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  1. Try fitting that on a narrowboat.
  2. Won't help lumpy waters boaters, northern ireland will now be another place you cannot have red in your tanks as a visitor without risk of prosecution.
  3. Sorry to say since 2017 the legal liability lasts for life, serious accident deemed due to non standard work you may finish up in court, even 20 years later.
  4. When my parents brought their boat back from France they had to be clear of the Bay of Biscay and east of Brest - Scillies by 1st September as ruled by their insurance company
  5. The only way this will become a viable option, is if governments and standards bodies around the world sit round a table and produce specifications, like we have for AAA, AA, B etc. Otherwise every manufacturer will do their own thing and they will change the type every few years to ensure you have to buy new stuff, think of Apple phones and their charger requirements. But yes it would be a very good option, to be able to drive to a service point and swap a battery would enable long distance travel (250 miles plus in a day I have in the past exceded 400 miles) and solve the on stre
  6. I was asked by plod why I was travelling, I was on a genuine journey so no problem, the reason I recon was the car was registered to an address 200 miles away, so the ANPR gave them hope of a good result for them.
  7. The mounting point for the bitter end (where the rope is fastened) should be ridiculously strong, boats steer into the current slowly when anchoring then reverse back slowly letting the chain and rope out as they go. So when they tie off and let the anchor hold the boat it is a gentle affair. Nothing like 30 tonnes moving a 2 knots being jerked to a stop.
  8. The chain should be as long as you can afford, store. It is as important a part of holding the boat as the anchor, on rocky seabed it is more important than the anchor. Remember as long as you can get the anchor over the side it will pull the chain (violently) over the side. A scared person will move things they normally can't. When you have fixed the problem and are recovering the anchor Archimedes principle helps, and you have time to rig up a block and tackle for the last bit. Hopefully you never need to find out.
  9. Wierd tripping can also occur with the input plug infested with spiders if it is dry, or moisture tracking inside the plug or socket, you can have great fun if there is a bead of moisture on neutral to earth, it can take days to find. The plugs and sockets used are not really up to the job they are moisture resistant not waterproof as in living in a shower with rain pelting them.
  10. What is wrong with L. A. batteries? I have a set, I am a summer boater who (when allowed) cruises between April and October. I generally move 3 days out of 5 usually about 3 hours cruising. I have 600 watts of solar. I never have battery problems they never go below 75% Soc and they are cheap and easy to maintain. If I was a livaboard who moved for a hour every 14 days, year round, then lithium batteries are a no brainer must have. Chose what suits your application/lifestyle.
  11. As long as you have an external aerial then midships seems best you get wifi the length of the boat and in the bow and stern area with the doors open. The key is the external aerial otherwise it is hunt the best window every time you moor.
  12. I have a webasto and engine heating going to the calorifier and rads it works very well except with long periods of tickover and lock flights (same thing really) the engine can become overcooled as it doesn't generate 4-5 kilowatts of heat so gradually the temperature drops. If you are just charging the engine will never reach 80 degrees or above only when cruising at canal speed. I have a seperate pump for the plate heat exchanger (foam insulated from Germany via EBay) which I can switch off for the long tickover times. The inbuilt engine thermostat opens at 75 degrees but only shuts somewher
  13. Like all things it comes down to the 'cost of doing business' If the fines are less than the profit being made they will continue. I had a collegue at work who worked in London and never paid to park, The fines added up to less than the parking charges, more wardens issuing tickets more frequently would have changed the odds and he would have paid to park.
  14. It can be done Timothy Spall did it and took his boar round the British isles for TV. Barges being flat bottomed can be very uncomfortable in any waves though. If you are going to take it to the continent you need to look at the required paperwork now we are not part of Europe. VAT is going to be tricky. You also need to look at the requirements of the RCD. (recreational craft directive) for the fit out there are various rules and regs that need to considered, especially as the legal liabilty lasts for the life of the boat.
  15. You really only need 2 aerials for 4 or 5G signals which are predominently in town and cities. Good 3G access will usually be present when you are alongside a Railway line or Motorway, in the more rual locations signal is hit and miss, it may be worth having an unlocked MiFi router and a selection of SIM cards EE and 3 seem to be the best two. There are locations where you won't get a signal, southern Shroppie is an example it is in a deep cutting for several miles. There are also dead spots one such being Crick by the marina entrance but 300 yards further north there is a good signal.
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