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  1. Brilliant will give Milliput a go.. Thanks everyone for posting advice.
  2. I have a couple of deep scratches in the white shower tray is there anything I can do to rectify this. Thanks for any advice.
  3. The government repeatedly say that it works fine, so do nothing to improve things. I wont even go there or I might get banned
  4. Having bought and sold many properties in fact have two on the market now, my advice would be:- Find a reputable local agent, check out their web site, most you should pay is 1% some will negotiate less others may give a fixed price. Find out what they are going to do for you, insist they do all the viewings and first off vet any potential buyers as to their situation ie can afford it and not in a long chain. Once on with an agent tell them you want to see the web page and any brochures before going live and don't be afraid to be critical and get them to change or add anything you want. Do your homework as to the value of your house, Right Move over Zoopla for me. Decide what your situation is and if possible make yourself the end of a chain. Consider renting for a while maybe. I never have direct contact with any potential buyers at any point let all the negotiation be through the agent. Some buyers may put pressure on you to do all sorts of things. Get yourself a good lawyer - maybe join your local Facebook page and you'll always get the low down on agents and solicitors. A miserably slow one can lose you a sale and get quotes from a couple. Prepare your property have the minimum of furniture around that you can live with, put into store everything else including all your treasures. And no people often can't see past all the clutter. Lick of emulsion and clean the paint work will go a long way. Tidy the garden and garage, but you will get away with packing all your stuff in the garage or shed. Take the dog out for a walk during viewings. Leave all the lights on and even get som brighter bulbs, but take them out when they do the EPC put in the environmentally efficient ones. Have a copy of any guarantees, FENSA certs or anything else available on a table to show that your house is in good order. Don't rely on the agent telling them. In fact don't rely on any of them be on top of it yourself. Good luck hope there is a couple of pointer you can use.. Because, buying and selling in this country is torturous.
  5. How about the other kind that go through and twist to fasten. No idea what they call them but need to get some. Thanks if you can help and sorry to Mike for nicking the post but you seem to have got the info you wanted.
  6. Interesting views expressed thanks. Have only just moved to this marina as it seemed a good location for exploring the midlands, came up from K&A. Therefore, have not really met any of the other boaters. Just moored up, winterised and headed for home in Lincolnshire. I like to move marinas every couple of years and explore the area.
  7. Hi is anyone here due to be going to Barby Moorings soonish. After winterising the boat I planned to seal off the flue pipe - which I might have done but have doubts now whether I did actually did it. Did I turn the cooker off syndrome. Just wondered if anyone could walk past and put my mind at rest please. Rubble Queen 2nd from end near the metal bridge exit. Thanks
  8. There are winter moorings at Bardney, Lincs on the River Witham. I live at the next village Southrey and wondered what the response might be from CRT if I asked if there could be a winter mooring at Southrey. Good visitor moorings there and quite infrequently used. I have a marina mooring in the midlands which I would keep and happy to pay the winter mooring fees as this would allow me to do some internal refurb without hours of driving during the bad weather.
  9. Growing up in Grimsby only posh people from London ate crumpets (I found out later) We have just opened a tea room in Lincoln and I want pikelets on the menu but BH and daughter brought up down south insist on crumpets. And why am I telling you this? Because I'm bored sat in a hotel room after finding Rod Stewart has cancelled tonight due to sore throat and we didn't get an email. So will pick an argument with my wife over pikelets and crumpets to help pass the time.
  10. Do you think a simple advisory sign telling boaters to only lock one boat at a time, would help?
  11. Several bells ringing here, resale after only two years, no survey, accepting lower offer with full asking on the table but most of all "visa running out" I think you are well out of it or are they setting you up? I feel purchasing a narrow boat all the angles need to be right. Good luck
  12. OK guys thanks for all the advice and I have taken on board to remove the tank and do it right as described above. I don't have a leak, the rain gets in when the cratch cover is off and we are cruising. Tried all ways to minimise it but doesn't seem to take much before the area is full despite pumping it out all the time with a small hand drill pump attachment. There are no drain holes as the decking is below the water line and no room for a bilge pump. Early spring job me thinks.
  13. I have plastic water tank under the front decking in a well which fills with water in a good downpour. Obviously I pump the water out but doubt if it is ever fully dry. My concern is that this area is probably rusting badly. Can I just pour some sort of metal paint down the side of the tank and hope for the best that it spreads out over the bottom. The sides I can paint with a small roller. Do you think this would work? If so what product do you recommend? Thanks for any help
  14. I have just fitted a shower after considering a bath and the reason I took that route was less water is required, less space required. However, the shower curtain is a pain and to get the height I need I don't have a waste hole just the tray therefore I have to use a whale gulper to pump the water out which is a bit of a pain when you get towards the point when all the water is nearly out of the tray. I also had to have the tray custom made without the waste hole and to fit the space available.
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