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  1. Don't know about gym membership but wondr if you will need it if CCing with serious intent? 🙃
  2. I've had alarms in my workshop as a mater of course. The 'oily haze' there makes most Trad Engine rooms look like operating theaters. I do check the units regularily (spray can) & replace if obviosly filthy but thus far havn't had one fail on test. Quickly adds- or at any other time!
  3. ^^^ Wot E Said. I used a cut down oil container with a nappy in it. Fitted well & no mes.
  4. Another vote for the simple (and inexpensive) evaporative coolers. They won't, 'Llike chill out the world man!' but will make a difference. Wet blankets/towels on the roof work too.
  5. And in the oven I know more noise.
  6. Run the Cooker all day while moving. Eat in the evening. Or are you needing to eat in the morning?
  7. My fist thought was uprate the existing stove & radiator system to include the cold parts of the boat. Two stoves seems one to mamy unless your boat is a pretend Trad with Cabin.
  8. Good point Haggis. I go with Brian on this.
  9. In hot weather, like today, the gas fridge in The Truck runs hotter than normal espesialy if it's on beer duty. I fitted a pair of fans wired in series to quietly help with air flow over the fins.
  10. Taslim

    no earth

    No. Not not he has a desireable boat. Befreind him & wait.?
  11. Can't see that ever catching on Jen.
  12. Thanks. Good stuff. Walks off muttering about where did the afternoon go.........
  13. I can't agree. By 16 one is already picking up bad work practices. The apprentices who started training later were allways harder to 'bring on' and, with a very few notable exceptions, never as good at their craft.
  14. I think that no one notices when they do line up but when the don't line up.......
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