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  1. Engineers' Mechanics qualifications/insurance

    The best qualification is to be recommended by satisfied customers. If when you ring them they can't fit you in for weeks you know they must be getting something right. If the engineer feels he/she has to advertise widely they are either new (inexperienced) or have not got a good following.
  2. I can see a potential problem if using this to turn an inverter onto heat the water. The significant load of the inverter (70 amps or more) will almost certainly drop the battery voltage down enough to cause the device to turn off the load, the volts rapidly rise, load switched on, volts drop and so the cycle will carry on.
  3. Sequoia Table Leg System??

    If wooden floor recess the floor by 10 or 12mm my Desmo is recessed by about 4'll to make it almost flush.
  4. Heating water

    You may be better looking into a online gas water heater, most continuous cruisers swear by them. I have 600W solar and on a nice day the batteries are indeed fairly full by midday. Once your batteries are over 85% getting charge in is slow, on a good day I get 25+ amps at first but by 11:00 the current is down to 10 amps and at 13:00 down to 5, only then can you say the batteries are full. One day a week if lucky, building shadow, tree shadow, nice white clouds and big black ones seem to rule the other six days.
  5. NB width.

    This is Britain all infrastructure has to be built to a miniscule price. It's why we are constantly rebuilding motorways, have roads full of potholes, and have the poorest housing in Europe. They are 7 foot wide cos the locks were cheaper to build.
  6. Stove chimney advice

    but to get the same heat output in to the cabin the fire burns fasted so will need stoking more often and be a b***er to keep in overnight.
  7. Cruiser stern "dodger"

    The best bit outsiders is that things you drop or lob on to the stern deck stay there they don't bounce and splash
  8. Rudder Load, boat turns right

    Sorry to be a pedant but, weather helm means the boat will turn into the wind when the tiller is released. Lee helm means the boat will turn away from the wind if the helm is released. For a fore and aft rigged sailing boat weather helm is desired as the boat will turn into the wind and stop. Lee helm would mean the boat turning downwind and speeding up, not so good if you fall overboard. Square rigged vessels would usually prefer lee he!m because turning into the wind risks dismasting. An overbalanced rudder that swings to one side when the tiller is released is dangerous, I had one you couldn't even pick up your cup of tea before the boat was heading to the bank. I cut a bit off the front and now the boat just gently swings due to prop walk wonderful.
  9. No engine, have mains, new battery set up

    If you bring the battery inside you will need to put it in a airtight box vented to the outside. If you don't it will fail BSS and probably invalidate your insurance as well. This is because when charging batteries give off hydrogen which is explosive.
  10. Boat Pricing Conundrum!

    It is worth considering the inventory as well. Cratch covers, decent mooring lines, anchor and chain, 12 volt telly, 12 volt fridge, decent inverter and charger, solar panels with a good charger a good set of batteries and a battery monitor all these items can easily cost several thousand and you will need most if not all of them. Also check the storage space on board, how many clothes can you get in the wardrobe, how many drawers for other clothing, is there anywhere to hang a wet coat?, spare towels and loo roll, and most important is there space for the wine and beer.
  11. Dunchurch versus Barby

    Ventnor Farm is opposite calcutt and may be cheaper.
  12. C&RT Seize Pensioners Boat 27th March

    More relevant is the likelihood of crt having to spend more than that in the next few years in legal fees, to move him on, get a bss, insurance and license for his new boat. Can we start a crowd fund for these legal fees, currently paid for by our license fees. He may of course do everything right this time.
  13. LED Light flashing ???

    Bedazzled had mine now for 5 years no failures (20 lights)
  14. Slow electricity

    Shrinking fast due to coal closure, now down under 60GW hence expecting power shedding in winter, where firms who use loads and loads are paid to shut down, money for nothing, I planed to set up a smelter and wait for the payments for doing nothing, but I am well back in the queue for free money.
  15. Slow electricity

    Not true, My father worked in power stations as a charge engineer and one task they had was to keep two clocks in sync, one atomic, one from the mains frequency. It doesn't change much but when a big load comes on or a generator trips and drops off line the frequency can take a dip. It is the frequency of the generator that determines the regulator setting, so when load comes on the unit slows and this causes a power increase, done electronically/electrically, so fast but still there. If a big generator trips (fault shut down, line down or hit by trees) there can be a national wobble effect. You can see the actual stats on the website below, when I looked frequency was high at 50.120 Hz. http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/ This can be interesting watching on very cold days, we had one recently when with no real wind, everything was flat out and total load was 52 Giga watts so we were near power cuts.