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  1. Oh I didn't know that - the leaving for one hour thing.
  2. Yeah I've got a mains charger. Doubt I will be able to do the marina suggestion unfortunately. I will get hold of an ammeter. Thanks.
  3. Dr.Bob - volt meter I charge them with the aim of getting to (or as close to 100%) regularly. Alan - Ok, so I just checked using the volt meter. Reading at 13.95 after running in tick over for 2.5 hours...
  4. at the babysitter comment.... OK so I have four 100amp hour leisure batteries. I charge by running in tick over/ when i'm cruising (getting solar in a couple of weeks), so I know that isn't kind on the batteries. Oh damn I thought that 13.9 was ok - let me go check what it's at now.
  5. OK thanks for the info. I tested the battery when charging yesterday and it was running at 13.9 I am charging at the moment, so I will take a look and see what the situation is. My batteries are fairly new (Dec,18), and I have been careful with them, so hopefully the damage isn't too great. We will see. Thanks Sorry, another question. If you leave batteries and are not using them at all, do they naturally lose charge anyway?
  6. Alan - I am pretty sure that is the only time my batteries have gone below 12.2 - I am very careful and am always down there checking with the volt meter. Do you think that one instance knackered my battery?
  7. Excuse my ignorance, but is that the same as a volt meter?
  8. Ah ok, def not 230 then. That clears that up then Thanks. I feel like it still seems to eat a lot of power. Is there a way I can check how much is being used just by the fridge? I don't have a manual...
  9. Hi all, So the other day I left the boat for almost a week. Before leaving, I turned everything off at the switch box and turned of fthe isolator switches too. The battery was fairly well charged when leaving (well over 50%). However, when I returned we found that the fridge was still on! So somehow, even thought I had cut out all the power, the fridge was still managing to draw from the batteries - everything in the freezer was still frozen! I checked the battery using the volt meter and it had dropped down to 11.4 (eek!). Ever since I have been cruising I have been so so careful not to let the batteries drop below 12.2v. We use a fairly limited amount of power, but I am starting to wonder about the fridge. Something seems to eat all the electricity, and I can't believe it is having one 12v light on of an evening and the pumps + the occasional laptop charge. Do you think my fridge may not be 12v? It is a Lec brand fridge, but there is no model number on it, so i am not sure the best way to check, and how can it be wired so it is not controlled by the fuse box/ isolator switches. What do you guys think? I am well aware that I may be being a moron!
  10. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is still an Elsan at the Old Mill pub in Berkhamstead? Next one is seems a loooooong way away! Dan
  11. Ok thanks for your help. I will run it in neutral. I can't be sure that I have got the bottom nut back in exactly the same place, but then again it wasn't actually supporting anything before.
  12. Ok. This sounds way beyond my capabilities. I am going to get someone to come and take a proper look at it. Do you think it is safe to run the engine in tickover to charge the batteries in the mean time?
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