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  1. Detling

    Boat stretching

    Since an internal refit and external repaint are required to get a finished job, look into fitting out a sailaway a similar amount of work required and all new steel hull no bits a lot older and rustier than others plus a new engine and propeller matched to the size of the boat. I was chatting to someone who stretched a 45 into a 60 footer and within two years had a bigger engine and new prop fitted also l had to overplate a bit by the stern due to corrosion.
  2. Detling

    Solar woes!

    It's called winter. You have 500 watts in summer sun perpendicular to the sunrays in perfectly clear air. in England nowhere near perpendicular to the sunrays in murky air in winter you typically are doing well to get 10 % on a sunny day on an overcast day 5 amphours is good . The voltage coming in is controlled by the tracer controller so that is your 30v x 1.4 amps which adjusts the load to maximise the watts in to then convert that to the maximum it can produce for the batteries. Beaten to it
  3. Detling

    Mastervolt Dakar combi 12/1500

    Low frequency invertyers have large iron cored transformers which are heavy and can indeed hum but they rarely fail and can withstand more abuse. high frequency inverters are lighter and do not hum, but many of them will emit the magic smoke of death when abused very slightly, but they are cheaper. Most of the well known makers use the low frequency types, they cost more to make and ship but they seem to find them more reliable.
  4. Detling

    Bit of an Elsan rant.....

    Anyone with a macerator toilet pumpout sytem will not have inappropriate materials wet wipes etc as it will block their toilet first, they also need a reasonable liquid content to work. Owners of dump through toilets and cassette systems (which are small plastic dump through tanks) can have inappropriate things dropped through the little hole, Unless the boat has a electric pumpout pump there is no way the soup like fluid can spray everywhere and a manual pump is pretty slow, slower than chucking a cassette upside down in the chute, I have seen posts elsewhere where people admit losing the cap down the hole and leaving, reports from the cleaner uppers usually involve wet wipes, nappies, cardboard loo rolls, sticks (presumably to poke) and many other things that have no place in a drainage system. As always the ingenuity of man never ceases to amaze. Just a note, in 6 years on the canals I have yet to see a boat pumping out into an elsan but then it is probably done secretly at night.
  5. Detling

    Unlimited Power - Breakthrough

    only 13 million we have over 30 million cars now + vans buses and lorries and I can't see the number going down.
  6. Detling

    Window condensation

    As above ventilation and leave boat ventilated when going home. We had a survey once done in December and I couldn't be there, the surveyor very kindly closed all the windows and mushrooms when he left, we returned 6 days later and everything was soaking wet inside due to condensation, opened all windows and vents, stoked up fire it took two days to dry out. We normally leave most windows open and all the vents, and return after a few weeks break to find it cold and slightly damp, fire on and we are dry in under 12 hours.
  7. Colder weather won't help either. Most car starter batteries get replaced at this time of year because the car won't start, been OK in summer but unknown to the owner 'only just OK'. Now oil is colder it needs more amps to crank the engine, colder engine takes longer churning over or heaters on for longer, all are harder on the battery.
  8. Detling

    Replacing Flooded Leisure Batteries

    Some Battery chargers won't charge a flat battery, they see the 11 volts or whatever, say to themselves this is not enough, and refuse to allow any amps to flow, I understand this is to prevent them overheating trying to charge a failed battery / short circuit.
  9. Detling

    What the Daily Mail classes as news!

    She seems happy to drink filtered canal water, which is more than I would be.
  10. Detling

    Fitting a multifuel stove.

    The key seems to be draw of the flue, mine is single with no bends and the stove draws well even with no chimney on outside as the flue gases can easily travel up it, I do use a double skinned chimney. If you have to have lots of angles to fit the stove then it may not do as well. I have seen pictures of a boat for sale which had single wall to a bend and then twin after. If the twin wall is the same outer diameter as a single wall thus having a smaller inner it is increasing the resistance to flow of the gasses and surely this would be counter productive.
  11. Detling

    Winterising diesel

    I got diesel wax in the webasto filter (high up under the stern deck) last year, it was soft and didn't melt at 10 degrees centigrade, had to manually scrape away. I was told it is very like paraffin wax used for candles and the melting point is over 30 degrees,.
  12. Detling

    Mysterious 5amp drain

    Does the inverter have it's own isolator? if so turn it off and see if you still have the current drain. An inverter uses power even when there is no 240 volt load so turning off the breakers will not result in zero amps to the inverter.. Some cheapies use 5 amps when doing nothing, many older ones of 10 years ago use about 2 amps even good brands, a recent one should be about 1 amp with no load. There is of course also the chance that the inverter has developed a fault.
  13. Detling

    Composting Toilets. Clarification Please

    Are we in the 21 st century or the 19th, we had massive epidemics of disease killing thousands in our major cities in the early 1800's and this was solved by building sewers, installing flushing toilets and building public toilets. We now seem to be heading back to the early 19th century toilet arrangements that led to such epidemics, OK our drinking water is still better, but there are many other ways for bacteria to travel, the best prevention is to shift our waste well away from other people and to treat it properly, land fill plastic bags and local dustbins may not always achieve this.
  14. Detling

    More trouble at Bittell

    May get some power cuts soon if we don't build any new base load power stations. One good high pressure in January, very cold weather, no wind and long dark nights, now where do we get our electricity from? I's cold and dark in the rest of Europe as well so they are not likely to sell us any.
  15. Detling

    Smoke alarm and cooking

    Unless BSS change their minds a CO alarm will be required in 2019 and if the boat's cabin is over about 40 foot you will need 2 CO alarms, because of external CO coming in through windows and doors, this is protecting you which is not what they are for. PS surely you swap the labels for the pump-out and diesel to protect yourself from the diesel thief one suck and they never return.

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