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  1. It's not the greatest work but it's OK. But the that Mona Lissa jobbie looks a bit rough in the wrong light.🙄
  2. It can be but he may slap you if you try to use it!
  3. When you say 'engine block' do you mean engine compartment?
  4. ^^^^ Wot he says. Another vote for fatigue matting. Choise of colours too.
  5. A good idea but use plasic tube or strip. Any remaining moisture will cause wood baterns to rot & the fungus is scary.
  6. The 'H' type cowl of the type that was used on trawlers is first class if rather 'functional'.
  7. You sure it wasn't a chicken?🙃
  8. Taslim

    Warning light

    Cheers Mr B. I wasn't looking at dates.🙂
  9. Taslim

    Warning light

    It's a LED. Very ornamental. No use for what you need. As has been said , You need a FILLAMENT LIGHT BULB.
  10. More information needed from you. For starters are you on shore power and if not how / when are you re charging your batteries?
  11. How are you planing to use your boat? I you will spend most of your time in a marina or contiuous moored then steerable panels could give you more bang. If you intend to travel flat pannels will cost you less £££ & hassel. A couple of years ago I earned quite a lot for removing fancy mounts & refitting the panels fixed/flat for people who boat.
  12. They are good but one of my'ne leaked fron the side seam when I ran it over. I supose nothing is perfect🙃
  13. Another vote for Airlink. Neat package too.
  14. Do it over a clean sheet of paper though to show the builders what you find.
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