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  1. Etruria, outside Festival Park Marina or outside the Toby Carvery if very lucky.
  2. Sheer luck of the draw. Personally we have never had any trouble mooring in Stoke. If you are really worried you could always go into Festival Park Marina
  3. MPR

    Duck poo

    OK but how about heron crap which I find even worse
  4. I see they have made an arrest which in my mind makes it even worse
  5. Vandals attack Wey & Arun Canal restoration https://narrowboatworld.com/14499-vandals-attack-wey-arun-canal-restoration
  6. This morning CRT together with IWA volunteers cleared most of the silt behind the top gates of Firepool Lock to enable boats to lock up on to the River Tone. Just need more boat movements to keep it that way.
  7. Had coal and diesel off him many a time - a lovely chap. Sincere condolences to his family.
  8. What's going on here ythen? Trent & Mersey Canal Location: Navigation Closure: Preston Brook Tunnel, Trent & Mersey Canal leading to/from the Bridgewater Canal Starts At: Preston Brook Tunnel Ends At: Preston Brook Tunnel Please be advised Preston Brook Tunnel on the Trent & Mersey canal is currently closed to navigation due to an obstruction. Our team are on their way to site to assist with the situation.
  9. In my case (again not with a boat yard) filling in the forms resulted in a hearing in which I was successful and awarded compensation. The respondent then went into liquidation. Winning does not always equate with getting the dosh.
  10. Seem to recall there was a paper mill that made very fine paper for bibles.
  11. MPR


    What year was that? Our first hire was in 1976 from Tillerman (?Shipping Company?) Upton on Severn . An 8 berth 40 foot Springer.
  12. MPR


    I recently acquired a 1985 Staffs & Worcs guide published by Waterways World. How many of these hire bases do you remember or have even patronised? Anglo Welsh Great Haywood Teddesley Boat Company Park Gate Lock Bijou Line Penkridge Wharf Gregory’s Canal Cruisers Autherley Junction Double Pennant Newbridge Mermaid Hire Cruisers Wightwick Stroudwater Cruisers Stourport Dartline Cruisers Stourport Severn Valley Cruisers Stourport
  13. www.duchessofcocklemoor.co.uk Langport River Parrett www.weyarun.org.uk Loxwood West Sussex Somerset Boat Centre – Taunton to Bridgwater Canal Boat Hire And Venue Home - Tiverton Canal Co: One of the last Horse-Drawn Barges in Great Britain
  14. Crimson Hill Tunnel Chard Canal
  15. Reminds me of an incident coming down Bray Lock when a narrowboat alongside us got hung up on something and was in danger of capsizing. Much shouting and hooting got the keeper out of his cabin who managed to save the situation but leaving a boat full of broken crockery a general mess and a very distressed lady. On the subject of lock keepers I always found Peter Svendsen at Hambledon Lock professional, welcoming and resplendent in his uniform. At the other extreme was the keeper at Bell Weir Lock who was unwelcoming and a bit gung ho with the paddles. Once coming through when his relief was on I mentioned that it was nice to get a greeting. Apparently he hated narrowboats 'he must like gin palaces then' but no 'he hates them as well'!
  16. In the 1970s we used to go to the stink hole (Maple Cross Sewage Works) where you could dig out and fill your own sack with 'humans' free of charge. Grey and not at all smelly and great for the allotment
  17. The bossiest (mainly women) were Ownerships. Ironic really as Copperkins at that time was an Ownerships boat although not immediately recognisable as such.
  18. If you like Indian the Mem Shaib (above a pub) used to be superb and may well still be
  19. Mea culpa. You are right WASP has flat, and lower, bulkhead. I was dazzled by the green topsides.
  20. Certainlt W&A with workboat WASP
  21. MPR

    nb HARNSER

    Thanks all I was getting concerned
  22. MPR

    nb HARNSER

    Having sold our last boat after 20 years all boating is now pretty much vicarious. By far the best blog for me is HARNSER. Last entry is 13 February with details of the forthcoming trip but nothing since. Additionally there don't appear to be any recent post here from Ditchcrawler. Does anyone know if he/they are alright?
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