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  1. I can highly recommend Bushnell Legacy 8 x 42 pentoprism Bins, they are superb quality and if you shop carefully, very good value for money. Be aware that the higher the magnification, the more lense wobble you will experience. The best pair of bins I ever used were ex-naval 8 x 50's but my Bushnell 8 x 42 are very useable.
  2. Hi Janet, Have you ever tried using the towpath when there's a dangling competition is going on? 99.9% of canal danglers now use poles, to reach the elusive far bank, and feed their swim with ultimate precision, the only snag is that poles need an unbelievable amount of gear. The danglers end up totlly monopolising the towpath, making progress, even for a pedestrian very hard; if you are riding a bike forget it! These "GB's" are making living side by side almost intolerable! Rob
  3. Sorry all, But ever since BW dispensed with the services of their warden Hazel, at Cosgrove, I have noticed more and more "Anglers / fishermen" in competitions along the moorings up to the water and sanitation point at Cosgrove. I'm sure that whilst Hazel was employed as warden, there was never any noticeable clusters of "grumpy bastards" fishermen. This weekend (12/06/2011) they were there, dangling their maggots into the cut, the last "GB", was just on the last foot of towpath, before the concrete slabs in front of the water point, his keepnet was on the very joint, making mooring up very tricky. This "GB" had the nerve to mutter about taking care of his tackle. I'm sure that there should be rules and regulations that ban fishing along side sanitation points. Rob
  4. I don't get this! How on earth can it claim to be "over engineered" and yet "prone to wear at certain crucial points"? The two phrases simply do not go together!!
  5. How about this? http://www.mrlcd.co.uk/LCD-Multi-Region-Freeview-Record/dp/B001V792G4 We bought a similar 19" combo from him late last year. It has freeview digital tuner, DVD Player and iPod docking station. It is 12v DC supply, he even throws in a surge protector free of charge. The picture and sound are really good and it is also low power. Rob
  6. Never experienced a Reeves, but our 57' Colecraft has nice lines and details. It has a good swim and handles well too. Another factor is how far you live away from your preferred builder, the closer you live, the easier it is to check on progress. Rob
  7. We left Great Linford a couple of weeks ago, it was during the exceptionally nice weather of The Wedding, we passed an old NB, on which the elderly couple were still having regular "Domestic" incidents, they live on board, the boat never moves, the stench coming out of the side hatch was the worst I've ever smelt - far worse than the urinals in Birmingham Market in the late 50's, according to Gary, they never have a pump out and he has never seen them use a Thetford, I dread to think where they dump their logs........ Rob
  8. Hi John, We use a Weber Smokey Joe, which is small enough to be stowed away under the drive hatch, on top of the swim plates. It is a kettle type and is a really good barbecue. Rob
  9. Many thanks all for your prompt replies! Our NB has:- 1 x 110Amp Starter Battery 3 x 110Amp Domestic Batteries 70 Amp Alternator Driving a Sterling Alternator Controller 1 Victron 60Amp battery charger 1 Kawasaki 1200w Genny SHMBO has a new Dell Studio W7 Laptop and I have a Samsung NC10 Netbook, running on XP. I will indeed look at those Maplin's 12V 'puter adaptors (need to run some cables to the pullman diner area (not a huge task) to do that. I keep my follicle challenged scalp hair fairly short, SHMBO uses neither hair drier or straighteners, we do have a 12v fridge, which is turned off overnight. We have no domestic gizmo's like microwaves, toasters etc. All, in all, a fairly simple installation(less there is, the less there is to go wrong)! Rob
  10. Hi All, I wonder if anyone can recommend the most effective / economical way of powering 2 laptops whilst on board? Currently, we have an Adverc 600w inverter,which soon drains the otherwise healthy domestic batteries. SWMBO is a digital artist, using Photoshop CS5, and when she is mid flow, she is reluctant to shut her 'puter down. Any advice will be gratefully received! Many thanks, Rob n Heather.
  11. Hi!, We have one of these, we are very pleased with it, the picture quality and sound is also very good. clicky Rob
  12. Never, never, ever wear Timberland's! They are absolutely lethal on damp stone, marble, painted gunwales. 100% suicide footwear! If you ever find the evasive, mystical footwear, please let me know! Rob
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. Hi, we find that the best place to store the anchor - when in use, is on the bottom of the river. Rob
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