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  1. I see a fridge on the list, unfortunately I doubt a 500 watt inverter will start the compressor motor, these typically take 10 times the running power for a few seconds, most people find anything under 1000 watts is unlikely to be able to start the motor and really 1200 watts to be reliable (the standby current for a good inverter will only be a a few hundrd milliamps more than a 500W)
  2. only needs a path by the fence to comply, no need for parking.
  3. A few years ago I was going up Hatton, both of us in out late 60's and boss with a half working arm. Two vollies walked down past us and said they would help us. No they helped a hire boat who had 4 able bodies people, the kids being about 17 or 18. We stopped at the top and asked why? to be told they had to prioratise helping hire boat who didn't know what to do. Speaking to the crew of the other boat in the pub that evening, they had been hiring twice a year for twenty years, with a few years off when the kids were babies. They had done more locks and miles by a long way, so much for not kno
  4. A couple of times more expensive to install a generator, and sunshine is free not 90p per litre
  5. Unfortunately no MDF reigns my previous kitchen was IKEA and real wood.
  6. Getting wooden doors is like finding rocking horse dropping these days everything seems to be MDF (compost if allowed to get damp) and a wrapping over them, some do look like wood but aren't I got some a few years back that were real wood but this last year I have been looking for our new kitchen and can only find bespoke expensive wooden/ ply doors
  7. I was heading down to stratford a few years back and a boat coming up in a lock had his fenders down. he got stuck halfway up, letting water out had no effect the boat stayed stuck. and more filling just threatened to flood him. CRT guys came and tried jumping on and off when the water has down a bit to see if the shock would shift him but no he was stuck. After about 2 hours a Toyota 4X4 and a farmers Tractor attached to his stern they eventually got him afloat. Much thanking by the skipper and he took his fenders up went through the lock and stopped at the lock landing and put the fenders do
  8. Having spent many years of my youth sailing boats of various sizes on the Bristol Channel from Newport to Lands End I can assure you any small portable boat is not really up to it unless you have an escort boat with a big engine. We never went out in dingys unless there were a few of us or there was a support boat. The tidal current can easily reach 7 knots at headlands which basically means you need a RIB or similar with a big engine to go against it, in a good breeze you can get 1.5 to 2 metre high wave when you have wind against tide which I have seen coming over the deck on a 32 foot boat.
  9. There should only be one connection to the battery negatives that coming from the shunt nothing else should be connected on that side of the shunt or to the battery negatives v(interconnects to other domestic batteries are allowed. Every other connection must go to the 'boat' side of the shunt. The connection to the starter negative, any solar controllers, inverter chargers and all the lightd pumps etc all must be on the boat side so that every bit of current has to go through the shunt.
  10. As said it needs a good survey and hull repair before antifoul/paint, does it come with free sunglasses before you go inside.
  11. If yogurt pot in the way and owner aboard ask if they mind you going inside rather than outside most prefer it.
  12. I second that and I was a computer proffesional before I retired, the software gave me nightmares so I bought the MT50 which whilst frustrating got the job done.
  13. I have helped boater though locks as required. We once met a boat that had done 12 locks upwards but were puzzling over how to go downwards. I have also learn from boat hirers who have been hiring every year for the last 30 years as they can only spent 2 weeks on the canal and hiring is ceaper than owning. I have also seen parties who were more interested in beer than listing to boring safety knowledge. and as for putting the tiller the wrong way in an emergency, well I don't think I have done that recently but then i have been steering boats with tillers for 50+ years, put me in aboat wi
  14. Not if you hire a holiday boat. otherwise there would be no hire industry.
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