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    Droitwich Spa Marina
  1. The Bargee

    Watching it now,Bloody Brilliant⚓️
  2. Strange sight on the South Oxrord

    I'll second that Emerald Fox,speculation is fun
  3. Strange sight on the South Oxrord

    That's exactly my point nicknorman,even criminal damage
  4. Strange sight on the South Oxrord

    Sorry,I didn't realise there had been a previous thread on this,be interesting to know CRT's view on it!
  5. UWe saw this on our way down to Oxford,wonder how they get on with a licence?Not strictly on the cut!!
  6. Who's frozen in then?

    Thanks for the weather up date at Droitwich Sea Dog,unfortunatly we can't be there at the moment due to work commitments down south,but "Liz",as we affectionately call our NB,is all tucked up with an electric heater on board,I copied you original post and texted it to our neighbours opposite on Speckeled Hen,Alan & Judith who seem to think you are just up from us in the marina,we are coming up on the 8th for a couple of nights,so we might bump into each other,if we haven't already with out knowing it.
  7. We've finally gone and done it!!!

    Congratulations on your first boat,your right,we both have got smug grins and as said before,still pinching our self :-) :-)
  8. We've finally gone and done it!!!

    Thanks for your kind comments Peeps Looking forward to years of boating on Our Own Boat,still pinching ourselves:-)
  9. We've finally gone and done it!!!

    Unfortunately not Steve,we've got to be strict and be patient
  10. Yeah we made it!

    We had our 1st trip a couple of weeks ago and we are bound to bump into each other because we also keep our new baby at Droitwich Spa Marina and like you said, Absolutely love it and can't believe we own our own boat
  11. For the last 20ish years we have had 12 different hire boat holidays doing various rings and rivers and once on the Canal de Midi,and for the last couple of years we have looked at various boats but never had the bottle to take the plunge. In September we had a lovely week on a boat hired from Cherwell Valley on the Stratford Canal and we planned on visiting a couple of brokers on our journey back to our home in Yeovil but after viewing half a dozen boats none seemed to fit the bill and we were about to leave when the man said,hang on here a minute I'll just get another set of keys to show you another and as soon as we stepped on board that was it,it just clicked and she felt just right,put down a deposit,subject to the survey,and now 6 weeks later we are the proud owner of NB Elizabeth Austin and keep her at The Droitwich Spa marina.She is a 46ft Cruiser stern built in 1995 and 1 owner from new,a local and been very well cared for.We had or first trip on her last week down to Droitwich & and up to the Worcester & Birmingham,not enough time to do the ring on the Severn,but various passing boaters recognised her,put the thumbs up and wished us well. Its a 2 hours + trip from door to door up the M5 so it's 1 long weekend a month and high days and high days and holidays for now and in a few years when we retire,March- October,but for now we unfortunately both have to work.Roll on Nov 9th for our next visit 😃😃😃