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  1. Well, not actually the Etihad, but the new Coop arena opposite. We're off to a concert there in June and need a nice/safe mooring for the visit. The canal passes within yards the venue, but whether that means there's anywhere to moor is a different matter and I guess that might change when the place opens anyway. Anyone in the know? It's on the metro line, so further afield with metro nearby would also work. I'd thought of Piccadilly in the basin by the flats, but you need a friendly local for the code to exit and re-enter, which isn't guaranteed so a bit risky. I've also contacted New Islington marina (who's website lists having 7 visitor moorings) to see if I could book in for a night, but they say they're full at the moment (which if they're full at this range doesn't sound like visitor moorings to me, but perhaps someone with local knowledge can advise?). All ideas/suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.
  2. Too late - he's already gone and done it! However, if it helps you sleep better, I have three options you may like to choose from: 1. His lovely traditional brass tube has been replaced by racey chrome, the better to go with a new "go faster stripes" Nascar style boat livery. 2. He just got fed up of continually having black fingers from using Brasso. 3. His original was long enough to foul on a lock wall and got bent. (Of course, it is possible that none of the above apply but, if so, you'll just have to speculate until the mystery is finally revealed). ETA: Ooh! I see @David Mack has already suggested No3, so maybe there's the answer.
  3. I'm guessing he means holes for the tiller pin.
  4. Thanks Nick, that helps. You hear so many evangelists one way or the other, but it's hard to assess when their usage patterns are unknown and might be extra light or harsh. Got mine coming out for a blast and 2 pack with Norton Canes later this year.
  5. This is encouraging! Have your cruising routes been relatively kind in that period or has it just stood up incredibly well to the scrapes and dings which are practically unavoidable in some areas?
  6. Not a good place to be! More seriously, isn't the "water" CRT's as it's connected to their system? If it wasn't, it may well be the land owners, but then it would be a lake. There are some exceptions such as Ashwood on the S&W where the water is classed as private - someone will know how that works - but they're few and far between.
  7. As long as the boats are moored on that "land" I'd say you're correct. You might find it a different story for the water though...
  8. Hard to get too annoyed with that sort of first response, isn't it.
  9. I would always wish a tiller to not extend beyond the side of the boat when the rudder is hard over. This is particularly to avoid the hazard of it fouling a lock wall when hard over. Any tiller longer that that should have a hinge to prevent said hazard - not a rarity on the cut.
  10. If you do go down the Severn, I'd chose to carry on to Worcester and up the B&W to Hanbury Junction. The Droitwich Barge Canal is ok, and the restoration effort is to be hugely applauded, but it's a long way and the locks can be a bit heavy going, so you wouldn't want to discover you can't get through the M5 culvert and have to double back to the Severn. The first time you tackle the culvert, do it from the Hanbury end when you can eyeball the level boards and it's not so far to go back if the water is up a bit and your air draught is too high.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Anyway, you can avoid top weight and get the job done much quicker and cheaper by applying the sandy paint to the soles of yer clogs instead...
  13. Your first belt has lasted 16 years and you've just replaced it. A spare is well worth carrying, essential really, but the second spare is likely to be well beyond it's shelf life by the time it's needed. Buy just the one, then buy a fresh one if and when you fit that.
  14. I certainly have - in my case it's a Caprice cooker - but only because my search for something to replace the awful thing has been fruitless. Between the size (too deep or too wide for a standard narrowboat galley fit), 240v ignition and flame failure requirements every alternative has fallen by the wayside. Still, I live in hope and in the meantime I live with an oven that only cooks on the top shelf!
  15. Is the the TARDIS it's sitting outside? If so, I can see The Doctor being sued by a postman with a bad back...
  16. Put the fox and the grain in the boat, leaving the chicken... Oh, hang on, I think I misread the question.
  17. Having been based where you're going for several years, I'd be surprised if you end up feeling short-changed on river time! You're well placed for the nicest bit of the navigable Severn - up to or back from Stourport and the Staffs and Worcester was always a favourite, even in the winter opening hours. Still is actually, although we start from the Shroppie now. Mind you, we always enjoy Brum too. Nice trip you're on really, eh!
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. Slightly tangental to your query, if you're worried about wet decks and/or doormats, have you thought of something like DriDek matting? I have this in my cratch, gas locker and on the steerer's step - rain or spills drain away underneath it leaving you to stand on a dry and thermally insulated surface at all times. Not cheap, but very effective, good looking and long lasting - similar solutions by other brands and cheaper knock-offs are available.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. The cordless one my son bought works on either a pick up from a container (or canal if you're on one and brave enough I suppose) or connected to a mains fed hose. As I said, it was bought for use in a hosepipe ban. It's more powerful when connected to a mains pressure hose, but perhaps that extra power is unnecessary or even undesirable for our application.
  22. Have you considered a cordless one? My son bought one from Screwfix or Toolstation for around £100 during a long hose pipe ban in Devon. Using it with a mains water pressure connection isn't far off a low end Karcher performance wise, but is a little more gentle sucking from a bucket. This might be much more suitable for boat use, both for freedom from mains electricity and mains water requirement and by being kinder to softer boat paintwork, window seals, canvas, etc. Haven't tried it myself yet, but it's on my to do list for spring.
  23. Well, it was drawing 2'8" on Christmas Eve, so then it's the holiday closedown period. Perhaps it was drawing 3'8" on Christmas Day, 4'8" on boxing day, etc, so when the OP next went to see it, he thought it had been sold as it had gone?
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