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  1. Many of the problems stem from the use of contractors who don't know and don't care for boaters. We get grass cut according to schedule, not need. Issues spotted re bank erosion, collapse etc are not fed back so things just get worse. Lock maintenance is a guy looking at it, occasionally lifting a paddle but usually just ticking boxes on his tablet. Paddles loose or broken underwater not spotted, brickwork crumbling not spotted, rotten wood unless obvious, not spotted. I have watched a guy pointing a wall by a bridge in December the other year, he did the pointing, took a photo to send to his boss. I mentioned the hard frost the previous night and one forecast for that night, he said I know, but my boss has this on his schedule, so I have to do it, I expect to be back in a few months to do it all again, because it has failed. So a job paid for twice. You cannot run the system sitting in an office many miles away, you need local information.
  2. Detling

    Steam box

    In olden days you could get timber with no or just small knots, not easy today, that steam and curve evenly.
  3. Note earlier comment about LED lights generally not being compliant. But I don't know who would test them. In general the issue of lights only comes to be a problem in courts, where your lack of correct lights has resulted in a accident costing loads of money or deaths. That really is the on!y time anyone will question it. Think of the Marchioness disaster some years ago, there was a lot of discussion about lights then.
  4. Leave a 6 to 10mm gap between the door board and the floor/sill to prevent water wicking up into the wood. Driving rain will always get under the door and produce a few beads of water.
  5. Some times a quick squirt can be useful to stop the bow swinging out as the stern nears the bank and the recess prop wash starts to push the bow out. The answer to the charging at a 20 watt solar panel at the front connected to the batteries, they are nicely trickle charged every day.
  6. How will an totally exposed person get from the bedroom to the new bathroom?. If you have an overnight guest on the sofa etc would they have to pass them?, anyone coming from the shower will also have to pass through the boat to get dressed, there is a reason bathrooms are normally between the bedroom and accommodation spaces.
  7. My old one took 4 amps but it was made in 2008 and 3000 VA.
  8. Seconded looks several years of grime there, plus the sealant round that vent is dreadful. Have you paid him?
  9. Birch is fine but burks quickly. Woods to avoid are, anything not well seasoned (at least a year prefably longer) and woods with a high tar content Pines and Firs, including Cypress which is readily available burns well but produces a lot of tar to clog the chimney, which is a bugger to get rid of. (personal mistake)
  10. Sea going cruise ships varnish their handrails twice a year to keep them nice and shiny, they are high quality timber, and they use quality varnishes but the sun degrades the finish and they haven't found a better solution yet.
  11. LED lights are not needed, and as mentioned are actually bad for your night vision. But look at Midland Chandlers and they don't sell the old halogen lamps, because LED use less power so are more efficient, as though 40 watts is really going to have any effect on a dirty great diesel. The only collision I have had in a tunnel was braunston, being totally blinded and creeping trying to maintain steerage, I touched the wall bounced out and struck the other boat a glancing blow. The lady in the well deck said " I have pointed the light to the wall" indicating the search light she was aiming, which indeed was pointing to the wall, unfortunately her husband had recently fitted a LED blinder on the port side of the cabin front roof facing forward. I asked the lady to turn round and see if she could see the problem. but by then I had passed down their boat, I did point out to the helm that from 100 yards till we met I could see absolutely nothing, due to the glare from the water blinding me. The common light sold are the rectangular ones they are used at festivals and theatre's where they are called Blinders, says it all.
  12. Unfortunately mine came with the boat but given the choice I would buy something else.
  13. You will probably find that putting the device in a warm dry place for a few days will rejuvenate it. The hours counter works very well but you can't say the same for the connections to the display panel. How they have got away with suppling the same devices with this very common fault for over 10 years beats me.
  14. If you have the inverter on 24/7 to supply a fridge or cooker etc then it really doesn't matter the inverter standby current is likely to be enough to power the router without taking any extra. That said my router is USB powered via a car USB regulator, but I get no variation on the inverter current whether my 240v radio is on or off.
  15. Surely switching the input off would be fine. just like stopping the engine.
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