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  1. Get an alternator repair man to swap the pulley to the new alternator only takes a few mins so if pre-arranged can be while you wait.
  2. I hope they change the days a bit, we are booked down on Friday (few weeks time) and up on a Monday. So we need to get through the bridge on Monday and lurk till Friday and then come up on Monday and lurk till Friday. I think I may get a bit fed up of that bit of canal.
  3. Like the rick-rack trams the back of the seat is pivoted low down in the middle of the seat box ends and can slope backwards or forwards, in a V type position basic shows principle blue one a bit posh .
  4. Detling


    Yes. when you have a bywash pushing the bow over you have to guess whether it will push you 1 foot or 2 foot sideways you often get it wrong. The wind will howl through a gap in the hedge and blow the bow off line etc. there are many unknowns and it is inevitable that you will occasionally touch the stonework but that is why you have rubbing strakes. It is a waste of time trying to use fenders, they are never in the right place and they can easily get caught on the gate ironwork pulling you to one side. That is not to mention the risk of sinking caused by fenders getting wedged.
  5. I have seen a pawl slip with the windlass left on, the windlass landed near the other end of the lock so 70+ feet in under a second. Luckily it missed the people on the lock. At least hirers get some training if a bit basic, but a shared boat buyer may well receive absolutely nothing, and being a BMW/Audi driver bought the canal with his share.
  6. I have a 1 1/2 inch vent but only one and longish vent pipe, to aid ventilation I put an Aquarium air pump to a 4mm nipple at the other end to the vent pipe. the pump is 3 watts and I have it on a timer to run 2 x 4 hour periods per day no smell (bio washing) the pump is said to shift 50 litres of air an hour so basically I give the tank 8 air changes per day.
  7. Strange the Beeb uses accuweather now.
  8. If they are 50+ feet from the other battery it is unlikely they get a real full charge anyway, and they should only be connected to the other batteries when the engine is on anyway, so they will not cross charge from the others.
  9. go for sealed AGM (most modern diesels use them) because if it's like mine, under the well deck, it is almost impossible to see let alone top up water.
  10. The black rubber stuff for taking cables across walkways etc. Can't you find a way of routing them inside then you only have the little bit from the panel to the entry point outside. You need to remember whatever you use, roofs get hot and are hopefully in full sunshine which tends to kill plastics quite quickly.
  11. Whilst electric has its benefits I like many others am not really able to use it. I regularly travel 250 to 300 miles in one run to my sons and daughters homes say 2 round trips a month. Both like 40% of the population do not have a drive and park on the street anywhere you can find a space,so plug in in not an option. So when I can do 300 miles in winter with the heater and lights on with no more than a half hour stop. And get magically recharged so I can return 3 days later then electric becomes an option, they both have an Asda nearby to fill up in 5 minutes for the return journey.
  12. Maybe an undertaker could supply pre made hulls
  13. The salvage/removal cost of the Costa Concordia was about 4 times the cost to build her. The insurance did pay but I guess it was comprehensive.
  14. There is or was a converted shipping container in a flat (cargo carrier type) near Milton Keynes last year. It looked slightly odd but it floated it had tiller and I suspect was towed every two weeks a mile or so along the canal.
  15. That makes a good reason not to have a CE marked vessel, does unscrewing the plate on a 6 year old boat make it unmarked so you can change the engine.
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