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  1. sorry it has a 12v fridge (no freezer) and a 12v freezer which i dont think we would use that much i.e a small compartment in a fridge freezer was fine in the summer so any experience on power demand, are they quite efficient. I did search but it seems not many have them
  2. Hi All I have just bought another boat... I now own two but the one i bought in the summer is to go. we just found our dream boat basicly and some investment but sod it i only live once. A lovely Tyler wilson 67ft josher with milburn install It has a dedicated 12V freezer and a standard 12v fridge. Does anybody have any experience we only really used the freezer for the odd thing, chips, few ice creams. Just wondered if its better to start again and get a FF 12V? cheers Ross
  3. I just spent 5 mins on youtube watching one being started up. I adore the sounds of anything vintage but that is a lot of faff which i suppose if you have the time is great but im not sure i could deal with the start up alone. I imagine running the engine to charge the batterys is a no no so a generator needed regular. The engine room does look and sound nice, somewhere to tinker which also sounds fun depending on conditions.
  4. yes i went back past it today it has some bow on it, but windows / doors at the front. It isnt narrowboat width either. some feature but when theres a will there is a way.
  5. Perhaps it’s how boats come over from China
  6. I have seen one or two of these in my time, I am somebody who likes light, big windows etc and some narrowboats I see with tiny port holes, I know it’s probably cosy but it might be rather depressing in there then you have this, I mean just to wonder what and or why. Is it litrally a container top welded on a shell bottom? Why would you not have windows. Sorry i I know it maybe somebody’s home but ?
  7. I had a look on that boat when buying mine. The length really does make the difference but i settles for a boat that ticked more boxes rather than being big.
  8. looks like loads of wide beams available 70ft would be cheapest of £1196 per quarter.
  9. I lived in Leighton Buzzard for 12 years until last year in various houses. Like all areas it has changed in that time, to many houses, not enough infostructure. However I found the town wonderful and miss it. Everything was local, people were nice. There are a lot of houses still to be built and we moved north for better house pricing / value for money. Canal side i dont think you would have much bother however there is zero for kids to do and there are a fair few travelers about. Grove is nice out of town the sort of manager / caretaker drinks in my old local the Bald Buzzard.
  10. Does he do others ? Mikuni?
  11. Incredable. how they plan to even start montioring this i do not know. Assume it will be down to the resellers rather than the boaters. I get red diesel for free as sell plant and machinery for a living so just take a bit from the machines. I wont be stopping that
  12. Do a search these questions are daily. You will lose money you will get frustrated that your batterys dont last as long as you hopped at times cold, no but get the wallet out for coal and the likes mooring fees? yes if you dont move to much playing the system is harder nowadays ongoing bills? blacking, servicing, diesel, batterys, etc etc Incidently I live in a house and my boat is at a marina, sometimes i lust to just move on for a few months and cruise. Sadly with a family and kids I cant. So life is short do what feels right. It isnt a cheap way to live correctly.
  13. bramley

    Buffing L

    above. Paint isn’t protected no lacquer like cars so what ever you buff is directly on the paint. Don’t go mad with a buffer you can do a lot by hand, don’t use T Cut its too aggressive, try not to mix the paints together so if you have pinstripes stay away and do them by hand. Incidentally you can also get a good result from the oil everybody bangs on about. Also you can get a cut / polish and wax in one from certain places.
  14. We recently bought a 57ft narrowboat for our 3 kids and me and other. After a week away its safe to say its nice to get some space apart. We have a nice design boat with two bunks at the back but it gets tiresome, I would say even with another 13ft to 70, you will go insaine. Also thinking of water usage for keeping kids clean etc. Also if they are home schooled then great but its even more time on a 70ft long 6ft 10 wide tube without escape. I would get a widebeam but that limits what you can do or get plus its not cheap
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