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  1. Many thanks to everyone who has replied. You've been a great help. Mrs P
  2. It would be for 1 or 2 weeks each time. but it would be from mid June to Mid August. It is a family boat and we come and go through out the season. we just need a safe place for the car while we do this. It will be around the napton area I think, unless anyone has any better ideas, we are open to any suggestions. Thanks Mrs P
  3. Opps, yes I did mean boat safety inspector. Thanks for the recommendation, That's great. I knew someone would know. Mrs Panda
  4. Hi, we need your help again.... Can any body recommend a boat inspector. Our boat is moored at Hillingdon Boat Club on the Grand Union. We will need one in the next few months. Many thanks, Mrs Panda.
  5. Hi there, we are trying to work out somewhere for our cars to stay when we are on the boat this summer. We will be at the kings wood junction on the junction of the grand union, stratford and BCN ish. We are wanting to be able to go to Oxford and then Stratford. We would would really like a friendly pub with good food, so we can have a meal there start and finish. Oh and good beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any help as soon as possible I would be very grateful Thanks in advance Mrs Panda.
  6. Mrs Panda

    Dog Harness

    Hi there. We have two rather large dogs and we just bought normal harnesses with a straight bit at the back of the shoulders, so you could get your hand in. They have fallen in a few times over the past few years. But a few weeks ago,I was on the boat on my own and one of my dogs decided to jump from the bank on to the moving boat. She missed and caught her harness on the T on the back side of the boat. ( don't know the proper name for it). I don't know where I got the strenght from, but I stopped the boat and lifted her with one arm on to the boat. I have never seen a dog fly between the water and the deck so fast. ( She is about 25kg) If she had not got a harness on and she had been in the water I would never had been able to rescue her. They always have their harnesses on when they are around the canal. Mrs Panda
  7. Many thanks for your reply. We took your advice and phoned the Marina above. They were very friendly and we have arranged to have our car there for the week. What a great friendly forum this is.... Again if anyone sees Ellesmere from Leighton Buzzard to just short of Hillmorton locks this next week. Come and say hello, kettle is always on, if we haven't started the stronger stuff! Thanks again Mrs Panda
  8. Hi everyone, Wondered if anyone out there could help. We will be handing our boat over to my Parents in law, and we need a safe place to put our car for a week. We should be somewhere around Hillmorton Middle Locks. Any one know a friendly pub, or marina. Not worried about paying a little, more worried about safety. The week we are looking for is the week starting the 23rd May. If anyone sees Ellesmere, please give us a wave and say hello. we're easy to spot - 2 Adults and 2 big dogs on a 37ft boat. Many thanks Mrs Panda
  9. Hi, We saw this a lot ,this passed week on the K and A. At one point we got to the bridge when someone was just opening it. We did not push through and waited for the sign for us to proceed. But non was coming. The other boat unteathered and came through. since the landing stage was on our right this is where we were holding the boat just a few feet from it. He then proceeded to come straight for us with no where for us to go. He then decided that we could not move and went further on leaving his crew mate behind on the bridge. It would have made so much sense if they allowed us to go through and then did the bridge hop and had plenty of room for the pick up!!!! I must admit this incident was with a hire boat, but surely it's common sense and curtisy. (spelt wrong I know ) Later that morning we did get caught, we opened a swing bridge and let 3 boats come through. The last skipper said to me that he had good news, there was no one behind him! That's the way it goes if your in a rush............. it usually works out in the end though. Also another time a trip boat was following us, Mr P got off to do the swing bridge. We had no probs with letting the trip boat go through first. The problem was he did not allow enough time for Mr P to open the bridge. The boats bow just missed the swing bridge as it was opened. Hay ho, we had a good time anyway. Take care Mrs p
  10. I would like to say a big thankyou for all your advice and help. I have now made friends with the big river!!!!! Most useful info was the places to moor, as they are not always that visible when going along and they allowed us to do some sort of planning. Also with the water points and time og the tide at Brentford, as well. The weather was kind to us (apart from the bank hol Sun and Mon) but on the thames it was as flat as a mill pond throughout. All the lock keepers were friendly and very helpful. One even gave my step son a lesson in coiling and throwing ropes. Which he mastered by the time we left for the K and A. Went into a few nice pubs and yes we did go to the Flower pot, we almost went by it, but realised the sign on the river meant there and not round the next bend! Many thanks again for your knowledge and advice. Mrs P
  11. Signed with pleasure, All the lock keepers we came across the 3 days we were on the thames from brentford to the K and A this last week, were brill and very helpful to us. Long may they stay... Mrs P
  12. Hi Everyone, Many thanks for all your help and advice. Hope to be at Brentford on Saturday eve to go on the Thames sometime on Sunday. Still very nervous about it but I have Mr P and my adult stepson with me to sort me out!!!! Some one needs too! Have downloaded all the info you have given me and will study it with the others on Saturday. We are taking Ellesmere from Uxbridge to Woolhampton, but it will be based at Bath-ish for the season. If anyone sees us or the family (Mr P's mum and dad and aunt and uncle) give us a wave. Take care Mrs P
  13. Many thanks for the info. Knew someone would be able to help me out. Mrs P
  14. Hi everyone. I have been trying to find the name of the pub at Woolhampton and possibly the post code for out sat nav. I remember it to be by the swingbridge, on the canal. Just a little way from the station. If anyone can help, that would be great. Many thanks Mrs P
  15. Thanks for the replies, am busy downloading the SPCC notes on the Thames for me to study. Forgot to ask, also where is the best places to stop for food, pubs and to buy provisions on that route. Thanks again in advance Take care Mrs P
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