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  1. I used 2 pack International Perfection on the bottom of a topper which the kids had about 12 years ago it worked very well and looked good 5+ years when we sold the boat. Gave it all a good sand with an electric sander I think 120 wet and dry, to get a matt clean surface, before painting.
  2. I have two side hatches and as mentioned very useful for moving things in and out as well as ventilation. Mine are both on the same side and I wish one was on the other (but not opposite) so in hot weather there is more chance of getting a breeze through as one will be on the windward side compared to the other. They are a common way for breaking in, so get some good fastenings.
  3. I think you may have some wires crossed. The three package is for a mobile connection, like a mobile phone using a SIM card, a mobile router also uses a SIM card (same one) and sits on the shelf sending out a WiFi wireless connection for your computers and other devices to connect to, it has no connection to a telephone line and connects to the outside world exactly as a mobile phone does, with no wires using radio waves, (It does need a power supply, although some have batteries inside as well) Because the radio signal inside a house or boat is not as strong as the signal outside, many devices have sockets allowing you to plug an external aerial in to, like your telly uses an aerial, they need special aerials outside.
  4. Not sure of the above, because different manufacturers use the term standby, quiescent and no load in different ways. Victron have two 'standby' modes one with the unit switched on and connected and no load / off load, and the other the same but with the unit set to 'power saving mode' or equivalent where the unit basically shuts down and test every few seconds to see if there is a load out there, some drop the volts to 80-100V to see it there is a load. There is a big difference in the standby currents, one is a few amps (about 0.5 - 3 depends on model) and the one with power saving enabled is smaller (10's to 100's of milliamps). A lot of equipment will not switch them out of power saving mode, and some, like digital timers get really upset and throw a wobbly. Every manufacturer of inverters uses similar but different interpretations of these options in their specifications if they publish anything at all. So you do get a bowl of apples and pears to sort through. Motors run on modified square wave, but do run a bit hotter (peak current for longer), which may shorten their life and in the case of fridge compressors, you should check the temperature of the motor on a hot day, as they usually have poor air circulation to cool them. Big heavy inverters (low frequency) have more umph to start a motor with than a high frequency one, a low frequency 800 watt Victron will usually run a fridge, but you need a 1200 watt high frequency modified square wave to be sure. The no load / off load current of both will probably be similar. I use Victron as an example because it is the one I know, other makes are available, and arguably better.
  5. You could put a one inch or more thick piece of hardwood the width of your step sitting on the floor/deck at the front held with sticaflex to the bulkhead, then sit the board for the step on top of that. I have that arrangement at front and back with a bit of aluminium chequer plate over. The chequer plate has a stiffening angle bolted to the bottom, this sits in grooves in the wood stopping sideways movement.
  6. How much diesel did you save? £300 will buy a lot of new diesel, but it is a drag collecting it sometimes.
  7. Wish it worked that way but no despite the same department paying your pension and then assessing your tax. They pay your state pension without tax deductions, then change your tax code for your private pension and if, because of other income this is not enough, they send you a bill to pay by 31st Jan every year. You also get a b*** form even though nothing changes from year to year, if they would deduct tax on the state pension I would have no problem just like PAYE.
  8. No strictly true the landlord/owner is ultimately liable these days certainly with students, the council will pursue tenants through the court but at the end they will come after the owner. The same applies now to services i.e. electric, gas etc it is in their ts & cs of the supply contract. The place was let all inclusive which also would have muddied the waters, but in the end when proof was provided they dropped the bill. We did have an issue with a live in girlfriend,but the council never knew she was working and not a student, officially we were told she had a flat elsewhere but didn't pursue it.
  9. Are you registered there for a postal vote? Unfortunately it is up to the single person to declare they live alone, and if required provide proof that they are the sole occupant. Not identical but similar we have a student let, and last year the council decided that one of the occupants was not a student, and sent us a bill. We had to get proof of registration and attendance from the university authorities (deans office) for all the students, before they would change their mind.
  10. Detling

    Bicycle rack

    I have seen towballs bolted to the back deck and a towball bike rack fitted. You should remember that that is a dangerous place for the bike, if the boat surges back in a lock when going up in a lock, the first thing to hit the gates is the bike with several tons of boat inertia crushing it.
  11. The water under the tank may well have come from condensation on the outside of the tank running down. At this time of year the air is moist and gets warmed a bit by the sun, hits the nice cold tank and hey presto you get condensation.
  12. It may well be an insurance write off as it is an easy way out for the insurance company, repair may still lead to claims for items damaged many years later and a write off closes the risk. This happened when my car got caught in a flood we got it going with new oil etc but the insurance decided as all the electrics etc had a thin film of mud on them which would hold moisture, items would have a severely shortened life. Watch out for this boat for sale soon.
  13. Detling

    TV sets

    The amount of power used by a telly is governed by screen size and back light method, rather than how they are powered. If tempted by a 'smart' TV make sure it functions without an internet connection, as this is not always possible on the canal.
  14. Webasto takes about 10 amps on start up for about 1 minute and then the fans and pump use about 2.7 amps whilst running. The pump itself uses 2 amps (I have a webasto pump on my heat exchanger system) and I doubt if you will find one with the flow rate under that. It is fussy on start up voltage though wilst it will run on 11.8 volts it needs 12.1 (at the controller board) on start up and the supplied loom is very long and not that thick.. My boat was installed with about 20 foot of loom folded up in trunking, shortening it to the correct length made a big difference to voltdrop on starting, from about 0.2 volts drop originally now less than 0.1
  15. How big is your battery bank at 80amps it won't last long, an hour or so at maximum before you are damaging your batteries. Most canal boat stoves are 5 kilowatts, most diesel heaters are 5 kilowatts the consensus being you need that much to heat a boat so 500 or 800 watts in a drop in the ocean. Try an electric blanket for a few minutes before getting into bed but spent the evening in the pub keeping warm.
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