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    Making Beer, Shooting, Boating.

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  1. You've got a good memory, there used to be shells with recesses go anodes to stop them getting snagged.
  2. He was the D in R & D Narrowboats when in partnership with Ray Denton back in the 70s and 80s. they built good shells with stylish lines.
  3. That add was 5 years ago.😂
  4. I fitted mine out from a bare shell, but it is interesting how other people go about it.
  5. hope he didn't use the underpants.😂 before he could change his mind.
  6. I don't live aboard but I have clothes, 2 tvs cutlery, crockery, booze, pots, pans, kettle, tool kit. spares, all sorts of electrical objects, and probably lots of stuff in draws and cupboards that I cant remember. but saying all that he could always have said he needed more time. and not many of us have the odd £30,000 or £40,000 in cash just hanging around waiting to be bunged into a plastic bag.
  7. I would think there is lots of wriggle room though.
  8. It was mentioned in one of the earlier posts as a way to keep them happy.
  9. If all you could buy was white and farmers and plant users had to claim the tax back, what would stop them filling there cars and all there mates cars from their storage tanks?
  10. But harsh only giving him an hour to remove all his gear.😂
  11. That's because you needed to put something on your new trolley.lol.
  12. I thought Mike would be all over these.
  13. Fair comment, I was thinking when your extinguisher runs out it would be a back up rather than take to the life raft.
  14. You can use 90% brass fitting then use braided flexi tap tails in either 15 or 22mm.
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