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  1. 聪明的超氧化物歧化酶 If you don't speak Chinese
  2. Nice to see someone else has done this trip Don't let the miserable gits put you off, they haven't got anything better to do What was the problem with Goole by the way ? Ocean Lock Cost me £17.59p to use this massive lock. I know what you mean about those container ships Nice report and photo's
  3. Quote from NBW Reading this I take it the 2 owners don't get on and the other has lent the boat to a third party without Mr Jones permission.
  4. but if the boat was ordered to specific dimensions then surely the blame was with the shell builder not the fitter ?
  5. To quote paul from his posts last year & & 7' 1/16" ? If you were told (and have it in writing) from the shell builder that the beam was 6' 11" Was this document produced in court ?
  6. http://www.bargee-bill.co.uk/ Too expensive for what it is
  7. just as easy to delete it and re submit. its in the stolen boat discussion anyway.
  8. Done http://www.flickr.com/groups/canals/
  9. You can contact the Lock Keeper at Keadby (BW) on 01724782205
  10. The biggest problem you will have is self locking on the Trent as there are no keepers due to Bw's blatant disregard for health and safety at this time of year I suggest you do it in 2 parts spending a night topside of Stoke Lock (Bardolph) . Its a lovely place to moor and there are floating pontoons to moor to.
  11. Have you written a letter of complaint to Bw Yorkshire Navigations ? As you didn't arrive at Keadby lock the alarm should have been raised and someone should have come looking for you . That is why the tidal locks are not boater operated, so that boats are logged on and off the tideway . If a boat does not arrive there must be a problem . Last year I spent a night on the tidal side of Naburn lock as the keeper had logged off for the day (18.30) he had been told to expect me by Keadby who contacted me an hour into my trip to confirm this. If anything had gone wrong I could have been washed out to sea (Naburns keeper couldn't give a toss !)
  12. Using the special effects on windows movie maker works for me Clicky
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