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  1. I met a CRT wide beam barge being pushed by a CTR tug the other day up around bridge 73 on the northern GU, above Kixley Wharf, on a bend of course, we both run aground whilst passing each other, he was on the tow path side, all due to a lack of dredging and lots of offside vegetation overhanging the cut, otherwise there would have been plenty of room to pass each other. My boat is 11ft wide.
  2. Have seen this quite a lot recently, padlocks on rear doors whilst people on board.
  3. It’s a shame that you have already booked your trip from Hilperton as there are closer hire companies nearer to Bath, two around Bradford on Avon and one at Bath. We have been to the George at Bathampton three times, the first and second times we complained about the food so did not have to pay, the third time the food was ok. We did talk to a couple on the third occasion that said they had been going there for 20 years and never had a bad meal, you pays your money you take yer choise.
  4. I really must disagree with you Mike, I never Moore near bridges, that makes it to easy for any scrotes to lob thing onto the boat, I also try to Moore away from bends and trees that over hang from the offside, lots of them on the GU, in fact miles of them from Knowle Locks right up to Camp Hill Locks, a lot of them more than half way across the canal, in some places even two narrow boats would have difficulty passing each other without one of them going into the trees and or running aground.
  5. I have just reached Camp Hill Locks on the GU coming up from Brentford with my 11ft WB with not too many problems. The main ones being low water levels and lots and lots and lots of offside vegetation that is in need of cutting back, doesn’t do much for the paint work.
  6. I passed Tranquil Rose the other day somewhere around Braunston and it was on a bend, no trouble at all, plenty of room, my boat is 11' wide.
  7. I have the vetus water cooled stern gland on my boat, you can put to much silicon grease into it i managed to pop out the seal that you can see inside the engine room. so be careful.
  8. The boat has been freed from bridge 24, it passed by me at lock 5. spoke with a chap on board and asked him how wide the boat was, his reply 12'6" at waterline 14' at gunwales.
  9. Tranquil Rose seems to be up for sale on Apollo Duck https://barges.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/businesses/610115 so maybe the owners have had enough.
  10. Quite a few powered boats on the Thames that don’t have names on them.
  11. Water levels seem to have been down on the GU ever since leaving the Hanwell flight and we are now around Leighton Buzzard.
  12. Gorilla Glue, brilliant stuff.
  13. F DRAYKE


    No not a mis-spelling as we passed this today on the GU near Dudswell today.
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