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  1. In the 1970s we used to go to the stink hole (Maple Cross Sewage Works) where you could dig out and fill your own sack with 'humans' free of charge. Grey and not at all smelly and great for the allotment
  2. The bossiest (mainly women) were Ownerships. Ironic really as Copperkins at that time was an Ownerships boat although not immediately recognisable as such.
  3. If you like Indian the Mem Shaib (above a pub) used to be superb and may well still be
  4. Mea culpa. You are right WASP has flat, and lower, bulkhead. I was dazzled by the green topsides.
  5. Certainlt W&A with workboat WASP
  6. MPR

    nb HARNSER

    Thanks all I was getting concerned
  7. MPR

    nb HARNSER

    Having sold our last boat after 20 years all boating is now pretty much vicarious. By far the best blog for me is HARNSER. Last entry is 13 February with details of the forthcoming trip but nothing since. Additionally there don't appear to be any recent post here from Ditchcrawler. Does anyone know if he/they are alright?
  8. MPR

    Pushed in

    Once when canoeing on the Thames I grazed my knuckles on a lock wall and, stupidly, put my hand in the water to wash the blood off. The company I was working for had issued a note on Leptospirosis summarising the three stages 1. flu like symptoms 2. jaundice and 3. death. Duly reaching stage 1 I presented to the GP who was doubtful but looked it up in his little book and quoted 1. flu symptoms 2. jaundice and 3. the recovery period. Antibiotics. were prescribed.
  9. The Wey is certainly worth an unhurried visit. You may now even stick your nose into the start of the Wey & Arun Canal. Only ever navigated the Basingstoke as far as Woking many years ago and there was plenty of red tape even then. Took them 6 months to cash my licence cheque. If you do visit the latter let us know how you get on as, hopefully, my participation in the Deepcut Dig 1977 will have been worthwhile.
  10. Their video of Harecastle railway tunnel is worth a look. https://youtu.be/Y3110z40kDM
  11. WEST COUNTRY BRANCH PRESS RELEASE BRIDGWATER DOCKS 26 November 2021 The Inland Waterways Association (IWA), the charity that campaigns to protect and restore the inland waterways of Great Britain, welcomes the announcement made at this week’s Bridgwater Town Development Forum that £23.2m has been awarded from the Government’s Towns Fund to Sedgemoor District Council for the regeneration of Bridgwater. The award includes £4m towards the regeneration of Bridgwater Docks, which IWA is keen to see used to provide new community and leisure facilities at the Docks and to support the restoration of both the Docks’ infrastructure and the historic Bascule Bridge that straddles the Docks. The award is subject to a satisfactory business case being prepared and signed off by the Government. Waterways form a significant part of the country’s infrastructure, boosting local economies and bringing health and wellbeing benefits to the communities they touch. They provide a leisure amenity that everyone can enjoy. Nowhere is this more evident than at Bridgwater in Somerset, which has a combination of a river and historic quayside, the heritage Docks including the Bascule Bridge, and the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal which passes through 14 miles of delightful countryside to the county town of Taunton, where it joins the River Tone Navigation. Chairman of the IWA West Country Branch, Ray Alexander, says “We are delighted to see the regeneration of Bridgwater Docks included as part of the Towns Fund award. Our vision for the future of the Docks and the Bascule Bridge is for them to become a vibrant and exciting part of Bridgwater and to help attract more visitors to the town and more boaters to use the Docks. We also wish to see the history and heritage of the Docks celebrated and used to good effect so that heritage and waterway enthusiasts, historians and many others will wish to visit Bridgwater and see the Docks and the Bascule Bridge for themselves.” The Inland Waterways Association has strong links with Bridgwater through both its members and its volunteers, it recognises the importance that the Docks have to the Town and for some years has been lobbying the local authorities and others to secure the future of the Docks. Now that the award from the Towns Fund has been announced IWA is keen to work with the authorities to help optimise the opportunities provided by this funding. For more information please contact: Ray Alexander Chairman: IWA West Country Branch E-mail: ray.alexander@waterways.org.uk Tel: 07786 176875
  12. MPR

    water pump

    Dave Freeman Taft Wharf Wolseley Bridge 07918 677782 must be even nearer you
  13. Don't forget the bell if at anchor
  14. River Parrett at Langport newly refurbished car park and slipway AND no licence required. Give it a go and you might just come across DUCHESS OF COCKLEMOOR a slar powered wooden boat built 1908 as the Teignmouth to Shaldon ferry
  15. In my experience most of the grot is from boaters. Over the years I have liberated many dumped batteries and weighed them in - enough to buy a stainless steel chimney. As for locks, smart card locks and other elaborate arrangements your average dumper will just lob their rubbish over the fence.
  16. Broadfod Bridge at Shalford had an air draft in my day of 6' 4'' but very much dependent upon river levels. We can, at least agree that it is very lovely.
  17. An air draft of 6' 11'' will be a problem on the Wey
  18. A lovely boat, passed it many a time and never seen it other than immaculate.
  19. Our last boat had a Barrus Shire and the hour counter was very sporadic (over a period of 20 years) but came on again when it felt like it. It certainly didn't like the cold and was shy of direct sunlight. As a result I kept a manual record of hours (for the maintenance log) and was never more than .2 of an hour adrift. Glad I never spent any money on a new one.
  20. Glad you enjoyed our beautiful canal. Day hire boats plus canoes and paddle boards available above Maunsell Lock.
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