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  1. Bernie

    re supermalc

    This subject is now being closed. It is becoming rather nonsensical in it's arguments and I think that all that can be said has been said.
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL Sorry not been around much, but been laid up with flu.
  3. We first contacted Mike Webb who sent us a list of all the moorings on the Bridgewater, then Colin visited all the sites and spoke to people. When he first spoke to the lady who has the moorings at Massey Brook she put us on the waiting list, then rang us last Sunday asking if we were still interested as a 50 footer had gone. We went down to see her and that was it. We have been looking for quite awhile though.
  4. Hope you don't mean that literally.
  5. That would be my O/H Colin, he did say when he arrived home that he had been talking to someone there. We got in at Massey Brook and look forward to moving the boat down in the next few days or so. Years ago we moored at Agden Wharf, but moved to Kings Lock when we were fit and didn't mind the locks, in fact enjoyed working them, but the years creep by.
  6. Well after much deliberation and umpteen phone calls we are finally moving the boat from the T&M onto the Bridgewater canal. Have secured a new mooring along a lovely stretch. No more locks unless we want to use them, where we are at present and have been for the last 12 years we have no choice, even to fill the water tank, we are at the top of the Middlewich Locks, so whichever way we go, locks, locks and more locks. Looking forward to the move.
  7. Yoda, those remarks are totally uncalled for and very insulting I would think. Unless you actually live on your boat you cannot be there full time and if on a so called safe mooring no one expects this vandalism to occur. I doubt the photo's tell the full story of the damage caused. If you can't help then IMHO keep remarks to yourself please.
  8. Bernie


    Is it possible that you could take your personal squabbles away from the forums, I have better and more important things to do than referee all day in my busy schedule. In fact I get so tied up at times with my real work I don't always have time to read the topics never mind mediate in childish arguments.
  9. To prevent this becoming a full scale argument I am closing the thread. It's a shame that some are leaving the forums when Jon started canalworld to bring likeminded people together to help, advise and discuss things an an adult and polite manner. I am sorry when anyone becomes upset and decides to leave but at the end of the day it is their choice, we are always sorry to lose members. It is sometimes difficult trying to keep things on an even keel so spare a thought for one another please and try to think how you would discuss things in a civilised manner face to face, very often the written word can be misinterpreted.
  10. And lock the subject. Hope all your questions have beeen answered.
  11. Thank you. I knew a couple of days ago but have been out on transport with rescue dogs for the last few days. It is indeed a sad end for the lovely Annie who was originally brought into the pound as a stray, went to stay as a foster dog initially with my friend and then was adopted by her family. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge Annie, you were one special girl.
  12. Duly signed since this policy will eventually affect all online moorings as new Marinas are opened.
  13. Varifocal everytime, worn them for more years than I care to mention.
  14. Since I drive all over the country, maybe doing an average of 700 miles PW, before Sat Nav, (TomTom 1) even with the use of maps and occasionally a friend to navigate I frequently got lost, I find it invaluable. It has rarely put me wrong and will re route if I do take a wrong turning. It did lose the sound on a couple of occasions but I quickly corrected that and put it down to user error.
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