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  1. Taslim

    Oil for PRM120

    Thank's for that.
  2. A frightened man with a bucket is even better.🙃
  3. You'r more polite than me.
  4. London price + pretensions %. I wouldn't mind it if the price was more 'West Midlands' though. Dream on.
  5. Or He wants some one else to do his product design/development for free? Synical? Me!
  6. What if we repaired all the broken bits first then started 'improving' details? Oh. Too simple, sorry.
  7. Is oak the usual wood for these? Tree Monkey, help.
  8. ^^My first thought too. Not very trusting? Me? Edit:- Late!
  9. Don't know about gym membership but wondr if you will need it if CCing with serious intent? 🙃
  10. I've had alarms in my workshop as a mater of course. The 'oily haze' there makes most Trad Engine rooms look like operating theaters. I do check the units regularily (spray can) & replace if obviosly filthy but thus far havn't had one fail on test. Quickly adds- or at any other time!
  11. ^^^ Wot E Said. I used a cut down oil container with a nappy in it. Fitted well & no mes.
  12. Another vote for the simple (and inexpensive) evaporative coolers. They won't, 'Llike chill out the world man!' but will make a difference. Wet blankets/towels on the roof work too.
  13. And in the oven I know more noise.
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