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  1. Any single pack alkyd will do. I got mine fresh from the factory at HMG in Manchester, I used the coach enamel last year but its pricey so years before that I ordered the Speedline coating, not quite as mirror shiny but I also paint plant equipment with it no problem, so it's more than tough enough for the rigors of a canal. They make the coatings for a few brands including one that sells it exclusively as paint for narrowboats. If you give them a call they will give lots of good advice on choosing a top coat. It's important to check that your top coat will not react with the undercoat so eit
  2. well... looks like I have been put in my place then. I do hope that who ever owns this boat gets their life sorted out or well again or whatever has led to this situation. Maybe that is why I posted the pictures, to share this boaters plight and garner some support. Its hardly an excuse to dump waste on the towpath or move the boat from said waste to a place where the pins cannot be positioned safely. This pound even has a local tip right next to the towpath. It would take some bow hauling or a tow off of another boat to get it there. Perhaps this boater is incapable of asking for help? It
  3. Thanks, I have used the forum before but this is my first post (Well really this one is my second) Ah yes thats the ghost of somone on the towpath who prefered to remain anonymous.
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