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  1. It was after/before Beale Park years ago lots of fun had by all
  2. Were you there when Guy took Thorn all the way up to the weir pool to turn?
  3. At separate times I have turned both a 60ft NB and a 60ft Barge just up from the Plough no bother.
  4. If travelling quickly and I see some moored boats immediately the other side of a bridge I go full astern to slow down before the bridge and then go through the bridge and pass moored boats at tickover. I don't understand why I get funny looks as I pass the boats as I did slow down
  5. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    Sir Nige sweeps to victory and takes all the seats in the Euro elections, I can't see how will this affect parliament as to us leaving as he will have no say as to what MP's do. Good protest vote, if it happens, but pretty ineffectual. BTW its really the Civil Service that run the country not MP's
  6. Just finished unloading trailer and car, got keys at midday. Now got to consider the rebuilding that we need to do. Forgot to say champagne is open and being drunk
  7. You did want to see your possessions again didn't you I hope it wasn't a fly by night company We are also waiting for the call re the keys hopefully about 1300hrs which I believe is par for the course.
  8. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    I was there for the first run of shows 1980-81 as head tech for the "Quad" system Spent most of the shows sat at the rear "quad" station watching the show. I still remember the first time I saw DG appear above the wall, it was spectacular.
  9. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    youhadtobethere Hard to believe it was 40 years ago
  10. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    No its a foreign country doesn't matter what is going on outside little England. Only home grown news welcome here.
  11. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    You see it because your Google feed is tailored to what you want to see.
  12. Heading off to my new cheap marina today £1600pa but it is in the back of beyond but only a couple of days from the GU main line. Better than the £4500+ I was paying 50 miles further south.
  13. Dimples were good for hitting people, Sleeves we good for cutting people .
  14. Can you ignore yourself? Now that would be exciting you would never know what you are saying.
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