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  1. So would I, but has to be ruled out if its even a low likelyhood...
  2. If the pump is wired with 3 core mains cable, try disconnecting the earth wire and isolate the pump from the boat's metalwork (put on a piece of cardboard) They do run ok dry for a few moments, but check it is not seized from non-use, although the stall current is unlikely to trip a RCD. The bleed bung can be removed and a screwdriver slot on the end of the shaft should allow a screwdriver to check the rotor is free to spin... Nick
  3. I think the belt is inadequate to pass the power / torque needed to the alternator - assuming it is tightened correctly. The larger alternator will naturally consume more mechanical power, especially when starting as the battery is likely drawing more power from it, but a cold belt will also have less friction and be more prone to slip - you could no doubt prove this by switching on a heavy load ( microwave ?) just after the initial screeching has stopped after start up, and if it starts when the microwave is switched on, that proves the point... Things to check is that the pul
  4. I would think it could be used as a secondary fuel tank if you have a Webasto / Lockgate diesel stove and filled with cleaner burning Kerosene / 28 second oil. We have this setup on ours and have always used 28 second fuel to run ours and, burning cleaner than diesel and somewhat less expensive, have not yet had to clean either. Upsides: a) Kerosene is cleaner burning / reduces maintenance costs b) Kerosene is cheaper - just ordered at 46.2 p/L Downsides : a) The Lockgate needed re-jetting to make the scale linear. b) It may be more difficult
  5. To charge a 6V battery at say 1 amp, simply put a 6 volt 6 watt filament bulb in series with it - the bulb will pass 1 amp at six volts and slightly more if voltage slightly higher, and the battery will get the same current passing through it, thereby charging it Nick
  6. It could be because it needs adjusting so it is a plus or minus figure to sync the audio to the video - have you tried adjusting away from 0 ms (which probably assumes no adjustment is needed) ? Nick
  7. In the end, I have gone with International Paints, partly through nervousness about the subject, and partly because the painter recommended it, so seemed like a safe way to proceed - it's "only" the "above-waterline" that is being done, as this has suffered quite badly over the years, and the painter's team has rubbed down to expose the bare metal in most places... after seeing the preparation time and work they have put in, I am glad I didn't consider it was something I might "have a go at" - so far I am impressed....
  8. Thanks for that snippet - filed for future use !
  9. Thanks for the info, Tony. I was a bit late to catch the manufacturers this afternoon, so will try on Monday... Nick
  10. Thanks for the opinions guys - I am not a painter although do realise that some paints can react with what is underneath - The boat is now largely rubbed back to begin with the undercoats, but hesitant to not use what was used before, in case it all goes to pot with a reaction. They sell Craftmaster in the local shop, but not sure it will be compatible.. I will give Arcrite and International a call - thanks for the info...
  11. The boat is coming up to 8 years old and have decided to give it a good overhaul and have it repainted. It was originally painted using Rylards paints and wondered where I can buy these with any discount ? Recommendations appreciated Thanks, Nick
  12. No - not Trojans for a Bowthruster - I was just using the example that they have done good prices on them when I needed some for the main domestic bank
  13. Tayna batteries ( https://www.tayna.co.uk/ ) and Bristol Batteries (now BBL Batteries) (http://www.bblbatteries.co.uk/ ) have done some good prices on flooded lead acid batteries ( Trojans) for me in the past if that is any help. Good turnover (fresh stock) and fully charged on arrival is something to check when you get them (i.e. rested voltage with a known accurate voltmeter) Nick
  14. Impedance is very likely to be 75 ohms as most are for TV, satellite or terrestrial. If it were 50 ohms, over 20M it will likely make a little difference, although using the intended impedance cable would certainly be best. Assuming it has not had a nail driven through it, it is almost certainly a stray strand of the braid at one end or the other, touching the centre core of one of the connectors..
  15. Yes - and that there is no short between the inner and outer - if there is, its not ALWAYS true its a short, as sometimes there is a choke across the inner and outer Nick
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