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  1. Nothing at all, i just left it running for a few mins as it was brand new. The cut out is a fuse that pops out. Sadly thats fine also
  2. just to follow this up for anybody searching. I took delivery of a Auto jack 1200 watt genny today. It last 3 mins before it cut out. I spent a hour fault finding and found it has no spark and i have no idea why. returned to amazon and chalk it down as experience
  3. Nauticus 27 is a great boat with a good layout too. Again as above i would be in the Highbridge options the extra 5ft makes all the difference and clever designs for the rear lower beds
  4. I live in a house at lock 14 of this flight and often see his tent around. Never met him but a friend waked the flight a few weeks ago and reported a naked man around lock 13/12 which is where i think he is most of the time...
  5. My first boat was called Bramley
  6. I have read about him. I don’t want paying ? Nor do I drown myself with cider i am happy to help and love canals so it’s actually somthing I enjoy Typo sorry :)
  7. Hi All I have been a member here for 15 years, i am sure i was member 183 or something but we can no longer go back and check :) I live a stones throw away from lock 13 on the Northampton arm. So anybody single handed or not looking for a bit of help on this arm please give me a call / text? Willing to help. Experienced boater. I can help with the locks, setting them up and so on. 13 - 17 is spread out but can help to this also. give me a message on 07852560411 Cheers Ross
  8. Not read all the replies but the cost of boats over the last 15 years has risen beyond what they used to be in 2004 I bought my first boat for 23 k, a 55 ft narrow boat , granted it needed a tad of inside work but that was for our taste. Anyhow if you look now they boat would be 30k as it was and would probably sell quickly I have been looking at boats for the last few weeks and what used to be 35k is now 45k for a nice 50 ft plus I wouldn't worry about depreciation at all unless the canals dry up
  9. sorry i cant see this, what is it yeah it wasnt this morning
  10. this is a bargain https://bwml.co.uk/brokerage/sm-9461-kit-kat/
  11. for what its worth i went to see this this week, bit of a project boat to be honest nice people selling it just 11 years of not much being done i think , all for 15750 but they would take offers. needed some wood on the rubbing steaks on the outside, a bit of tlc inside the roof vent things are leaking quite badly, the stove has a crack in it, the bilge is full of oil, and the rear pram hood and screens are all rather tired, plus it needs a paint and im not sure if its been out the water in a long time.
  12. I am a bit late to this topic but found it very interesting to read having owned both type of boat on canals. I believe that people overthink GRP boats, they are actually rather strong, very agile and a great tool if that's what you want. In my time I have owned a 55ft canal boat, a 40ft canal boat a 27ft nauticus grp and a 23/4 ft norman I would say a 24ft norman would have more space or be used better than a 24ft narrowboat, infact I am currently looking for a 32ft highbridge crusader, because the way they utilize there space is second to none a genuine 6 berth with all facility's bar a stove / heating. I couldn't see a 32ft narrowboat doing the same. I suppose its no mistake that these boats are late 80's so 30 years old, all this talk of cracking the hulls, damaging the coat etc is relevant but not as much as we make out? I have found in the past that you often see grp boats lived on and often very overloaded and tatty, by nature the cost of them make them a bit throwaway so if they are unloved or dumped then yes they will in the end find the bottom of the cut, probably a bit quicker than a narrowboat. They do not just sink, often abuse and maintenance is attributed which is probably no more than a narrowboat although you do have to take a little bit more care in making sure as mentioned your gel coat is kept good and so on. On the subject of bashing into things and damaging your gel coat or sinking your boat i think weight is relevant here, a narrowboat will make a fairly large bang is allowed to drift into the bank or lock entrance etc your moving 15tonne plus most of the time so it has a lot more to stop, i would say a grp boat is obviously a lot lighter so the force behind the bang will be much less and as such is why they can get away with it in most instances. We have shared locks with narrowboats before, again a bit of care needed but if you allow both to float you will not see the grp boat sink to the bottom after being crushed and split in two. In fact all 7 pages of talk on here i have not seen one person say such and such a boat sank when it was crushed by this narrowboat at this lock or anything like that, all if buts and maybes. At the end of the day if your careful with your narrowboat as you should be and the owner of a grp boat is careful there is nothing that should happen other than laughing at the grp boat trying to follow a canal boat at very slow speed which is not fun. We found most narrowboat owners pleasant when we had our nauticus but with the norman there was defiantly some snobbery going on i am afraid to say.
  13. Amazing stuff, really tip my hat to you Easy to sit at home worrying about lifes little problems which are insignificant to some of these pics
  14. mk marina is actually ok, it amazes me how they always have morings resi or not however i did a year there. Its quiet enough bar the road, the only thing is your a bit to *close* to your neighbour sadly, so more like a boat park rather than a mooring. the pub is decent for a carvery though
  15. sorry i just used london as example. i.e the most expensive mornings on the cut
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