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  1. I would suggest doing what you have already set out to do. Remove the drive and get all of the files you need off of it. Then clean the dust out of the computer. At this point reinstall the operating system. that way you have a fresh start with no chance of malware. You might want to do a virus scan on the files that you pulled out of the laptop, just in case. I would then try running the computer for a few days before installing your backup files, just to see what happens.
  2. I heard a story once of a fellow that had let a marina crew fill up his boat with petrol. He paid his bill and took off across the bay. On the way into his mooring spot he ran out of fuel. Luckily he was able to rope it in the rest of the way. Not being the mechanical type he figured he would let someone else look at it. It couldn't have been fuel, he just filled it!. This being a Sunday he knew that he couldn't get anyone to look at it till the next day. He set to work making a pot of coffee, started the faucet and promptly got a sink full of gasoline. Apparently the marina crew had filled his water tank instead of his fuel tank. He is lucky to be alive right now.
  3. Digipete

    CB Radio

    I can agree with this statement. I also disagree with trying to change to a different frequency right in the middle of things. I would personally suggest using channel 8 with no code for everything, lock coordination, passing, hazards in the canal and what not. That way everybody in range hears what is going on and can make plans accordingly. As soon as you add frequency jumps into the mix with untrained radio operators you are asking for trouble. If you want to simply chat with someone, I.E. talk about sports, the weather, or that strange growth on the back of your leg, you then move over to whatever frequency suits your fancy. this is what PMR446 is there for. Basically this is not a proffessional radio service, and the people that have the most to gain from using it are far from proffesionaly trained, therefore follow the KISS principal. Keep It Simple, Stupid!
  4. This would have been a good time to have this particular mooring : BW Mooring in Cropredy
  5. Tinned Soups are always a good bet. You can buy a variety of them, usually less than 1 GBP per serving. I find one of those can fill me up quite nicely. Not to mention that if you have enough of them on board they can be used as extra ballast!
  6. I would like to have a boat with the name "Slow Down". Therefore I can just give a friendly smile and wave whenever somebody yells it at me. Other boater; SLOW DOWN! Me; Yes, yes it is, thanks for noticing!
  7. You can moor almost anywhere on the system. Although it is going to be tough to find mooring rings less then 20 feet apart. Also, I would try to avoid using a center rope If I were you, It might void the warranty on your car.
  8. Living here in the States puts me at a disadvantage. I can however drink a large quantity of ale while surfing the CW forums, If anyone thinks that will help. I might even stare at a canal webcam every once in a while.
  9. *Checks the "welcome" page of this website* Yeah, I think its been found. I think now you actually have to pay the owner of Holly a reward whenever you see it.
  10. American comedian George Carlin said it best in his routine "Stuff";
  11. Yeah, I probably should have thought of that. As of the 7000, I have only used one once. It is almost exactly the same as my trusty 706 but with a color screen and a few extra menu items that I probably would never use. My only gripe against the radio was that its audio did not seem as "clean" as my 706, which of course can probably be fixed with an external speaker. I can honestly say that if I was shopping for another "Do everything, but not everything well" style radio, I would definitely purchase the 7000.
  12. I was wondering if someone was going to comment on that, I am using an american keyboard that doesn't have a "Pound" key, and am to lazy to look up the HTML for it. Good idea on bringing proof of purchase on the Icom.
  13. It looks like what I will do is when I come over from the states on vacation is bring my Icom 706 amateur rig with me. This radio can cover (aside from H.F.) the 2 meter ham band and above to 148 MHZ, and also your 440 band + P.B.R. and P.M.R. If your wondering we have 144-148Mhz and 430-450 Mhz wide open for our ham bands. Therefore my radio covers them. This plus a 50 pound Marine VHF and I should be golden. Another thought is that they do make mobile antennas with springs on the bottom, perfect for trees and bridges.
  14. Are you prepared to pay for a non-residential mooring or are you planning on continuous cruising?
  15. Thats what I'll do. when I come over from the states on vacation, I will bring my Amateur 40 watt mobile 440 rig with me. That way the good people 12 locks away from me will know I am coming and leave the locks open for me Just kidding BTW. I would actually hook in a Motorola Commercial mobile unit running at 100 watts in my boat, therefore I can really get out and touch someone!
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