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  1. Taslim

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    If you are a graphic designer, printer or a sign maker it's positive. Trust = Negative.
  2. Taslim

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    A light at the end of the tunnel? Oh! Hell no. It's a big W with a Butty in tow! Doomed we are.
  3. Taslim

    Stiff chuck on drill press

    Good news. A result. Modern diesel doesn't seem to lubricate well and won't hold off corrosion. (Experience ). A drop or SAE 30 ?
  4. Taslim

    general questions

    If moored it seems the traditional greeting to a person on a moving boat is 'SLOW DOWN!!!' to which the considered response is 'TIE UP PROPERLY!'. (Expletive sometimes added.) But if you are in a hurry 'GET ******ED!' is sometimes used.
  5. Taslim

    Help, Battrery explosion

    A two pence coin in the slot should let you in. Twist anti clockwise. If you look 'down the hole' you should see liquid covering the plates.
  6. Taslim

    Stiff chuck on drill press

    At first glance I read that as weeping oil . but your right . Another clean overall needed. Next time I'll dip it in hot Link Life.
  7. Taslim

    Stolen boat

    Your suggesting there was a software problem on the Middlewich Branch? No wonder. The operating system hasn't been upgraded for years. Bound to get the occasional glitch.
  8. Taslim

    Oak processionary moth

    Interesting stuff. I was aware of the beasts but had no more info. Thanks. The fact that they live on 'The Hereford Weed' makes them of particular interest. Our biggest local concern is Ash Die Back 'specialy if if you need a new steering stick for a butty.
  9. Taslim

    Man Overboard!

    Our instructor also said that it might shorten ambulance response time.
  10. Taslim

    Endoscope recommendation ?

    Your right, we havn't seen any yet but you never know whats 'round the corner.
  11. Taslim

    Soft Starter - one for the elecrical bods

    Good news and looks like a really well built bet of kit. My (limited!) money was on Smiley Pete in #22. One of the cheap modules in suitable enclosure allows me to run a compressor from my manky little 2 stoke generator and I have used it to 'help out' with other kit with a fair level of success.
  12. Taslim

    Burning out alternators

    ^^^^ as above but don't spray it with WD40 or similar. The plastic really dosn't like it. Serviceol Super 10 is good.
  13. Taslim

    Useful unit conversion program

    That depends on the version.
  14. Taslim

    Tick Time

  15. Yea! But!...............

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