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  1. br4k3s


    Contact Jim Perkins on his web site http;//www.petterengines.co.uk/index.html . He is ex Petter engineer very knowledgeable & helpful, I think he will answer all your questions & identify the engine for you.
  2. br4k3s

    Morso v The Rest

    The Morso Squirrel & Villager Chelsea both are available with a clip in boiler at extra cost, about £200+
  3. br4k3s

    Your Best EBay Purchases

    Got Maxiview 12/24v ariel booster £12 on ebay in July. Vender advertised for £16 or best offer. brand new still in sealed packaging £1-20 p&p. £13-20p are £20- £30. Must have been knock off.
  4. br4k3s

    Morso v The Rest

    Yes a more square shaped stove fit's corner installation better. Chelsea stove top over protrudes about 3/4 to 1in and if you catch it with leg when passing will hurt.
  5. br4k3s

    Morso v The Rest

    Got ecofan of t'nternet 4 years ago £35
  6. br4k3s

    Morso v The Rest

    if you are Chelsea fitting in the bow might have to install at an angle in corner as stove is 18ins W x 13ins D. just measured as at home, don't know Squirrel dimensions, but know it's not as wide.
  7. br4k3s

    Morso v The Rest

    I might be able to help you here, I have a Chelsea brought from same supplier about 5-6yrs ago. First I brought stove delivery excellent[4 days,] is installed in my house, got clip in boiler as well[2wks delivery]. it heats one rad in b/room & small towel rad & heats water. performance is very good use semi smokeless[Burnwell] & wood[has multifuel grate] no problem keeping fire in 24hr am very pleased, think you will find rating is 'up' to 5kw. One gripe is airwash is not very efficient, but just clean glass in morning when emptying grate & done, ashpan sufficient for 24hr use, empty grate once a day. Have a Squirrel on boat had boat 11yr works very well good heat & 24hr use easy, did overhaul 3yr ago, new flue, glass, fire bricks, sealing rope & repaint, no boiler as no rads, as boat is trad have b/mans stove in rear cabin. Find Morso sufficient for heating boat, do use fan on top at times and it doe's move heat to rear, but stove is 10' from front of saloon so more central installation is to my mind a big plus. As to which is best must admit am well pleased with both stoves, main difference being price & difference between cast & steel, have had no trouble with Morso cracking[stove was on boat when purchased so don't know age]. you do know you can buy refurbished Morso stoves, friend of mine got one & no problems. in my opinion both stoves are good for boat use, both give excellent heating qualities.
  8. br4k3s

    Fitting a Webasto

    would like to just move topic slightly. NMEA, Got a query for you my D4 Ebber has exhaust with long round silencer fitted, is length and positioning,[bends] important? am thinking of moving exhaust, possibly sharper bends and altering length.
  9. Well I must say didn't realize George had been so upset, must have had a bad Thursday[when thread started] Saturday seem's to not been very good either. another candidate for the 'Dark Net'
  10. Have just read your post Athy, been to Silverstone via the wonders of digital tv. yes I agree with you about modest pricing of working boats. It is not only working boats older boats with engine room/boatmans seem to have a ceiling price also, when I brought my boat [11yr ago] these types were in high demand not now it seams, very niche is the words used nowadays. Have been told by people in the business that buyers are increasingly coming from the caravan/camping fraternity and with this is the requirement for all home comforts of a modern layout hence the increase in demand for these types. Whatever rocks your boat really. May be this has something to do with the reason for this thread being started, wouldn't it be nice if we could all get on, but that's the way it is i'm afraid. 'No persons or animals were intended to be upset or offended by this post'
  11. br4k3s

    Buying a boat.

    Ah welcome to the world of boating, as I found when I entered this strange world 11yrs ago, what you must not do is be in a hurry[god forbid], there is a culture called 'canal time' which once you recognize and embrace it it's slow progress but progress.
  12. Well I must say i'm impressed 125+ posts and still on topic, a few changes of direction but back to topic, feel I should thank all contributors on behalf of the lets get the old forum back. Er back to topic, The original poster has been very quiet since the early exchanges, we are[as been said] all guilty of not doing the right thing at sometime I'm sure, the thing is try to not make it normal practice. As to working boat owners being privileged that's one hell of an expensive way to get a privileged position. When you take into consideration the cost of running and maintaining these types of craft, I am very pleased to see these craft still on the waterways to serve as a reminder as to the original purpose of the system. Am looking forward to the next flurry of posts
  13. Ah the voice of reason speak's[Magpie] must admit was enjoying this thread, nice to see robust debate is alive and well on the forum, was beginning to think it was but a memory.
  14. br4k3s


  15. br4k3s

    Looking for a low cost fit out.

    yes I do understand your worries about post on here Firstboat, but you are doing the right thing, ie, finding out cost also you have to remember fitters availability they might be busy[which is a good sign] best if possible to see previous work, not an unusual question to ask, if they are proud of there work they will be happy to show you.