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  1. If you mean the black markers on the ArcGIS reference map, they are 25m subdivisions of the kilometre lengths, but be sure to check the label as additional ones are inserted at junctions and the naming changes. This one is 12.125 km (i.e. 125m into the 13th kilometre length, the first length being kilometre 1) from the official “start” of the Trent & Mersey canal at the north end of Preston Brook Tunnel. There’s a bit more info if you have a root around the dataset definitions.
  2. Email out today: Bosley and Marple will be open only two (different) days per week from 25th April. Great start…
  3. Chap who used to make boat covers on the Bridgewater took his little Dutch barge across from Liverpool to Dublin, successfully, but frightened himself so much in the process that he never came back. Was in WW a few years ago.
  4. As far as I recall there was a recent-ish change to standardise the BSS procedure across manometers and bubble testers, and the manometer test used to include two periods of five minutes. I’m sure someone who knows will be along shortly to clarify what changed.
  5. There is a lot more detail in the new (still officially draft) ECP document on the BSS website - Appendix C, too long to post here, but the basic requirement for a BSS pass is “no discernible movement” on a fluid manometer, defined as not more than 0.25 mbar in 2 minutes. There’s detail on the bubble tester procedures as well.
  6. The Beta connectors are usually like this, with standard 6.3mm uninsulated blades. The housings themselves don’t lock together. https://www.durite.co.uk/itm/63mm-Housing-Connectors/630mm-Multiple-Connector-Female-Receptacle-Housing-11-Way/001118
  7. There may be a cable tie under the cover already, which would stop it coming apart.
  8. If you were claiming for frost damaged pipes, then it’s pretty obvious that the temperature was not maintained at 10deg.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. After the filter issues I had last summer, I made up a cleaning device using a length of 3/8” copper pipe, a length of clear braided hose, a small 12v vacuum (air) pump off eBay, and a large 25 litre plastic container. It was reasonably successful apart from the catch container having a tendency to collapse under vacuum - I really need some sort of much heavier duty thick walled container. Here’s the muck that came out. These are 10 litre containers, first lot on the right. If you look closely at the right and centre containers, you can see the water at the bottom. Left it to settle out for a couple of weeks, decanted the clean stuff off and returned that to the tank. Had a proper primary filter fitted as well.
  11. That sounds more like the Severn. The Avon was pretty and quirky IMHO.
  12. As demonstrated by this chap (caution: extensive screwdriver abuse!) : https://youtu.be/lXskIlxbt-w
  13. That’s what I thought, so buying a “spare” diode pack would have to be the right type (or alter the wiring to provide a solid negative connection. I don’t believe my starter is insulated return, although it’s a while since I stuck my head down there. But the glow plugs, senders, etc don’t have any other negative connection, so I doubt that it is as that’s the only negative to the engine.
  14. Is the diode pack for an insulated return A127 different from the conventional automotive type?
  15. Looking at that 25” map, the line to the west of the canal appears to be raised on an embankment, and runs over the small arm (the outline of which can still be seen on Google earth), and stops short of the side bridge. The line to the east doesn’t line up with it, and also appears to be on elevated land. I went for a drive-by today, and although the industrial landscape has changed dramatically, it’s difficult to see how a railway could have run under the canal. I wonder if this was an elevated loading arrangement over the arm for dropping product into boats?
  16. The Wayback Machine has some snapshots of the Driftgate website, the latest sensible one seems to be from 2013. https://web.archive.org/web/20130325094445/http://www.dg2k.co.uk/
  17. Signs adjacent to the switches, sign on the board itself, partly so it’s obvious that you have to lift the board, and partly because there isn’t really anywhere else convenient!
  18. The requirement is “readily accessible”, defined as “Capable of being reached for operation, inspection or maintenance without removal of any craft structure or use of any tools or removal of any item of portable equipment stowed in places intended for storage of portable equipment such as lockers, drawers or shelves.” Mine are under the deck boards as well, appropriately signed, never been any issue with accessibility - it’s a very common arrangement. There might be an issue if the boards were lockable?
  19. Do the links on the All Activity menu do what is required?
  20. The standards used to be freely available online through Manchester Libraries, but they turned the service off, or possibly restricted access to actual libraries, presumably to save money.
  21. As stated, it’s 50291-2, but the manufacturer didn’t opt to certify that model for boat use.
  22. I’ve used these people before: https://simplyextinguishers.co.uk/
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