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  1. You could try Marsh Farm near Hilperton, Moorings@HilpertonMarshFarm.co.uk. 01225 753082
  2. Red Diesel is around 60p at the moment, but it is still cheaper to use the Land Line than run the engine.
  3. Does your friend not have a manual they can read through to check for any setting? Is it possible that the batteries have got wired up incorrectly seeing as how two of them have been changed recently? Just asking.
  4. Caen Hill flight closed to all boating till further notice.
  5. Yes you probably will get condensation, we have this type of material fitted on our widebeam and get quite a lot, but it's no big thing to wipe it off.
  6. Now that's a silly thing to do?
  7. You could try taking a datum line across from one gunwale to the other then measure from there.
  8. We had this same problem so put some carpet on the floor under the bed curing the problem.
  9. We have a wide-beam 11’ X 60’ never had any trouble. We have done all of the Kennet & Avon, been up the River Severn to Stourport via the Gloucester & Sharpness, done the Thames, Lechlade to Brentford, and the Grand union from Brentford to Camps hill Birmingham. So, don’t worry about it just do it and enjoy yourselves.
  10. Some hopper windows you can take the brackets off.
  11. Don't do it in plastic as it breaks to easily. You could always have a new drain off point cut just in front of your pram hood, with a metal diverter int he centre of the new drain off I've been thinking of doing this or much easier to pay someone else to do it for me.
  12. This is how I fixed it on my boat, it’s a piece of aluminium angle glued on with Gorilla Grip glue.
  13. We have a wide beam 11’ wide and have in the last two years travelled the length of the K&A several times, and have just returned from a trip up the GU all the way up to Bordesley (Camps Hill) never had any troubles passing any other wide beams, lots of them. We did find the antics of some narrowboaters quite amusing as they passed wide beams.
  14. It could be tooooooo narrow even for a narrowboat by then, if my trip down the K&A at the moment is anything to go by.
  15. They would need quite a few of these deadend places judging by the numbers I have seen.
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