckon that is a Buckingham. The attached is a 25' example.
  7. Looks very similar to parts of Walton Canal which is/was part of the old Barnsley canal.
  8. I too had problems with a surveyor a few years back. Completely missed a whole area of significant rot in the wooden topsides. This was discovered by the company who were carrying out a wholesale renovation of all the topsides recommended by said survey. Not quite so helpfully, this was after they had completed the work they had been asked to do. I contacted the surveyor afterwards and got the usual "what was seen on the day" stuff. However, looking at the paperwork he had provided indicated he was a member of some sort of International Institute Of Surveyors. I actually managed to contact these people who said they would ask their member to respond more constructively. The bloke was absolutely livid that I had contacted them but, lo and behold, he returned to the boat and, eventually carried out this work as well at no extra cost. Conclusion? Occasionally there may be a means of bringing them to book!
  9. I used "Grunt" for the first time recently and was quite impressed how it dealt with the really stubborn marks and stains. I will likely use this again. https://gruntboatcleaner.co.uk/
  10. There is a lad on the Norfolk Broads forum calls himself "Woodwose" and has a Norman 23 at Womack Water. He has converted his screen to drop down which enables him to get under Potter Heigham Bridge. I'm sure he would tell you about it if you sent him a pm on the site or asked on the forum itself. It would mean signing up of course. http://the-norfolk-broads.co.uk
  11. Try actually ringing Tony Tugboat! He is out and about most days. I couldn't get him by email either. He will also give an even better price if he can make your shift a part of another move. Cost me £350'ish to shift a 25 foot Hampton from Norfolk to Thorne which is in the region of 320 miles.
  12. Ahhh, but a joke that those onboard do not always appreciate. Moored at Ranworth Staithe, I wanted to obtain lubrication in the hostelry but the rest of the crew were being anti- social. We had hired a dingy this time so I very gently let go of the ropes and towed the boat out into the middle of the Broad, Slipped the mud weight in and went to the pub. As I landed I could hear a voice wailing that the TV ariel needed moving! I was not very popular for a few days!
  13. I enjoyed the program! Impressed that Pru should be concerned that, when the Bish was performing his annual visit to St Benets, it didn't pi*s it down with rain!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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