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  1. Parking at Marsworth was never a problem I just asked the landlord if I could park in the Red Lion car park, provided I drank in the pub it was OK seems a good trade to me. Worked over most of the system.
  2. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    Two important words Plan, means he doesn't have to do it Net, means after expenses and that could mean he gives nothing. It was the word Net that jumped out at me when I first read his statement, we all know how expenses can be inflated ; )
  3. Whereas the Nene is a sometimes navigable flood control system.
  4. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    As you didnt click the token the system would allow you to attempt to sign over and over again and send you mails every time until you did click the token when you would have signed it once. Its not rocket science! As for an apology, no chance, you were trying to mislead whether deliberately or through ignorance I can't say. ETA the link is from Guido probably also a lie.
  5. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    I was being civil She told half truths to try and make a point. That in my book is lying. She said that she had completed the voting process multiple times and the emails were proof of that. When, as she admited later, she hadn't as she never clicked the confirm button.
  6. I have never seen a 12/240v/gas fridge that doesn't have a thermostat on the 240v side. Certainly the one in our tin tent has a stat on 240v, as did the ones I had on previous boats.
  7. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    Lying again look at this screenshot! It wont let you sign twice!
  8. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    Read the tweets in reply under that one you will see she is lying as per normal.
  9. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    Proves nothing I have several email addresses coming in to one inbox, you could be using multiple addresses as well!
  10. Wonderful place, spend your time playing on NVR, at the weekends when its running services its an easy way to get into town. Ooo good weekend to be stuck there https://nvr.org.uk/product.php/65/steam-and-vintage-rally Enjoy it !
  11. Just had SSA for the Nene today so suppose this time its real ! Floating pontoons are a wonderful thing.
  12. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    Car looks like a Skoda to me, never been made in UK
  13. But that's not beer its pisswater
  14. Mine is not a computer fan, its a 3" snail blower something like this; https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F112559833366 Ducted up through the roof, good for warming hands on a winters day.
  15. I have one extracting hot air from in front of the alternator, certainly reduces temperature can't say about efficiency.
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