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  1. Hi all, Does anyone here use a twin tub washing machine? Is it suitable for continuous cruising, or is it a big power drain? Thanks Dan
  2. DannyC

    Engine question

    Thanks for the advice!
  3. DannyC

    Engine question

    Hi all, I was hoping for some advice on engines from you kind people. I am looking at two boats and trying to decide which is best. BMC 1.8 Diesel Barrus Shire 45 Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of these? Thanks in advance.
  4. DannyC

    Hull Thickness

    Thanks everyone
  5. DannyC

    Hull Thickness

    So they are down to 4 from a starting 5. But that is since she was built. Surveyor seemed to suggest as part of his recommendation that the overplating issue was something to bear in mind and will need to get done at some point. I feel if we take it and hope that we don't need to do it, it will just be flagged up in the survey when we try to sell it a few years down the line.
  6. DannyC

    Hull Thickness

    Hmmmm It was also mentioned that the sacrificial join was down to 12mm and that may need doing in the future but would be done with the overplating. A kill two birds with one stone type job.
  7. DannyC

    Hull Thickness

    Hi. Thanks for all the replys. The plan is to live on board for 3/4 years and then sell. Another question: If I get a new baseplate a couple of years down the line (overplating?), are there complications when doing this, or is it fairly straightforward? Also, as the original hull thickness was 5mm, can I get overplating to make it 6mm, or is that not possible? Thanks
  8. DannyC

    Hull Thickness

    Do you think it would cause issues selling it down the line? I feel like it would put of potential buyers.
  9. DannyC

    Hull Thickness

    Hi NB Lola, 5mm thanks
  10. DannyC

    Hull Thickness

    Hi all, So I have been looking at a 1984 build boat (R& D Fabrications). As of the last survey in 2016, the Hull measurements are approaching 4mm on the baseplate. Is this too thin? Thanks
  11. DannyC

    Charging laptop question

    Thanks for the advice! Sorry my question wasn't very clear. I was just interested in other peoples experiences keeping things charged.
  12. DannyC

    Charging laptop question

    Hi All, I have a question about electricity. So I need to charge my laptop quite a bit during the day because of the amount of video calling I do (sometimes 5/6 hours in total!). At full charge, my Lenovo laptop gives about 2.5 hours battery when the camera is on and I am uploading video. This means i will have to charge a fair bit during the day. Is this feasable? Does anyone else here use quite a lot of electricity? Thanks in advance for your comments. Dam
  13. Thank you all for your input.
  14. Dr.Bob - which external antenna do you use? I think I would need one of these.
  15. Wow - £30 a month seems cheap. Maybe I need to look and see what deal I can get. Thanks for the info.

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