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  1. Judging by the 'photo the bridge was overdue for repairs/maintenance anyway. Could be a good time for a new bridge & the Council seems keen.
  2. Taslim


    I too remember the fuss it caused. Bikers organised protest runs. The 'Shout' was Helmets, Yes! Compulsion, No! We all knew Lids made sence, we just objected to being ordered to wear them.
  3. A vote for Airlink. Standard site transformer enclosure. Properly installed they are Fit & forget.
  4. Taslim


    A Green one, I think. Should reduce tar in the stove pipe! What colour for broken pallets & will it get rid of nails??
  5. Taslim


    What colour? Could be just what I'm looking for!?
  6. Taslim

    Shocking shower.

    I had someting similar hapening. It turned out to be that a dog had chewed through our local earth lead AND there was a fault at the sub station. It was as well I found it when I did since ether fault could have been 'very inconvienient'! If you don't have the test gear yourself Best get it checked ASAP. Edit. Cros post with Sea Dog.
  7. Any toolkit. I use my clamp meter as a general duty multi meter. The clamp/amp function is usefull on ts time but it spends most of its time doing continuity & voltage.
  8. From past experience I'd start by giving it a new spark plug. I've had a couple of new plugs fail prematurely. They were probably 'knock offs.'
  9. I guess they were going to work, not for a picknick.
  10. A bit quick don't y' think? We need to re read & re consider....... Oh! now I remember. I lost interest about #20. As you were chaps & chapesses.
  11. Right! Thanks for that. ? Must go & tie the boat to its sky hook.
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