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  1. Lovely pictures of how to fix a cratch cover leak, the OP said back so presumably a pram hood. Any cruiser stern boat with the modern solid hand holds on the roof-side corner is designed for water to flow down the edge of the roof inside the raised hand hold and over back edge of the roof at the stern. Some have an intermediary water escape point part way down. Most cruiser stern boats (and semi trads) do not have the rise in the roof at the stern which would stop the problem the OP has. The rear half at least, of the roof has to drain over the edge at the back onto the stern deck and and thence through the drains., One way I have seen used is to have a hole in the flap that lies on the roof by the hand hold rail, to allow the water to flow down by that edge and over the roof edge onto the sterndeck and into the drain channel and thence over the side. This is the route the water has always taken and blocking it's path with the hood has caused the problem. This is not a problem on a boat that has the tubular grab rails, so perhaps you could remove the rear few feet of hand hold, and replace it with a tube handrail. Tubular rails allow you to tie things easil,y but allow any small item in the roof to slide over the side, so plus and minus both ways.
  2. I have been led to believe that some Alde boilers are very fussy about what metals are in the system, something to do with corrosion, but someone will hopefully know more.
  3. Your tick over then is just over 2 mph cos the moorings are 1.25 miles long
  4. There are two water points and one single mooring here approaching the locks. The water points double up as lock landing, almost exactly the same as at Hawksbury but without the bend to the lock. It can get confusing though as the boat moored at the end is often mistaken for a boat waiting for the lock. As said whilst the swing bridge is broke use the mooring for that less confusing.
  5. is there any white smoke, if not check fuel actually gets to the unit
  6. Detling

    Heating pipes

    Another good reason, turn one off and they all go off.
  7. Detling

    TV Signal

    When I am in my marina if the boat next door goes out I can get more channels, when he comes back they go again, the TV transmitter I use is in the opposite direction so I can only assume it is some form of reflection causing it. In the analogue days it would probably have caused ghosting, but in the digital world it is picture or nothing, occasionally you get spots everywhere with a poor signal but usually nothing.
  8. Check you can actually put a sensible sized pan on the back burners the tumblehome can restrict you to frying pan height. Also you need to have a way of ensuring the overhang from the tumblehome is fireproof not just scorch proof as it will get hotter then on the 500mm hob. You could put a 100mm shelf at worktop height at the back to get rid of the gap, be cheaper.
  9. It has been mooted in popular central areas pre-book, services and £15 per night, still a bargain for central London parking.
  10. The 'motor yacht' companies Princess and Sunseeker are building more and more super-yachts as the market for normal sized yachts (if £250,000 is normal) has almost disappeared because there are so many 'low hours' second hand boats on the market many only a few years old, and half the price of a new one. So they are building several million plus instead, and they have vacancies for workers, so must have a good order book. Most head to the Med in summer and caribbean in winter and can be chartered if you have very deep pockets, a week could cost more than you paid for your narrowboat.
  11. Maybe" inversely related to how many years they have lived on a boat " as more age independent.
  12. I have a plate heat exchanger on the engine coolant circuit and the webasto heater circuit is on the other side, with an extra circulation pump. When the webasto comes on it works as originally fitted ,it pumps the water round the radiators and calorifier coil. When the engine comes on it turns the new circulation pump on so the water in the webasto circuit is pumped through the heat exchanger and then through the radiators and calorifier . If for some reason one wants both engine and webasto running it still works fine, because the wabasto pump and the 'new pump both pump the water the same way round. Bonus is the radiators work when engine is running as well as hot water and I only use one coil in the calorifier. I have thought of using the other coil for solar but haven't got round to it.
  13. If it has 2 pack epoxy the owner will not be happy with a surveyor who scrapes it off, there is no need as there are ultrasound testing devices that will work through the coating and tell you steel thickness and as an aside they also tell you coating thickness.
  14. Used to have a Mamod steam engine as a kid that spun a small electric motor and lit a torch battery. The engine was an oscillating cylinder type and spat water and steam out, the boiler used methylated spirits and was lit with a match. Oh those were the days before elth and softy got hold of things and wrapped our youngsters in cotton wool. No I didn't kill myself but probably did learn that flames and steam are hot and can hurt. looked a bit like this.
  15. not relevant to the OP but I spent 2 years tracking a leak in one of my windows. They had been pop-riveted in and the centre of one had rusted through leaving a 1mm hole which the water quite happily went through, the stainless rivet was fitted fine and was tight but the snappy bit is just steel which rusts.
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