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  1. Taslim

    no earth

    No. Not not he has a desireable boat. Befreind him & wait.😑
  2. Can't see that ever catching on Jen.
  3. Thanks. Good stuff. Walks off muttering about where did the afternoon go.........
  4. I can't agree. By 16 one is already picking up bad work practices. The apprentices who started training later were allways harder to 'bring on' and, with a very few notable exceptions, never as good at their craft.
  5. I think that no one notices when they do line up but when the don't line up.......
  6. All I remember is that it was (is) described as 'ProLimoBlack. Comes in various shades, colours & guages. My impression was that it's the skill of the operative that makes the difference in finish. Have a practice first somewhere it's easy to scrape off. Be methodical but don't hang about.
  7. Fleabay. Car tint film. Worked for me.
  8. Yea, You can buy it or knick it from Woolworths but I don't th.....Oh...'Y can't
  9. Your welcome. William is (Was, long since gone) indeed a Parsons variant. Related, well I,m sure he would have liked to be.......
  10. Best of luck with 'the next phase' whatever the reason.
  11. Congrarads. Well done you. Any chance of 'photos of 'the gubbins' at some stage?
  12. If you are a graphic designer, printer or a sign maker it's positive. Trust = Negative.
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