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  1. The two main reasons many narrow boats have big engines it for working against a current, mainly rivers, but the tunnels and aquaducts on the llangollen have quite a strong current. The other reason is 10 or more tons of boat moving at even 2 MPH takes a lot of stopping, if you want to stop in less than 3 or 4 boat lengths you need a significant amount of power. You can bow haul one quite easily but it takes a minute or two to get moving with some steerable, stopping is basically takes a controlled crash into the bank to do it, as pulling backwards just drags the boat towards the bank.
  2. I heard it was a surveying error, they started digging the pound from both ends and when they met, oops.
  3. A see through i.e. plastic fuel pipe is almost certainly a BSS fail it has to be the marked ISO 7840, or copper.
  4. Most of the boats moored by the boating club have boards over their windows I guess the local youth like throwing stones.
  5. Universal rule of boating, if you touch another boat, they are always onboard, and the more spectators the worse things get.
  6. Remember that Ebbers/webasto's take 10-15 amps for a minute to start and then about 3 amps continuously while running, on shorepower no problem, if you are not on shorepower where do you get that extra 72 AHrs a day from? A Solid fuel stove with a backboiler ideally provides hot water and some radiators on a thermocycle system using zero power, at worst you can fit a small 12 volt pump taking 1 or 1.5 amps to boost the heat (possibly thermostatically controlled) by increasing the flow rate. Any air heater will require the use of fans which always create noise which you cannot totally muffle and still get the warm air. Several people seem to use soilwarming cables or propagator mats to warm their lithium batteries, waterproof and often 12 volt, so easy via a thermostat.
  7. What about those overhanging trees, I have encountered some really massive branches usually when pushed towards the non towpath side to pass a boat going the other way when already passing 10 or more moored boats.
  8. You cannot use the resistance of a cold relay coil to tell you how much current it will take, just like an old fashioned light bulb the resistance changes when the coil has pulled the relay shut and heated up slightly. An ammeter is the only way but as it is small the chances are your battery monitor won't even register the difference, maybe if you switch 10 on you will cause about a 1 amp change which should register. Is there an opposite to KISS, because here you have several extra lengths of wire and junctions which are all going to cause volt drop and be points of failure.
  9. Flexible grout is available basically I recon it is powdered latex and grout, or maybe of a and grout but it works on my bathroom floor at home which is small tiles and does flex a bit.
  10. Hire boat often have 4 or 6 people who like a shower on the morning, and like to move a long way each day so there won't be much surplus solar power most days even with 1.5 kW of solar which is about all you can easily get on a narrow boat roof and of course this assumes the crew don't want to sunbathe on the roof as you often see. I think there is still a disconnect between peoples desire and the physical reality of thermodynamics. It was mentioned earlier that heat pumps may help but the best I have seen only give a x3 gain so that would be about 1 kW per hour to heat the boat in winter, the extra 2kW comes either from the air via a noisy fan or from the water, nice and quiet but when the double moored boats in London all extract that heat the canal will become a giant ice cube. At least it will prevent them having to move.
  11. Although much has been said about the power required for moving, no mention of hot water for showers and cooking. These can easily be the same as the movements daily power consumption, currently can be supplied by gas but that too is a fossil fuel, add in space heating in winter and you are now using massive amounts of gas. Generating heat is a much bigger use of energy on a boat than moving. even in summer.
  12. But who monitors when the boat is moved off, yes it has been unplugged after charging, but you cannot fit a sensor in the ground to detect if it is still clogging the access. Car sensing is easy so you know when the car has moved away. Without a means of automatic policing and fining for overstay, there are some who will happily spent weeks there, particularily in winter when space heating is requred.
  13. Those LED strips usually take 5 amp per reel on 12 volts but are polarity sesative unlike a car headlight bulb. So although under gunnel strip lights look great they can really soak up the amps.
  14. When they make booking madatory as they have at harecastlewhat order do the boats go in the tunnel, those who booked first at the front or in the order they arrived (assuming same time slot) This would apply at foxton and watford as well. We had great fun a few years back at Foxton, there were several of us waiting at the bottom (we were number 3) booked in with the lockie. As the last boat came out of the down batch, a new arrival steered straight in with a grin, what perfect timing! there was a 5 minute hiatus with the lock keeper and the first boat owner and eventually the new arrival backed out (shame the queue was to big for him that batch). Without a lock keeper, who had flatly refused to let him touch any lock gear, the rule of the jungle would apply.
  15. Although there are lots of wide navigations, not all are equal, you can have luxury in a 12 x 70 foot on some but on others 57 foot is the max length. There are also disconnects, there are 4 main wide areas, the GU Thames and K & A, the Severn is a difficult connection not for the fainthearted. The North and Trent are another area, the Fens and east Anglia are another, again can be linked by a sea passage not to be undertaken lightly. As the early depreciation on a new boat can be 50% in the first 2 years, so beware. Also you need to check up on the Recreational Craft Directive, which affects all new boats, and their saleability. Try if possible I think there are some widebeams available for hire, there are loads of narrow to hire, have a week on each I suspect it will show you the difference.
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