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  1. Yes. So I can load either side. Cheers Graham
  2. I built a crane to get my gas bottles out as it was cheaper than employing my physiotherapist. It consists of a standard scaffolding jib, a pole, a winch and some clamps to clamp it to the front deck, there is also a socket in the front seats. Downside, assembly is a bore, the pole itself is a bit on the heavy side and the winch strictly speaking is not cleared for lifting. The picture shows the first winch which was actually a puller, I replaced it with the sort of thing you use to winch a dingy onto a trailer. It works and I have saved a fortune. Cheers Graham
  3. An actual vampire? Let me think about that.....
  4. Can you get the event put on the BCN society Facebook page then I can share it to a number of canal groups. Cheers Graham
  5. Dotterel is in, new crew, young energetic - alcoholic. Cheers Graham
  6. Is it just that all boats do that or is there genuine problem with reverse. Dotterel had a problem with its reverse gear that initially manifested as slow to go in reverse and finally a oh my god we are going to die problem. So when you engage reverse does the boat immediately start throwing water forward down both sides? Cheers Graham
  7. Thank you, I screwed that one up. I've fixed the original post now I think. Cheers Graham
  8. Jo has written a Western. It is the first volume of a trilogy. It is under a nom de plume - Kit Mackenzie She has got some pretty good reviews. The first book covers the heroine's (Jeannie) life up to about 21 when she can out draw everyone. It is for adult readers only as some scenes are a bit raunchy and Jeannie has a liking for both men and women. It is on Amazon and if you have kindle unlimited is free. Get it here Go West, Girl Cheers Graham
  9. We have just crossed the puddle banks again and there is a similar structure at Bridge 97 at the west end of the embankment. The cut out for a gate is more obvious. It is facing away from the embankment too which supports the flood gate idea. Cheers Graham
  10. Experiencing wide beam rage right now. This one turned at Woolfhamcote and is now crawling west slower than the 3 boats following it can go on idle. We cracked in the end and moored for lunch. Cheers Graham
  11. View from Dotterel's side hatch tonight. Moored in Coventry Basin. I can never resist photographing Cash's Hundred Houses. Cheers Graham
  12. There is a picture of the bomb damage here and you can just see the bridge in the top right. https://collections.canalrivertrust.org.uk/bw192.2.80.2 Cheers Graham
  13. I see what you mean by the recess. A closer examination is required. I will be back there on Saturday I think. Cheers Graham
  14. I have a vague feeling that there is another one at the bridge at the other end of the puddle banks. I will have a look when I go back past in a few days. Cheers Graham
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