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  1. Well no , Antarctic actually. The Antarctic blast about to freeze the nation. The cold air mass is a "classic Antarctic blast" that originated near the coast of Antarctica during the week, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said. The coldest air is expected to move through South-West Australia , Victoria and central parts on Monday night and Tuesday, the bureau said. And yes , those systems can travel " a hell of a long way " northward , and often do at this time of the year. Locals just say " arctic " for short abbreviation here. A bit like your " innit " ? Its fun being pedantic
  2. Haha , good for you ... We had this last night , straight from the arctic SEVERE weather warnings have been issued for large parts of Australia as a massive pool of cold air arrives bringing hail and snow. The severe weather conditions have moved east from South Australia after smashing the state with horrendous wind and rain, leading to falling trees and massive power cuts. A strong cold front tore through South Australia on Sunday night and yesterday creating gusts of more than 100km/h and bringing in a week of wild and extreme weather. Weather will still remain chilly with
  3. 4th edition and regarded as the " bible" in the US . Regardless of that , I don`t know who " Gibbo " is , or if I should. The whole point was , that he wrote a very good article addressing the issues regarding the original post. I was given a PDF document of it all , it is not easy to lift something from a PDF and post it here without a lot of effort , ( at least for me it isn`t). It was not nice to go to all that trouble , only to get those comments for the effort. At least I tried.
  4. There were six diagrams in total....and a lot of text. I only see one , ( the only one that seems to have uploaded ) The remainder of the entire post disappeared . We had a rather severe storm last night , 125 km / hour winds and horizontal hail . I suspect the culprit was the intermittent power cuts during uploading.. I tried to fix it , like I said before ...nothing more to say ?
  5. I have " edited " nothing actually. They are not my diagrams. They are drawn by Nigel Calder.
  6. Well , if you say so. I was trying to prepare a ( unfortunately lengthy ) reply lifted from a rather equally lengthy article written by a gentleman named Nigel Calder. You may have heard of him. Then again , maybe not. Something went wrong and it evaporated into the ether .....I put it all back together to fix it all , but I will not bother now. For anyone actually interested , you can message me , as the article was neither " irrelevant " nor " incorrect." , quite the contrary .
  7. No , indeed it is not. The original question may seem simple , but is very user specific. And , of course , lot of assumptions....... Good luck all.
  8. Maybe this will make things a little clearer ? Xantrex series regulator. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.xantrex.com%2Fpower-products%2Fpower-accessories%2Falternator-regulator.aspx&psig=AFQjCNEFgzdkC1we9upPXcYvKIWJUO2TzA&ust=1468232640953571
  9. Great name . Looking forward to more updates .
  10. Wow ! That was quick ! Thank you !
  11. I don`t think you could do much better than that ...........
  12. Do I need a moderator to do that ? I`m a bit " forum challenged " LOL .....
  13. Hey Wooly , clear something up for me .... About those water tanks ......Where are they located on board ? How many Litres ? 1 kg weight for 1 Litre of fresh water .....so , I`m thinking if the tanks are located low enough , ideally below water level , ( but that will likely not be possible) .You should possibly be able to gain some stability if they are placed correctly for / aft , and low enough , and balanced port/starboard .You would need to couple them together with some hose to get them to fill ( and empty ) equally to maintain balance but should be possible.???
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