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  1. It can be if the rapid charger is broken. Or occupied. Or not where the app said it would be [ask me how i know...]. Household current takes about 12 hours to charge from not quite dead, but low to 100%. Rapid chargers are 30 minutes to 80%. There are fast chargers as well, they take 3 to 4 hours. Not too handy at a motorway services. Our only car is an EV. Yes, there have been times i have thought 'i know we were consciously early adaptors... but this is a right pain in the a**. I now know that when the gauge reads zero miles, there is still some capacity left. Although our forward progress might have been helped along from the vacuum caused by the puckering on the car seat.... The question to ask yourself is how often you need to do more than 100/200 [depends on the car] miles in one go. If it is regularly, an EV is not [yet] for you. We have resorted to hiring a car for the occasional long journey of more than 200 miles.
  2. sorry to bring facts to a knife fight.... According to market research by IBISWorld, a leading business intelligence firm, the total revenues for the oil and gas drilling sector came to $2 trillion in 2017. I am going to interpret the 250 billion as earnings, rather than a savings [hard to figure out how needing to keep pumping oil allows them to save money]. The number from the research quoted above gives a daily revenue of $5.5 billion [assuming it is **all** oil & petrol]. That means for the quoted statement to be accurate, oil companies make a profit margin of ~4500% on their sales. No wonder the execs drive such big cars.
  3. I keep a horse and a blacksmith outfit for the same reason..... Alan Kay - Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born
  4. Hand on heart, I have unlocked it every time. But that is because i get on the boat through the side hatch - it is on a permanent mooring. My question is about whether such a lock set up is effective, I had never before seen a bullet lock like that.
  5. It is how the boat is locked from the outside when i am not on it. The flange surrounding the key slot is all that is visible, the rest is buried inside the steel of the top and side hatches. Seems secure enough to me, but wondered if there was some 'bic pen cap/kryptonite bike lock' scenario that made them easy to open.
  6. what is the CW consensus on a lock like this? I had never seen one until I bought a boat. It joins a side hatch, with a panel on the roof.
  7. would anyone know if it is practical to make one's own boat cushions [let's assume the right level of skill...]. If so, what is the view on the best source and type of foam? thanks
  8. thanks, and it does say: Dimmable: Not Dimmable 2835SMD so I will need to give it a miss. Would you know if dimmable is available at all? And I agree that it is not much of a gradient on the dimming.
  9. Do any of you know if there is an LED version of these halogen lights? I have a smart lighting system at home that includes dimming, etc, and have swapped most of the halogens for LED, but not sure replacements exist for these. thanks in advance
  10. wouldn't a more meaningful comparison be made using time on the bike/in the car, rather than distance travelled?
  11. This is not the case for Waze. Using the privacy-invading capabilities of smartphone tracking, it figures out that if all the users on one stretch of road are going a few miles per hour [or, kilometres per deca-minute, to cross threads...], there is a jam, and then re-routes you around it. The sat nag in my VW happily drives me right into it. Waze is also free [assuming you value your privacy at zero, which you must be, because you are on the internet....] and works in most of the countries I have ever travelled to. There is of course a data usage charge. That same mobile phone capability is how Tom Tom et al tell you of traffic ahead. Mobile phone companies can see that the users are all moving slowly from one base station to the next on the same stretch of road, they strip out any info that could identify a person/a number, and sell it to Tom Tom [etc].
  12. Another vote for Waze. Brilliant in the heavy traffic of the southeast.
  13. so you can your partner.... "about that 'working late again' story..."
  14. depending on your settings, this can be a surprise. It works from your mobile device as well [again, subject to settings]. See your travels On your computer, open Google Maps. Sign in with the same Google Account you use on your mobile device. In the top left, click Menu . Click Timeline . To see another date, at the top, choose a day, month, and year.
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