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  1. Detling

    Wood (and coal) burning stoves to be banned

    the problem as I expect is we will only be able to get 1 or maybe 2 makes of stove small enough for a narrowboat, as all that will be for sale are approved stoves for houses, we are too small a market for manufacturers to bother paying to get approval on their little stoves, they will just stop making them. Doesn't stop a backstreet welder though, if you trust it not to leak CO into your boat.
  2. Detling

    Webasto water levels

    My thoughts exactly, it is picky about battery voltage before it starts up, and definitely checks the pump and water flow then, but maybe it doesn't monitor when running.
  3. Detling

    Hydro Electric Plant at Newark Town Lock

    Good it is such a shame to see all that water pouring down and the energy going to waste. Every big lock should have one to reduce our need for power stations. I can see no impact on boaters unless they like going over weirs, or sticking their boat under the waterfall to wash it. Canoeists sometimes use a weir race for white water but as there is no change in the rate of water flow just a diversion in location it should not prove a problem. An Archimedes screw type turbine is fish friendly as well, can even provide better access for migrating fish than a weir does.
  4. Detling

    Another Lithium battery thread

    measuring up to 200A is fine for charging but if you have a big inverter that plus a pump start can easily exceed 300 A. What happens on the hall effect sensors I suspect they just read 200. One way would be two wires and two sensors on the load side. Counting amps in and out from earlier posts seem to require an efficiency factor around 0.985 which you easily factor in for your SOC, and tweak with experience.
  5. Detling

    Foam - which type?

    We have bungs good in winter, but in summer they not only keep out the light they also effectively close the window so the bedroom gets a bit stuffy and airless particularly in hot weather.
  6. Detling

    Bike on a cruiser deck?

    Usually the deck of a cruiser stern lifts up to access the engine and batteries etc so whilst not lifted when moving you usually want to lift it just before and just after. You need to be able to steer with the tiller when moving and may well need to access the stern mooring points from within the boat whilst moving.
  7. Detling

    Water in fuel

    Surely the fuel level would be constant, fuel would leak out till the pressure from the height of fuel matched the water pressure and as you used fuel water would flow in to keep the pressures the same so the fuel level in the tank would not really change. (yes diesel is 90% the weight of water but the few mm difference you probably won't see)
  8. Detling

    Alternator question

    Don't get lithium batteries before it is sorted 14.7 volts = dead battery no ifs, no buts.
  9. Detling

    A few hints for a future voyage?

    Another vote for going down the GU and up the Thames. It is easier to handle the boat as you have slightly more time to think with the current against you, with the current with you things going wrong happen at double speed. You should always moor facing the current for that reason. The Thames locks will require you to use a bow rope and a stern rope, not easy when singlehanding, some lock keepers are very helpful some not. As said you you can predict the time required to do the Oxford canal home and if you have spare time you can go up to Letchlade. Long ropes can be useful allowing you to be on the boat with the bow rope round a bollard back to you and the stern rope the same then you can adjust each end as required, the lockies should and will stop you using a centre line.
  10. Detling

    Inverter size

    Inverters which weigh more usually have low frequency transformers and can take a bigger surge current than the high frequency brigade. More importantly than output size is the no load current, not the standby current as often you will find that the inverter won't pick up from standby when you want it to, so you end up having it on 24/7. My victron will not come out of standby for my fridge but will for my TV work that one out. Remember you must not be able to connect the travel power output to the inverter output. Inverters don't like it up em! they take up smoking.
  11. Lovely panels but I hope you can turn the LED indicators off, one at night it will be a bit bright and secondly those LEDs will take about 10mA each a tiny amount for one but you appear to have over 40 lit so 40x10=400mA x 24 hrs= 9.6 amp hours. per day not a lot but significant if off shoreline cruising. Definitely a problem in winter as some days my 600 watts of solar produces less than 10 amp hours.
  12. Detling

    Bathroom again aghhhh

    Totally agree. IMO any plaster type boarding is eventually going to collapse internally due to vibration, it is not designed for use in a vehicle/boat anywhere. The OP needs to read up on BSS regulations and RCD requirements or he is going to finish up with a project boat that he can't legally sell for several years, can't license for rivers or canals and is just a white elephant. Rockwool is not the best insulation for a boat either as it holds damp.
  13. Detling

    Stove chimney hole filling

    Make it temporary cover, so that when the ebersplutter chokes itself and stops you can reinstate a more reliable stove either multifuel or diesel bubble/drip feed. The ebersplutter/webasto heaters are not noted for 24/7 reliability great for a couple hours a day but not continuous, it is always better to have 2 ways of heating.
  14. Detling

    BM-1 Funny Readings

    even if it is the starter battery, the route charge current from the alternator will take is alternator -ve to engine -ve then to the starter battery -ve and then via the link to the domestic battery -ve. If the OP has just the 2 batteries and now has disconnected the starter -ve from the domestic -ve he will no longer charge the domestic battery from the engine.
  15. Detling

    Best value for money batteries ?

    All batteries have a limited number of cycles before they die, the cheap ones have maybe 300 if well looked after, the popular Trojan t105 has about a 1000 cycle life for only a few quid more, and some Gel tubular types have a cycle life in excess of 5000 cycles. Lithium are said to be 10,000 plus but as yet nobody has manged to reach that limit. So basically you get what you pay for. there is a good facebook group " 12 volt boating group https://www.facebook.com/groups/144684286108763/ they have tables showing price vs cycle life for many batteries.

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