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  1. Probably/possibly dodgy contact. As far as I know the beep should be constant without the engine running, most boats are, any one of, low oil pressure, not charging starter or auxillary battery, will usually sound the buzzer, engine stopped will have all three.
  2. I think the one most commonly mentioned is Zanussi and the most commonly mentioned inverter is Victron. One point not mentioned so far is Startup surge of the motor patricularly on spin, this could be high for a few seconds. I have a Candi via a victron 3000 and only use it with the engine on, the engine grunts when the spin starts, I have no idea of what the current is but there is a surge and it's bigger than the fridge because the engine grunt is bigger.
  3. Mine hums very slightly on high load, you can hear it for a few seconds before the fan cuts in.
  4. Note the time 1800 hours so not only a daft thing but in the dark? One has to feel sorry for the parents, but has he been allowed to assess risk before as a nipper and get grazed knees and elbows as his reward for getting it wrong.
  5. What are you able to do when you see the batteries have a problem, fading fast due to failed cell for instance. I suppose you could order another cocktail from your sunbed somewhere half a world away. Life is to short, KISS means you can enjoy your cocktail in the sun.
  6. But those costs are funded by peak prices, otherwise the boat is sold and business closed. Then any hire out of peak has to be profitable at a couple hundred to cover cleaning repairs incurred. I guess the boat owned hates seeing them tied up. I have met couples who have had a 6 berth boat for a week for 500 quid, they rang boat yard on Thursday, took boat on Saturday. You won't get those deals through a booking site you need to speak to the owner.
  7. I like hire boats in the main, only the booze cruise usually single sex give problems. Many hire boat crews are much more eager to help at locks and they often have a crew of 4 or more so sharing locks is so easy. They move a lot and keep many of our canals in use, the continuous cruiser may move further in the year, but many do less distance than a hire boat does in a weekend. The canal system is slowly being allowed to either and only by using and complaining is any pressure applied to maintain, some houseboat types do not want a functioning system because then they would not have to move ever and nobody would come past to rock their boat. So please keep hiring.
  8. You don't set voltage on the MPPT controller because it senses that when you connect it. There is no need to have the amp hour value set correctly as the percentage of charge read out is totally useless, because the controller has no idea of loads or other charging, and in most peoples experience is worse than a chocolate teapot. If you set to sealed the main difference is the monthly equalization is not done which should not be done on AGMs. So sealed ticks most boxes and will not damage the batteries.
  9. What about the washer gasket thing on the coolant cap if that has a flaw hot water vapour will come out and in cold weather be more noticeable.
  10. Every Ethernet device is supposed to have a unique MAC address which defines the make the type and a serial number, OK some people spoof them and code in software but certainly in the 1990's and 2000' most were hard coded on the board so it is possible to get manufacturers to cooperate if the rewards are there, in the case of Ethernet, no MAC address you drop the package, so data will not pass from one device to another, so not really a network.
  11. not yet but want to see this survey https://www.homeofficesurveys.homeoffice.gov.uk/s/I1EI5/?fbclid=IwAR24X3GwF4BPqi4p7fkqDCOwx3vPp_xvHwozZXkasjY9f7s1HjSWZ0d3vvM reading it suggests a totalitarian government is getting closer. Although it suggests vehicles and travellers the proposed laws just mention people and property so can be applied to protest groups/marches and even a bunch of ramblers stopping for a cup of tea. I suspect it is so wide to capture all occasions, but as suggested, if the landowner or council, decide you could get a criminal record for stopping in a lay by for a cuppa and they could sieze your car.
  12. I would think a more significant issue is if someone gets hurt because of a non compliant build. The insurance company is likely to walk away, leaving you with massive compensation and legal liabilities and the possibilty of prosecution for criminal liability (GBH etc).
  13. I would not recommend a PAYG sim in a smart phone because most PAYG suppliers charge per day for data as well as volume, i.e 1byte costs £1 but you can have another 9.99 MBytes 'free' on the same day. Most Smart phones have functions thet won't work unless they can make a data connection, even a photo SMS has to have data as does position(GPS), so running without a data connection will rapidly become a pain. As said above a rolling £6 per month to giffgaff gets you a basic plan, more minutes and texts than most older blokes will make per month, and a small data allowance that will be enough for news and weather + a bit of google/ebay. As to Android vs Apple at least Google has never slowed its older phones down deliberately, but new software versions are always bigger than old so eventually there is insufficient space.
  14. The canal water 500mm down rarely goes below 6 or 7 degrees in winter, great for your wine. But the summer temperature in a shallow canal/lake can reach 20 degrees but is usually about 14 - 15 degrees in summer where the water is deep enough for proper convection to the depths to occur. Bilge with a steel hull may be one or two degrees above the water, when it's 30+ outside.
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