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  1. We have a 60x12 widebeam and use these "ground anchors" which work well for us. They're made by a company called Spyrabase. Not cheap but we think they're worthwhile.
  2. It sounds like this isn't just an issue near us. I think you're right that the number of TV programmes about cruising and living on the inland waterways could well be a contributory factor. Did you buy that boat back from them for £10k+ less ;-) ?
  3. We (my wife and I) know all the other live aboards and it has only been widebeams here.
  4. I'm not sure whether it's just us who are noticing a definate pattern; Brand new widebeam arrives in marina owned by someone who has never owned or even sailed a boat previously, live on it for a year or two and then sell it, normally at a huge loss and move back into a house! We've now seen our 6th iteration of this process happen in our marina in 3 years! Is this the same country wide or are we just unlucky?
  5. Yup, near doubling of my plan cost and a reduction in what it gives me!!! So Three have now become a Zero for me and I've cancelled my contract with them.
  6. Hi Mr Pacman, If you haven't already go and look round some boats it's the best way of finding out what works for you. I must've looked round dozens of boats to decide what I wanted. Saving a few £ on initial purchase can result in more money on repairs later if you're not careful. Sounds like you're doing it for all the right reasons. I've been live aboard for 3 years now and still love every minute. Kind regards Phil
  7. My experience is many will take your details but as for a waiting list that you slowly move up. . . I'm not so sure as it depends on the size of mooring that becomes available vs size of your boat, your request for type of mooring (with mains power, residential etc) and in some cases whether the marina like the look of you/ your boat.
  8. Just spoken to MJT (part of which are Tuckeys) and they weren't aware their website had expired but are very much in business.
  9. I'll reiterate the "buy it if you really want the boating lifestyle" not just to save money. I've also seen numerous people find it's not for them and sell the boat again (normally at a loss). But if you want the lifestyle it is awesome! Do make sure you can helm it, we currently have two liveaboards in our marina who had never been on a boat prior to starting to live-aboard and they still (after 8 months) can't motor it to the pump-out and back without guidance from the marina staff!!! Sounds like you have some boating background and are doing the sensible thing by renting for a week
  10. Maybe that's why there's nobody in the office today to answer the phone! Thanks everyone for your info. Phil
  11. Hi, Does anyone know what has happened to AB Tuckey as Google maps responds with MJT Crane hire in Stockton and the AB Tuckey website now redirects to MJT Crane hire which has no content on it? Have they sold up or gone out of business or something? Phil
  12. Hi Peter, That's great thanks very much. Kind regards Phil
  13. Hi Nige, We used Tuckys to crane out when we launched her a couple of years ago and will be using them again next year. Their recent quote was £650+vat. Tuckys do not do international boat transport so we are planning to use CPL transport who quoted about 14 months ago £4700+vat for transport from Gloucestershire to Migennes (This may be a little more now due to inflation since the quote). I have the price list for Evans Marine somewhere but can't find it right now but crane-in was somewhere about 400 euros. So in total we're planning somewhere about £7000-7500 including VAT. Not
  14. Hi, We bought a 42 inch Sony TV (42W706B) earlier this year which has a separate transformer which outputs 19.5 volts to a socket on the back of the TV. I have a voltage regulated power supply which steps up the 12v input to anything up to 24v at 5 amps. As the TV nominal power consumption is 50 watts (max of 99 watts in vivid setting) it is well within the capability of the 12v power supply. The 12v power source in the boat is 25 amp so no worries there. As I write I'm watching the above TV powered off the 12v system so only drawing about 5 amps. In addition to having a standar
  15. Hi, We used Tuckeys when we moved our widebeam for launch a couple of years ago and they were great. Rgds Phil
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