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  1. My 12v fridge draws about 35 watts when it's running which is, of course, not continuous. Unless someone can better inform me, I can't really see a 240v fridge with a similar duty cycle plus the inverter, with its own current draw running continously to be on hand to power it, would beat that.
  2. Good to hear you fixed it TC! Swapping over (at the calorifier) fixed mine too I reckon, but I had to extend one line to achieve that so I took both to the baseplate whilst I was drained down as belt and braces. So nice to have hot water available in the mornings, isn't it?
  3. Now that's what I call cutting to the chase: most people who put to sea in something whacky end up in a lifeboat, whereas he's started out in one!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Yeah, there's something inherently attractive about magnetism, isn't there. (Interesting posts guys, don't let my attempt humour repel you. Damn, I did it again).
  6. Well why bother asking for alternatives to your current stuff then (which has looked a bit rough for a long time from what you've said here, so 15 years is stretching the point)? That's not meant to be a grumpy retort, just in case it reads like that - which it does a bit, but it's not meant to!
  7. Thanks for that Phil, doubly useful as I too had settled on one 235w panel! We tend to do 6 week stints so your usage pattern also provides me with a useful comparison. I'm unsure about the shore supply replacement having got 7 years out of this battery set under the care of the Mastervolt Combi! Thanks again.
  8. Worry ye not Dave, it's simply two things you should ignore in one post. Don't let either bother you in the least. Whistle a happy tune and be ready at the keyboard for the next time your sage advice is called upon.
  9. But 5 or more would be preferable if small changes enabled it, eh?
  10. I think mine says I can tow as long as I don't engage the hydrofoils.
  11. And I take it, Phil, that your solar is than taking you to 100% rather than you're not bothering to top them right up? It's my intention to fit solar shortly for just that purpose on short cruising days or if I'm somewhere more than a couple of nights. Maybe I'll also disconnect the shoreline when I'm away from the boat on her home mooring. Is that what you do and is it working well for you?
  12. I like your post, Lady C How much nicer to have 2 friendly and polite people in a bridge hole stand off than 2, shall we say 'less accommodating' folks who did both know the right horn signals! I'd guess it's only mariners plus a very limited selection of freshwater helmsmen who understand sound signals. I might try one where appropriate, but I don't expect everyone to understand and react to them. Try signalling "I don't understand your intentions" to someone who's sideways across the cut and see what reaction you get!
  13. Hard to say without more detail (a battery monitor is a real boon if you wish to make the most of battery power) but I'd guess you're right and you've goosed your batteries. Things like a hairdryer are very hard on the batteries, even if they're well within what your inverter is capable of. A typical travel hairdryer might be 1200 watts. No issue for a 2500 watt inverter like mine, but at 12v it's still pulling 100 amps from your batteries - I let my 175 amp alternator tackle those loads and let my batteries keep things ticking over when we are moored for a day or two. They'll do big loads without complaint at first but it will inevitably take its toll, particularly if they're allowed to get low between charges or they aren't fully recharged regularly. There's some really knowledgeable guys on here who will probably be along to help soon. In the meantime, get her to shower and dry her hair (or use other powerful kit) whilst you're cruising! Hope that's some help.
  14. Glass. Laminated or toughened to prevent accidents. Perspex and similar materials have their uses and advantages in many applications, but guess what is likely to happen if you use it again here?
  15. Ah, those lovely Western Isles - I can see the attraction. The boat 'must have' list changes substantially then though. For example, "a roof that doesn't leak" now ranks above "a hull that doesn't leak"!
  16. Hooters? Really? I dread to think how that establishment looks once it's been through the PC / equal ops wringer and then has a generous dose of Brit customer service added to the mix!
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. Yes, you are. If you want to use it to power standard UK electrical kit, you need a 240v one. Messing about with that is like wanting a dog and instead buying a cat to convert. Someone will be along shortly to tell you where to buy a cheap 120 to 240v step up transformer - or maybe how to knit one.
  19. I also have a Beta/175a alternator set up with a 440Ah battery bank and had drawn the same conclusion as Nick above, but more on a gut feeling that the first 80% or so was getting in there pretty much as quickly as it was ever going to, and after that the batteries were accepting what they would no matter what was charging them. Nice to see it so erruditely explained!
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. No, he said "a****ole", but beyond that there's not much room for any misinterpretation! Live and let live, eh? Streuth.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. Someone is a little bit excited methinks! Have a fantastic return to the waterways: you must have missed it.
  24. Well, if it was built in 2006 with a 10mm bottom, there may well be cause for concern! I think it'll be dawning on you by now that year of build and original thickness are quite key parameters when asking this question. However, 2007 is a while ago for a survey to be taken as an indication of current condition. Any assumptions made on that information are little more than assumptions. We all know what assumptions are the mother of, don't we? You're right to wonder about this and I commend you for asking because, when we buy a boat, it's best not to be at home to Mr F. Up.
  25. CRT Boaters Handbook. There are some mildly contentious areas, of course, but you won't find yourself swimming against the tide too often if you accept it as a genuine attempt to foster harmony and you're minded to conform. Welcome and happy boating!
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