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kathleen bridget

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    Photography.. both street and landscape

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  1. According to a very naughty munky he now qualifies for the BCN outfit
  2. ... how many balloons did you pop this morning I am finishing at 1pm see you very soonies FOR cakes and surprises and lots of nice things AND THE BCN
  3. Bit early as it's not till the 25th BUT ......... Wishing my gawwjusssssly -luvvvly, mostly crazy, super special talented Matty a most splendid 50th Happppppeee Burfffdaaaaaaay
  4. Thank you my sweet lad, it was a lovely surprise as was seeing this xx Thank you everyone for the kind birthday messages, had a top super day x
  5. We most definitely will be there .... the boat will be there
  6. yes... I am happy you do another 5GB of omnibus to download using your tethering
  7. Looks like your off snorkeling Lovely photos
  8. Looking forward to the birthday celebrations ... whoop whoop
  9. Hi Laurie, enjoyed your pictures and the slide show, it was such a great weekend and you captured it well Lovely! When do you think we will know if we won?
  10. Thank you Nick, Pyke, Steven, GG, Laurie n Lisa for the lovely comments. Big smiley fat hugs to Matty for doing this
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