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  1. That's a lot of oil. Is the engine the BD1005, because if it is then with the standard sump it should take 6 litres and the shallow sump 5 litres. Could it be that there is sooo much oil in there that the oil level is way above the full mark, where I assume you are looking? Rob....
  2. Could it be something you ate??
  3. I have moored near to dumped rubbish before now as there was nowhere else to go,only to have people accuse me of dumpping it. Stopped somewhere, where there was a lot of dog s**t about and told that I should pick up after my dog. The first one got a mouthful about jumping to conclusions. The second one did apologise when he found out that I didn't have a dog.......yet. Some people just won't give others a chance. Rob....
  4. I didn't think it was patronising at all. Just a bit of fun.The item was well over a £150. It was a diagnostic tool for VWs. I sent them a silly reply and they emailed again thanking me for the reply and entering into the spirit of it. Below is the reply I sent. Thanks very much. The whole Street, ney the whole neighbourhood is looking forward to the delivery. The tables are laid, in the street, the traffic will be stopped and a police escort has been arranged for the lucky DPD driver. (That's something to tell his grandkids.). I must go now to get ready for the makeup artist, for the cameras. They did say that I didn't need it, but I insisted. Not sure which daily papers it will be in yet. Probably all of them. Oh no! I must go, that pesky Jonathan Ross wants another interview. Thanks for all your help. Best regards. Rob.... Rob....
  5. A short while ago I ordered something 'on the line'. The next day I received this. Hi Rob, Your product has been gently taken from our shelves with soft cotton gloves and placed on a cushion for its journey to the packing area. A team of 4 packers thoroughly inspected your item and polished it to ensure it is in the best possible condition before beginning the packing process. Our packing specialist from Sweden lit a scented candle and demanded silence from everyone in the office. A perfect ambiance is required to allow him to achieve packaging perfection. Once completed, we all had a wonderful celebration and the team marched to the delivery company, waving and spreading good cheer as we journeyed through Swansea. Everyone applauded, shouted Bon Voyage! and hugged one another as the van left. Your parcel is being cared for by DPD Carrier Service. It should be with you within 1 working day. The tracking number of the item is 5992376344 You can track the item at http://www.dpd.co.uk I hope you had a wonderful time shopping at Gendan Limited. We sure did. Your picture is on our wall and we have nominated you for our Customer of the Year title. The whole team is pretty exhausted but can't wait for you to come back and shop with us again. Thanks and best regards, When I opened the parcel, taped to the item, there were two small packets of Haribos with a thank you card. There are still some nice places to do business with. Rob....
  6. IMO you shouldn’t worry too much about places to stop. You will develop your own senses about what feels good and what doesn’t…….It’s all down to personal experiences. Someone told me, to never ever stop at Etruria, always a lot of trouble. I have stopped there seven or eight times and never heard as much as a raised voice. Another boater said that the top of Cholmondeston lock is a good safe mooring. Well not for us. Idiots jumping on the boat at night and the only place we have ever had anything nicked. The good thing about a boat, unlike a house, you don’t like it? You don’t have to stay. It maybe a bit of a pain but if you’re not comfortable somewhere, up anchor and away. Have fun. (I know you will). Rob….
  7. Blimey mate, aint it finished yet?? Spend less time on here and get it finished. It's been a few days now. Rob....
  8. Greetings. The ONLY thing to remember is that I am always right and every one else is wrong. Don't know why, it's just the way it is. Rob....
  9. Would you say still say it was a problem if they were swans?? Rob....
  10. I use a syringe I got from the chemist, for flushing out ears.(15p) It's a tight fit in the 'ole and quite strong, so you can give it a good push. Rob.
  11. Well that is just stupid talking like that. Surely one gets one's butler or footman to do all that? Rob....
  12. Oh?! I thought the airbag had one off.
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