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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is still an Elsan at the Old Mill pub in Berkhamstead? Next one is seems a loooooong way away! Dan
  2. Ok thanks for your help. I will run it in neutral. I can't be sure that I have got the bottom nut back in exactly the same place, but then again it wasn't actually supporting anything before.
  3. Ok. This sounds way beyond my capabilities. I am going to get someone to come and take a proper look at it. Do you think it is safe to run the engine in tickover to charge the batteries in the mean time?
  4. Hey. Just to confirm what you mean by 'above both sides' - like if the nut is positioned at an angle?
  5. It stopped dripping as I wound it back down,
  6. So just started screwing the bottom nut back up and it started to cause dripping from the propeller! So I reversed it and it is now back in the position it was - this has stopped the dripping. Can you suggest what to do next?
  7. Hey. How do I secure the stud? I started trying to turn the bottom nut and the whole stud just turned with it. Is there a particular tool i can use for holdong the stud in place?
  8. Ok thanks for your help everyone. I really appreciate it!
  9. Ok. So i'll wind it up. Is it good practice to count the threads on its opposite number to ensure I get it the same height?
  10. I thought that that too... Although would the alternator not lift up as I wind up the nut?
  11. I can actually wiggle the stud with my hand on the loose one by the alternator. This can't be good.
  12. The alternator looks really close to the stud. Compare this to another one. Top nut: Bottom nut and rubber:
  13. When it's light I will get some better pictures. I feel like it has slipped down, but i'll put sone pics up before I start messing with it. Thanks all
  14. Yeah the bottom nut is out of shot. It's kinda of sandwiched underneath the engine bracket with the rubber bit.
  15. So I went and had a look this afteroon. One of the mounts (the one the first guy checked) has a bolt that seems half loose. Well, it is unlike the others. I felt underneath it for the one underneath one and that the one underneath is right there and so is the rubber. It is like they are squished together. See the pictures as I am doing a bloody terrible job of explaining myself! The one that is "loose" The one on the opposite side that wasn't checked by anyone . This one looks different...
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