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  1. Disillusioned and disappointed

    Bank Staff
  2. Disillusioned and disappointed

    After over 12 years of service i have left the Trust (Ex B/W) the management are poor and weak, very little in the way of work, to many high paid employees when nothing is being spent on the system, after three years of just sitting about and doing nothing ive had enough, i dont have a job to go to, but im better than useless, there are a lot of people like me still at the Trust just taking the money and doing nothing.
  3. Tree down Froghall, Caldon

    Im led to believe that contractors made such a bad job of the clearence that the canal is still closed.
  4. Tree down Froghall, Caldon

    Between Tunnel and Basin, should be removed Thurs 13-10-2011
  5. B/W staff announcement, Thursday

    Sorry Carl, oops
  6. Yes at long last B/W will be telling their staff the new waterways charity name and reviling the new logo. watch this space, or maybe you know already, lol..
  7. Visits abroad

    Was asked on how many countries i have visited abroad, many times to Spain, Greece and turkey, but i have to say, i think its about 8, whats yours
  8. How much Cash

    Does The Waterways Trust have, just wandering. and what do you think the board of trustees for TWT think of the Board of directors of B/W.
  9. W3

    Anyone going site link
  10. Etruria Canals Festival

    Here More boats this year, but less in the way of steam and stalls
  11. Your opinion, out of 10

    Since the new year, out of 10 for B/W, and why, how do you see things gearing up for the charity change next year.
  12. Caldon Canal

    New stoppage on Caldon,, not sure if itss been posted before,, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-12367128 Still no work been carried out i believe.
  13. A few snowy snaps

    Well thats a real shame, and such a suprise, i would have thought that Emily was so strong and tough that it would not be an issue to her at all. Do you have any history of her going through any ice at all Dan
  14. A few snowy snaps

    I remember when Emily Anne was on the Caldon a few years ago, i bet she could crunch through the ice easily