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  1. CRT brought their maintenance items off the strines road and through the farm road to the compound. The bridge is used by a private property with no connection to the tipped material or the land it is situated on. The problem that I saw with the bridge is that when it is lowered it does not seat properly and remains about 8" proud, once a vehicle passes over it the bridge is persuaded into it's down position, obviously a vehicle can only do this if it is passing over in the right direction. The bridge does not seat correctly because it has become distorted by the excess weight that has passed over it by the contractor who tipped the spoil, believed to be a skip firm from Whaley bridge. The framework of the bridge causes a height restriction.
  2. Ćheshire East council do not do anything, and the Environment Agency are not bothered. I met a solicitor walking his dogs, he advised if a response is required from them you have to have a disability or be in a wheelchair ..... then, maybe, they will jump into action... Did not feel like ringing up and lying !
  3. It is correct large heavy lorries have damaged the bridge, the tipping must be illegal as many mature trees are bring killed by the massive stockpile of tipped material from demolition sites etc. yet CRT or the environment agency do not take any action when complaints and information is given to them. It is not the farm that the road along the side of the canal leads to, they suffer by bring trapped in their house now.... It is a local farm that produces chickens in the shell !
  4. Respect to you both and massive ((((((hugs)))))))) from me, all the best for the future Dotty xxxx
  5. He's definitely got a labs tail .. I am so close and wish I could take him but it would probably lead to a divorce. Hope you find him a good home soon xxx
  6. You can buy Eco friendly boat wash from the chandlery and use a cloth/sponge/mop and bucket of diluted solution, hang on to boat when doing canal side, rinse with canal water Or if you have a 'shiny boat' maybe you would be wish to be more diligent x Ha ha I've done meerkat speak "or you'll have me for to answer to"
  7. Wasted!!! Whoo boo hoow hho Ho
  8. Anyone going this Sunday ? http://boat-jumbles.co.uk/page4.htm
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