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  1. Not 100% but when i had a bss 3 years ago i cant remember sealing it down again and cratch cover has been off for a year now.
  2. Sorry meant at keckseys, i will call in on way to Stortford, we are aiming to stay overnight at Stortford, can you recommend any good real ale pubs that will be open, outside obviously.
  3. We are going to Stortford on monday can we moor there so he can have a look?
  4. Thanks Biz, Im at sawbridgeworth island moorings, have you got Andys phone no please.
  5. Hi all, my boat is on the river stort and I need some work doing, now thruster hasn't worked for a couple of years but not really needed it, thought I would have a look yesterday so unscrewed the sealed down plate on front deck and had was horrified to find water over the top of the battery and halfway up the bow thruster, has been leaking around the plate, I need someone to weld an upstanding around it and the cover modified to fit so it's waterproof, then sort out the thruster, any ideas where to go locally please?
  6. I think they originally copied the CS 1 and CS 2, after making spare parts for the engines they originally bought from the uk, then went on to make there own, they are made in various factories with some better than others.
  7. They still make a clone of this in India, still used to power water pumps, generators, saw benches and numerous farm and industrial equipment. virtually indestructible and will run on very low quality fuel.
  8. You've got a good memory, there used to be shells with recesses go anodes to stop them getting snagged.
  9. He was the D in R & D Narrowboats when in partnership with Ray Denton back in the 70s and 80s. they built good shells with stylish lines.
  10. I fitted mine out from a bare shell, but it is interesting how other people go about it.
  11. hope he didn't use the underpants.😂 before he could change his mind.
  12. I don't live aboard but I have clothes, 2 tvs cutlery, crockery, booze, pots, pans, kettle, tool kit. spares, all sorts of electrical objects, and probably lots of stuff in draws and cupboards that I cant remember. but saying all that he could always have said he needed more time. and not many of us have the odd £30,000 or £40,000 in cash just hanging around waiting to be bunged into a plastic bag.
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