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  1. This is all really helpful thank you. Will look into all suggestions here. I'm hoping this boat might keep trotting along for a bit, as covid has destroyed my partners work, and we have had to run through our boat budget. If it is a gasket, how difficult would it be to attempt fitting a new one myself, or at this point should I try and take the hit, and get a mechanic in? Currently I'm going to try to clean the oil from the outside of the engine to try and make it easier to see potential issues. It has always been that oily, but the entire engine room is fairly manky, and needs a good clean.
  2. OK, thanks people. Yes should have said its a lister.. Sr3? I think. OK. That makes sense. Will have a further look into it. Thank you.
  3. Is this circled gap normal or a worry?
  4. yeah saw one of them in a you tube video, looked for it on my boat and of corse no such luck. So I got drunk and forgot about it 🤣🤣. Gear box oil, do you think I should do that at the same time, is it a similar process? Thank you that's helpful. 😁😁
  5. Thank you. Will look. Now I can't see a oil filter, and I have heard sr3 do not have a oil filter, and I can't see one on mine. Only a small red one that I'm sure is the fuel filter?... Also, will it be OK just to top up the oil so I can move it, mixing oil is fine for one move or no? and will the oil drain if I don't run the engine first and warm it? (riddled with anxiety about totally fubaring my engine, never cared for an engine before 🤣🤣)
  6. Ti's is very helpful this advice thank you. Have you ever done an oil change on yours, as I understand it yours is similar to mine. Where do reckon the drain would be situated, or is there a pump I can get to bring it out a different way, I've heard you can attempt it through the dipstick... Tube?
  7. Yeah I never did that before, I want to ensure the oil levels fine before I move it on the 6th. I want to attempt a complete oil change within the next few weeks. So what oil do I need. And as far as I understand it goes in one of the openings on the rocker cover? Just one or all 3. And, how much? All very rookie questions so laugh it up, but please take pity on me help aswell 🤣🤣.
  8. Thank you. Next green newbie question, what's a cruiser rear deck? No worries I googled it, yes that's what I have. 😁. I have learned things today. That's enough lock down learning thanks for the help folks.
  9. Thank you! Bilge is exactly the word I was struggling to find 🤣🤣. New to boats and there engine.. Compartments? So I'm hoping it's not a hole in the boat as its certainly not got worse over time (hurt my back a couple of months ago and only just managed to get in to clear it out). It seemed to appear after the bad storms whilst on the winter mooring. If it was a hole would it keep getting higher? Engines been running fine without issues? Also, yep defgo was not going to empty it in canal. Do you think it would be OK to soak it in the ground the other side of the tow path, run out of buckets 🤣.
  10. There has been water in the engine block of my boat. About 3 inches. The water is black with oil, I'm certain it's not diesel. Its not got any worse and I'm trying to empty it today to get a good look. Already lifted out a full mop bucket full. Really just asking.. Any ideas..
  11. Yeah, I should have stated we have a good tool kit, probs need to add to it though.
  12. OK going to get my permitted daily walk to [he boat tomorrow and will chuck pics on the thread. Hoping it won't be an impossibility.
  13. That's exactly why we are asking extra advice. We know it's not a house and will probably cause us a head full of grey hair before we are through. Hoping his skills are transferable though 😂🤞
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