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  1. So how would it work then with the narrowboats that tow these sheds, sorry dinghies behind them filled with all sorts of rubbish.
  2. Wide beams already do pay more.
  3. New entrance to the Wilts & Berks canal near Abingdon on the Thames this day 2016.
  4. £32.40 for 13kg propane.
  5. Not to sure about this that's why i said (I think) others on here will be along soon to explain but it may depend on leisure use or liveaboard.
  6. I think you will still need to have it checked and signed off by a Marine Gas Safe Engineer after you have installed the new pipe and regulator.
  7. You could try these people https://www.ukboatyard.com/index.php/shop
  8. 10 ltrs should be enough for 2 coats. If possible keep the paint, blacking, warm try standing it in hot water, but as others have said November is not a good time to do painting unless you have a heated dry dock.
  9. Try looking this one up, Thetford K1520, not free standing though, Thetford/Spinflo K1520D MK1 Duel Fuel Cooker Caravan/Motorhome/Campervan cooker 4 Burner hob complete with flush fitting glass lid 3 x gas burners & 1 mains 230v hotplate Separate grill Separate oven Electronic ignition (12v) Please note this is a “Build in” unit not a free standing item Comes complete with oven shelf & multi function pan They also do a gas only one with 3 burner hob. Grill pan kit 2 Oven shelves Fuel gas or dual fuel version (gas and electric) Gas burners 1 x 1kW & 3 x 1.6kW (dual fuel version has 1 x 1kW, 2 x 1.6kW & 1 x Electric hotplate 1kw) Grill burner1.8 kW Grill capacity 19 L Ignition 12V dc Knobs Brushed nickel Net weight gas version 27.7Kg & dual fuel version 29.2Kg Oven burner 2kW Oven capacity37 L Overall dimensions (hxwxd)645 x 515 x 501 mm Build-in dimensions (hxwxd)645 x 496 x 493 mm
  10. F DRAYKE

    Iced Tea

    For me it would have to be a Long Island Ice Tea, or two, that can nock your socks off.
  11. Check this out for the river Wey. https://nt.global.ssl.fastly.net/river-wey-and-godalming-navigations-and-dapdune-wharf/documents/download-our-guidance-for-boat-users.pdf page 10.
  12. Don't forget that you are supposed to tie up with front and rear line in locks on the Thames not just a centre line.
  13. You shower twice a year??? that seems a bit excessive 🤣.
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