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  1. that was a nice trip down memory lane: at 29:57 it passes the flat i lived in when first married. The area had fewer flats on the canal then. I used to regularly cycle/run that route to my job on Gray's Inn road. Sometimes ran the other way [to Limehouse], but too many rocks thrown from bridges or the other side of the canal... Thanks for sharing.
  2. I expect next time he will think twice. He did stay dry, though.
  3. Like most here, it has been a mixed bag for me. But my boating is with a paddle and I have met a fair few fishermen who are not fans of kayak races.... Others are friendly enough. Except for the one that punched my dog when the dog took a sniff of his maggots.
  4. that is helpful, thanks. There was some debate in our group as to whether it spelled DIS or D/S. I was wrong...
  5. out for a [socially distanced...] walk on Sunday, somewhere near Kidlington. I came across some low height metal signposts on angled iron. One angle had D, the other S. Maybe it was a spacer, maybe it was an I between the two. Any suggestions on what they mean?
  6. I have ice skated on it, but did not pay much attention to the locks.
  7. I have seen the same, even when the links were specified [and paid for] to be physically redundant. A surprising number of 'simultaneous outages' for 'allegedly' redundant routing: https://www.silicon.co.uk/networks/broadband/google-offline-fibre-cables-cut-325443
  8. The [public] Internet runs over network infrastructure [fiber optic cables, routers, data centres, etc], If enough of that network infrastructure falls over, **some** of the effects MtB listed might happen, but those businesses do not run over the internet. Instead, they run on private networks, some of which might share infrastructure with the [public] Internet. Also, both those private networks and the internet network are designed to handle a break somewhere and route around it. Clearly, a big enough break and there is nowhere to route to. The Internet [actually, the network protocol that the internet uses] was originally created to handle military requirements so that communication could be maintained even if, say, a big network site was taken out. And I still can't figure out if my batteries are charged sufficiently or not....
  9. That is not how the internet works. Possibly, shop deliveries might be affected, but none of the rest. [I am just excited that there is finally a topic on here that I know something about...].
  10. i learnt of him through the Cowboy Junkies:
  11. I hope you're right, but some authorities seem to hold a different view: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-46653684 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-39352755 I read somewhere [which prompted this query] that sewage spills do not include the overflow from heavy rain. Fortunately there has not been much of that lately.... oh wait.
  12. thanks, that is what I was looking for. I wasn't planning on drinking any of it, and my searches were turning up results for that. I did the Windsor Triathlon 3 or 4 years in a row back in the 90s. The last year i had - by my standards - a good swim, which meant i was in the thick of the rolling fistfight that passes for a triathlon swim. I got a few mouthfuls down and was seriously ill for the next week. After that, I decided to not race at Windsor again.
  13. as above, some of us do a bit of swimming in the Thames and the like, including all through the winter. A few newspaper stories about Thames "Water" overflow and the like has me wondering if it is possible to get an over the counter kit that will test for - well, i am not sure. Stuff I would not want to be swimming in?
  14. although some are for security patches, to close any recently discovered vulnerabilities.
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