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  1. Neither have I but a few years ago it got cold enough to turn the diesel in the bowl of the webasto filter into wax, This was just under the deck boards so well away from the canal water warmed baseplate. I think that waxing occurs around -10C melting of said wax doesn't occur easily till over 20C degrees which is how I found out trying to work out why the wabasto was sulking.
  2. Another cost overlooked by the Heat Pump promoters is that about 75% of home built in the last few decades have combi boilers and no hot water tank so conversion to heat pump requires retro fitting of one, and in many cases there is no suitable floor space available without major building work. Fitting in the loft seems the common option but roof trusses were designed to be 'adequate' without tens of kilo's load adding.
  3. Thanks Everybody I will look at derwent lock on the way to Nottingham that will give me some idea before I rock up at Beeston.
  4. At 1.6m on the gauge I am not surprised looking at historical data that seems about when they close the flood lock. But what the current is then no idea from above it would suggest 3 or above mph which makes life awkward..
  5. Thanks Jen-in-Wellies I was being lazy and hoping to find out before I got to Beeston. I will of course look at the board there and the info that it means what is says is good. I had heard that the last 2 miles was the hard bit, just before the junction where it gets easier again. Obviously it all depends on the rain over the next two weeks.
  6. The boat is currently in Nottingham and we would like to transfer to Mercia over the christmas period. As there is a river section Beeston to Shardlow not long, but we are going uphill, so the current is going to make a big difference. There are two web sites that show the height at Shardlow, https://riverlevels.uk/river-trent-castle-donington-shardlow https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/station/2100 But these are for flooding and probably use the same guage, but they don't show the red/amber/green as used by CRT (and insurance companies) I wonder if any of you know how the heights relate, obviously anything over 1.5m is way to high (I suspect top of red) but what about 0.75m or 0.5m etc. Any local tips welcome.
  7. 10 x 6 = 60 + 20 x 18 = 360 total 420/24 = £17.50 per month so less than you are paying. The £15 one was available years ago and they allow you to renew the contract but you cannot buy or change it in any way, my son in law had that plan for about 5 years before he emigrated to New Zealand.
  8. If as you should be, you are using an MPPT controller the loss of a few hundred millivolts on the run into the controller has no effect on the output from the controller. The voltdrop between controller and batteries is important though, which is why controllers should be near the batteries. If you have a PWM controller, since those 'regulate' by chopping off the topend of the volts there will be no difference unless your panel voltage is only just above your charging voltage.
  9. Whatever the volt drop is it will fool the controller into thinking the batteries are fuller than they are, and thus going into float earlier than it should. The higher the volt drop the earlier this will happen so the 0.75 volt drop mentioned above would cause the controller to stop charging the batteries when they are only about 80% full which is not desirable, continually udercharging is the fastest way to kill batteries. You need at least 16mm and preferably 25mm cable for that length. Use the volt drop calculator at https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/voltage-drop-calculator.html to help you, but at 3 meters you are going to struggle to get the batteries over 90% without changing a lot of settings on the controller to make the float voltage high, but then in summer that will overcharge the batteries. I would put the panels in parallel not series as this will reduce the impact of a bit of shade on one panel, even a rope across a panel can halve its current, and if the panels are in series that will halve the total available power, in parallel you would only lose a quarter. People say that in series is better for low light but a solar panel reaches 90% volt output with only a few milliamps available so naff all power really. the EPever controller will not track the maximum power point until 1.5 amps comes out of it into the batteries, below that it runs in PWM mode chopping off half the available power, parallel wiring gets the thing working properly earlier. (other MPPT controllers don't have this problem but EPever / Tracer and it's rebranded versions all suffer from this 'feature', other than that they are good.)
  10. Looking at the paintwork inside is skimpy and looks a rush job, but being indoors will probably do a few years. Outside looks similar a few tins of paint slapped on after a quick sand. If it is intact and watertight and not peeling in 12 months I will be very surprised, winter is very cruel to paint. Just to add Red fades more than any colour, so touching up will rapidly get difficult.
  11. Granary wharf is on the canal but being a short/small pound goes up and down a bit about a foot. The pontoons are 48 hr but not sure if all year or not. The walls are 14 day, the dock bit by the lock is a flooded dry dock and has stepped sides so fine if the water goes up not so clever if the water drops. The holiday inn and Hilton are the same place (hhilton) Wi-Fi is free and fast.
  12. Canal boats on still/slow water represent a small subset of boats, and with recharging points available can successfully be electric. A tidal waters boat often needs to be able to-do 10 knots into waves to be safe, not so easy with electric, and a RNLI. Lifeboats frequently do 25 knots into big waves and can be at sea for 24 hours, there is not room for the required batteries for such performance. As Greta said it is politicians blah blah a lot of hot air. But where we go to in the next decade should be interesting, but just not where they say today.
  13. So how about 4 of these ? https://www.lifebatteries.co.uk/product-page/150ah-lifepo4 £635.00 x 4 = £2540 for which you have 600 Ah capable of 400amps plus discharge charge ridiculously fast so some alternator protection system to control the alternator add 4 or 500 quid and as they say jobs a good un. Lithium prices have come down and will probably go down more yet. It is getting close to a no brainer on a new build as you are likely to have to replace at least once if not more with any form of lead for the same lifespan. Retrofitting lithium is more expensive as so much needs changing but when buying new you haven't got those bits to throw away. Another 'essential' is solar even if only a few hundred watts, it will save CO2 production somewhere either your engine, or the power station, and even on shorepower will pay for itself in a few years, offgrid probably in the first year or so. https://www.bimblesolar.com/offgrid/complete-packages/295W-victron-kit-mppt-mounting £450 just needs fitting.
  14. Early 2023 will be a lot easier, I had to book 11 months in advance for mine. Narrowboat so not same tunnel/dock.
  15. Your panels will take 55 feet so totally fill the useable roof of a 70 foot boat, you lose about 6 to 7 feet at the front due to the pointy bow,and about the same at the stern due to having to have a hatch and a means of steering so a 70 foot boat only has about 55 feet of roof space. The tilting will help in winter (probably double your harvest) but even so you will be lucky to get 20% of rated power for about 4 hours in winter on a dull wet day you will get much less than that. You may also find it difficult to ensure that no part of that solar array is shaded, even by a rope. I wish you well but the laws of physics are not to be ignored.
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