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  1. Some hopper windows you can take the brackets off.
  2. Don't do it in plastic as it breaks to easily. You could always have a new drain off point cut just in front of your pram hood, with a metal diverter int he centre of the new drain off I've been thinking of doing this or much easier to pay someone else to do it for me.
  3. This is how I fixed it on my boat, it’s a piece of aluminium angle glued on with Gorilla Grip glue.
  4. We have a wide beam 11’ wide and have in the last two years travelled the length of the K&A several times, and have just returned from a trip up the GU all the way up to Bordesley (Camps Hill) never had any troubles passing any other wide beams, lots of them. We did find the antics of some narrowboaters quite amusing as they passed wide beams.
  5. It could be tooooooo narrow even for a narrowboat by then, if my trip down the K&A at the moment is anything to go by.
  6. They would need quite a few of these deadend places judging by the numbers I have seen.
  7. How do they know if a boat licenced or not if it does not display a Licence, Registration Number or a Name on the boat??? Wouldn’t mind betting that the numbers could be a lot higher.
  8. The pound between Braunston and Napton Junction should be good for that, bit tight through the bridge hole though.😊
  9. We informed C&RT on our arrival at Brentford back in May of this year, that the wife needed emergency dental treatment and that it was going to take a few weeks to get it sorted, no problems with overstaying on C&RTs part, just so long as you keep them informed. It took five weeks in total to get sorted.
  10. I must disagree with you on cruisers not mooring in a selfish way, you will quite often see, shall we say a 60Ft space, along come a cruiser and plonks/moors right in the middle of said mooring space. They seem very reluctant to moor to close to any Narrow or Wide-beam. When a wide-beam moors at an inconvenient spot it IS more noticeable than a Narrowboat mooring at an inconvenient spot, but it still does not make it OK for the narrow boater to moor there. Whilst travelling along the GU I have seen quite a few Narrowboats moored near bridge holes, on bends and opposite trees that overhang the canal from the offside by as much as half the width of the canal, and yes, the odd wide-beam moored inconsiderately.
  11. When we went past this marina a few days ago there was already some wide-beams moored there. The owners of these boats must have TOOOOO much money.
  12. Didn't notice that, must go to Specsavers.😎
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