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  1. In the wreckage, one of the gas bottles was at the front of the boat, now these are in a metal locker in the cockpit.... how lucky would it to be.. to explode and then land on the front of the boat??? A person who lives nearby managed to get footage on video cam and he is sending us the vid, can't say its gonna be pleasant but it may shed some light. I dont understand how a boat can catch fire when all the batterys are isolated, we had turned everything off and removed the little red switches. Only just spent £800 on a brand new canopy by DB Covers. Luckily some people had the sense to move my parents boat out of the way, or it could have been a double fire. At the beginning of this season a boat exploded, nearly killed two people as they had a petrol leak and started the engine to go up river and BOOM.. very lucky people. Just keep remembering things that were on the boat, like canal plaques that my husband and me collected when we were on honeymoon on your first boat. (staffs and worcs, bratch, and couple of others) and a bell from a friends boat who died last year. My son woke up in tears remembering his micromachines and his sweets were on board.
  2. Thank you for the sympathy I was a bit nervous about posting it as last time, i posted about our boat getting vandalised, I was quite upset with some of the replys. So have only been watching the forum since, and rarely posted.
  3. they say it could be a fire work, but we are 1/2 mile from the nearest house, and how unlucky would that be! We are not planning on getting another boat, it has been soul destroying seeing all our hard work die, this isnt the first time our boat has been targetted, there are 20 other boats in the field, but it was always ours that got picked out. We have a fair idea who it was but no way of proving it, i just hope karma works his way if it is who we think. I feel like i have lost a member of my family! and my 4 yr old son is gutted. Luckily we still have my parents boat to enjoy.
  4. well - the police/fire had an annoymous phone call saying that someone was trapped on a burning boat... No evidence of any one on board has been found, police have only give us a incident number, they say not enough proof to say it was arson.
  5. From the Worcester Observer/berrows journal 2nd boat fire on these moorings. (This was our boat) http://www.berrowsjournal.co.uk/news/local...ery_boat_blaze/
  6. So I am a gun wealing maniac... i think not My father lost his hobby due to the idiots that caused Hungerford and Dunblane, both were down to police error and the guns owners were unstable. I was shooting guns at the age of 10 and winning medals in competitions, but i also lost this hobby too. My dad taught me and my mum respect for the weapons and the history behind them and the skill involed to shoot them correctly. I am quite proud to say that i have shot quite wide array of weapons and yes i understand the destruction that they can and have caused but it is not the guns that kill it is the people behind them, a gun cannot kill without an operator. (unless there is a severe fault with the weapon) I would speak to your firearms officer about storing them on the boat, they may want to see where you are housing them and more imortantly where you are housing the rounds and powder. Unfortunatley none of us shoot now, dad lost hundreds of pounds when he had to hand all his firearms in and only recieved a small amount of compensation, we wished that we had got them all deactivated and kept them as ornaments but he lost all enthusiasm. We only ever did target shooting. This website might be helpful - http://www.firearmsexpert.co.uk/index.html
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  8. This is something we would like to do in our boat, but we wont be doing it untill we are entirely happy with the boat, engines and have all the saftey gear and knowledge. That Stretch of the Severn is very dangerous with very fast tides. I have been up there on the Waverley paddle steamer and it was very nice but that was a huge boat!!
  9. So sad to see that nothing can be left safely these days. There is always some yob who will spoil it for every one else. But if i happened to their own house or belongings they would be the first to be complaining. No one respects the law or the justice system.. No one respects teachers, there is no discipline in life now.
  10. Just waded ythrought this post glad that it has a happy ending , i cant imagine the stress that you have been through, and possibly still going through. Best of luck.
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