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Neil Smith

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    Making Beer, Shooting, Boating.

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  1. I found the cheapest ones at Mr central heating online, blue for potable and red for hot water. Neil
  2. Pump out stuff ???

    sorry missed the bit in brackets that your taking yours out. Neil
  3. Pump out stuff ???

    But its not in the engine room. Neil
  4. Pump out stuff ???

    Even if it holds water now didn't mean it will next week, month, year. If it was mine i would cut it out and fit a new tank in plastic or stainless, or just a cassette toilet your choice. Neil.
  5. Ebay vintage engine sales

    If it really is the same engine that he has been trying to sell for 2 years then it must be over priced, if he wanted to sell soon then why not reduce the price or auction it. Lovely looking engine and would look great in an exposed engine room. Neil
  6. Length of boats

    No one each side silly. Neil
  7. Length of boats

    To measure my boat length is easy, hook tape measure over stern walk, through galley and saloon then through cross head into cabin and out front doors to bow, now pull tape tight and that's the length. Width involves the addition of 2 spirit levels. Neil.

    And all without commas.lol. Neil. You need a bigger tank of mood nearer a pump out then. Neil.
  9. Why can't the valves be replaced they are only screw in car tyre ones. Neil.
  10. Is it necessary to black the bottom?

    Some appliances say no earthing needed as its double insulated already. Neil.
  11. Plumbing Question (1) - Basin Wates

    i explained say back on post 23 now I did mine, so get yourself down to a decent plumbers merchant and raid his fittings bin till you find what works. Neil.
  12. Cutting it Fine

    The old clear sight tubes worked well until they got old and milky. Neil
  13. Cutting it Fine

    Ive got a gauge like that, but at least its not the other way round. Neil
  14. It probably was their job to fit them and like you they could not get to it to fit them so didn't bother, meaning it is still down to them imho but good luck in getting them to do it. Neil