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  1. Wood burner stove question... Intending to install this on a 70x12 widebeam, would anyone know how many kWh's, what type (solid, multi-fuel, central heating stove...) of stoves would be suitable for this space? Any pointers for good brands and aesthetically appealing units would be much appreciated.
  2. Would you be able to suggest which type of paint (just any regular oil based with undercoat/ primer) any particular brands?
  3. Would you know would be the product he used? Trying to navigate the seas of materials and brands nowadays is rather overwhelming
  4. Thats super helpful, thanks for this suggestion. Was actually considering to use hardwood pieces for the ceiling. Firstly would line the ceiling with sealed (oil based undercoat preferably with 2+ layers) 9mm marine ply and then screwing+ gluing T&G hardwood pieces lengthways. Wondering how this might work? Actually was experiencing this when refitting another boat a year ago- the grooves had to continuously repainted due to timber "movement" as it swells and shrinks. Best is to do it right the first time (even if it takes extra time) Wondering what would you use
  5. For the ceiling was hoping to use 9mm or 12mm waterproof MDF panels with T&G effect (picture below) + seal them on both sides with oil based undercoat + painting in colour to my liking. Would this be workable and still be able to withstand the test of time?
  6. Thats interesting as several people have advised against MDF due to possibilities of absorbing moisture, bulging and warping over a period of several years. Did you treat it in any way with some special products (varnish, sealant, PVA?) before installing? Thats what the sprayfoam people mentioned- apparently 50mm is more than enough for domestic use. Had to check the thickness and in some places it was even 80mm thick. Thats a true boat builder, its always good to know there are still people in this business who care for their customers.
  7. Awesome tips, thanks for the advice. In regards to moisture barrier- was really contemplating about this, it is a sailaway and has a 60mm closed cell sprayfoam insulation throughout with extra thickness sprayed in other parts. Spoke with the company who sprayfoamed and they advised that with 50mm insultaion it should sufficient and since it is closed cell, then apparently no vapour barrier would be needed. Their comment was that at this stage its not worth spending extra several £100's to improve something by a 2-4%. Obviously a seller is a seller, but the end user is just tang
  8. Hello all, been working on fitting out the interior of the boat and was wondering whether anyone has done this job in past? Its a widebeam 70x12 Would you have a good advice about different materials for ceiling/ wall panels? What thickness would be optimal? Are there special products to use that would help in reducing condensation/ moisture passing through the panels in/ out of cabin? If I was to use regular or moisture resistant mdf (or plywood?) panels what thickness should I go for as there are 6/9/12 mm options? Was after a T&G effect ceiling panels. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, as per the title, intending to install all the necessary lighting as required by the Collision Regulations (COLREG) on a 70 x 12 widebeam. If understood correctly from article found on waterways.org.uk there are 4 lights which are required to be compliant with this regulation: - White masthead light (Installed on bulkhead at the stern/front of boat above the door or a raised mast) - Red port sidelight (Left side closer to the stern front) - Green starboard side light (Right side closer to the stern front) - White stern light (external section
  10. Below is a more detailed explanation with pictures in case this might be of interest.. or anyone encountering similar problems in future. The circled nut below required some fastening Due to not having enough tightness the circled bit was loose and the "Governor spring"couldnt actually do its job properly.
  11. Hi all, apologies for delay in response as real life took over. Nevertheless, the above mentioned issue was identified and eventually resolved. It was a bit of a headache to try and figure this one out and was discovered by chance after randomly tightening and checking for any bits which might be loose. What happened was that "Throttle Shaft" (no.7 from the diagram below) was rather loose and the holding screw required some tightening, as a result the "Governor Spring" (No.6) could gain more resistance and aid in allowing the fuel to reach the injector. Probably due to engine vibrati
  12. So, after a long and exhausting 2 weeks - due weather conditions - mostly rain put all job in setback, (as our canopy been damaged and no cover when working on the engine bay), our mechanic managed to do full service on the engine, changing filters, bleeding fuel system - and all the other service related duties! But.... Engine won't start anymore. It seems that lifts pump is getting fuel to top filter and fuel gets to injector pump, but after injector pump fuel is not coming out, maybe only a little drip, so no fuel gets to engine. No pressure at all in injectors. We are in contact with
  13. Been on the lookout for a decent Silent Portable Generator (price vs. quality) and so far havent found anything that i could relate to budgetwise. After having touched on this topic, people mostly on the forums stand by a variety of manufacturers such as (high to low cost): 1- Honda, 2- Hyundai, 3- Yamaha, 4- chinese makes on the lower end of market. For the latter it obviously reflects on quality over a period of time. Albeit not in the range of low to medium budget, the general consensus is that all the glory is taken by Honda- youd get what you pay for a
  14. Thanks everyone for your advice and suggestions. Did some tinkering around and realised it would be better to arrange someone with more experience to take a look. Initially suspected some air intake issues as perhaps the engine doesnt have enough "gasp" in order to function properly- but this being a speculation coming from a newbie... A mechanic is taking a look later today, once he gives his final verdict, will update on here in case anyone else has a similar problem in future.
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