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    I think that you might be disappointed in the Supreme Court ruling in favour of the Government, the current judgement is, in fact, exactly right. This was the sovereignty that the Brexiteers were all keen to 'take back' (not that it ever really left) but since it isn't to their advantage it is assumed to be 'wrong'. If May's plan to invoke Article 50 with no reference to parliament went unchallenged it would set a rather unfortunate precedent. Let us look at a hypothetical future election where one party, as an example, canvassed on a policy of stopping abortion in the UK. Once elected they would be in a position of stating, using the referendum as a precedent, that 'the people have spoken, we were elected on a manifesto committment to outlawing abortion and we are going to do so with no reference to Parliament'. How would you counter this if the Royal perogative had already been used in this way? Potentially it could lead to any party enacting legislation that was contained in their manifesto by Royal perogative and without any reference to Parliament on the basis that 'this is what the electorate have voted for'. A rather tricky can of worms to be opened I would suggest. I don't really know what that brexiteers are worried about since, even if put to Parliament, the odds are that Article 50 will eventually be invoked it just seems sensible that some adults (unlike Johnson,Davies and Fox) should take part in the negotiations rather than treating the nation like a bunch of schoolchildren telling us that we will find out in their own time what we are actually going to be getting. The puerile argument of 'not showing our hand' suggests that they don't consider that the Europeans have any intelligence, if they are not already aware of what the issues are going to be they haven't really been watching, have they? If May isn't going to tell us what is happening she will just be spending all her time denying what the EU negotiators are releasing to their press. I should say that I don't think that the suggestion of a second referendum once we know what we are getting stands any chance at all since we will have already invoked Article 50 before we get to find out what the EU is willing to let us have. This is the point missed by many, we aren't telling the EU what is going to happen, we are putting forward proposals and it is the remaining 27 countries who make the decision, we will have no part in that decision at all. Personally I think that the EU will be better off without a whiny country sitting like a petulant teenager blaming all of its own incompetency upon the EU. Most of the things that have p*ssed me off over the past 20 years had nothing whatsoever to do with the EU (Iraq War, Student loans,Poll Tax, etc.etc) so the EU will be better off without us.
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    I agree. Thank God for the House of Lords. So many times they have thrown out bad legislation. An essential moderating influence on the Commons.
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    I am making the assumption that pg has an agenda to cause as much discord as possible. No human is truly that repulsive. Surely this is a mental health crisis.
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    I selected the 'couldn't care less either way' option. As to where it's located I couldn't care less about that either. If I see threads that don't interest me I mark them as read and move on. If I open a thread that I thought might interest me but doesn't then I'll leave the thread and go elsewhere. It's hardly rocket science. All this 'Please don't put it next to my section' rubbish is pathetic.
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    but i thought you guys were voting to put power back into the hands of parliament from those insufferable people in Brussels?
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    It fascinates me trying to understand why people feel the need to stifle discussion at all. There is a need for moderation but not total prohibition. This is also not just about politics but anything that might be an interesting topic of conversation. Properly moderated by grown ups for grown ups no subject should be taboo as long as it is legal. That forum used to be here.
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    I am overwhelmed at the speedy & helpful advice! I took a few deep breaths & gave myself a stern talking to & then got on with it. 2 lovely lone boaters turned up just as I was inching towards the 1st lock - I offered to let them go through first as I would be slow & they oh so kindly offered to watch me go through alone to give moral support. This was just what I needed, many thanks to them. So I have slowly but surely moved myself through 3 locks & a couple of awkward swing bridges. Another bridge to do tomorrow but I've called it a day for today as I found a lovely spot to moor. Also another first, mooring up alone. A day of firsts! Showered, fire alight, fresh bread baking in in the oven & a beautiful view. What more could a girl want. Many many thanks all for the advice & moral support. Onwards & upwards.
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    I dunno, I suspect it's often - although of course not always - at least part of the case, and I don't think it's sexist to remark on it. Yes, often the woman 'doesn't want to steer' - but you have to ask why that is. It's very, very rare for it to be the other way round. It's more than possible that it's because she hasn't been encouraged, hasn't been allowed to develop the experience and confidence, or her confidence has taken a knock and hasn't been given the chance or encouragement to recover. I was once that woman, and it took a long time, a lot of willpower, actually going out and getting training and practice on another boat, and an obsessive love of boats, for me to get over it. I've also spoken to very many other women at locks who say things like 'he doesn't trust me not to scratch his pride and joy', 'he's better at it than me' (well of course he is if he's had all the practice), 'I wouldn't dare', etc etc. If a bloke has a bad experience in a lock with someone opening the paddles too fast, would we expect him to refuse ever to steer again? So don't dismiss it out of hand.
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    Why is everything these days a conspiracy? I would be staggeringly amazed if Gina Miller, the appellant in this case, has the connections to nobble 3 High Court Judges. I have to be honest and state categorically that I believe the gutter press coverage of the the case and the Judges decision has been disgraceful. The Mail decided that it was relevant that one of the judges was 'openly gay' (WTF has that got to do with anything?) and the headline was that they were 'Enemies of the People'. This sounds like a press release you'd expect in Mugabe's Zimbabwe if any of his judges didn't do as they were told.The Sun decided that it wasn't right that Gina Miller as a 'foreign born multimillionaire' should be able to take the case to the High Court. That is the epitome of hypocracy since the Sun is owned and run by a 'foreign born multimillionaire' who wasn't shy about letting the UK know his opinion what the result of the referendum should be. To finish the rant I also believe that Liz Truss as Lord Chancellor should be summarily sacked (if that is possible). Her role in Government is as defender of the judiciary and she has woefully failed in it. The three judges have been subjected to massive criticism and. if she believes that they have failed in their duty then she has sanctions she can impose, if they haven't failed in their duty she should support them. What does she actually do? absolutely nothing, other than tell the press that the Government will be appealing against their decision. If she hasn't the guts to do her job properly she should go and be replaced by someone who actually knows what the job entails.
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    Too much information ...
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    I've selected yes Although I don't normally participate in the political threads (I might ask question every now and then), I am a firm believer that people should be able to discuss/debate whatever topic they have an interest in, as long as it's legal, & doesn't incite terrorism or treason. There are already numerous threads that I pass over that hold no interest for me, some of which have nothing to do with boating or the canals. It doesn't bother or annoy me. Sometimes I read the political threads, and other times I'll give them a miss. As above, I really couldn't care less where they are located, or what the title is. If it's political and I don't feel like reading it I simply go onto the next thread. I really am struggling to see what all the fuss is about.
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    Methinks the order of calculations is wrong here. 1. Perform an energy audit. 2. Calculate how you will replace 120% of 1. If 2. is much less than 1. then keep re-jigging until they balance. Once they balance then (and only then)... 3. Choose battery bank approx three times the size of 1.
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    Chop the tree down.
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    Not being able to see Walsall must indeed be an advantage.
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    So back on topic. 69% favour a return or are not bothered either way. Only 20% do not, and that is despite some of the shenanigans over the last couple of pages. Pretty convincing I would say.
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    I remember playing with a crystal set in the bad old 50's. We should club together to buy one for Forty, it would keep him busy while we consider important world matters.
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    You've had your democratic right served, as have all the politicians, by a democratic process sanctioned and endorsed by a 6:1 majority in parliament. Although every time I mention parliament, I see weasels and snakes in the grass, and their followers.
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    Just as a bye the way, I heard a young polish girl on the radio bemoaning lost job opportunities and saying we should look at our history and have some gratitude for how they helped us against the Germans.
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    A person who speaks three languages is called trilingual A person who speaks two languages is called bilingual. A person who speaks one language is called... English. HH
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    . Yes me too. It's one of my (many) hobby horses how so many people see to regard 'having children' as a passport to preferential treatment. EG we need to CM here because the kids are in skool. I get people calling me in busy periods telling me I need to mend their broken boilers first ahead of all my other customers because 'we have young children'. Well no actually, elderly and/or ill people get priority from me. Clearly on the same planet as the NBTA!
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    Hey Hilary! I have a lifejacket I bought for my JRT x mini dachshund puppy. He's now outgrown it. If this looks suitable, PM me and I'd be happy to sell it to you. It was worn once before he outgrew it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006UQWVHS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Well it is for those that don't want to see political debate re-introduced as it plays right into their hands.
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    I do not see any 'rudeness' in my post, so we will just have to differ, as an 'apology' will not be forthcoming. Maybe if you read FtS posts on the subject you will understand a little more about the background. Check out the 'author' of the piece quoted. It could almost be a re-run of 1984 where some are perceived to be 'more equal than others'. The 'Bargee Travellers Association' whole ethos seems to be supporting 'Bargee Non-Travellers' - look at the history.
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    I took Snibs comments in a different way, as purely a statement of fact, surely that is allowed?Phil
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    No boat should be moving at night i can give you the 1 and only reason why & its also a safty matter ready? Youll wake the wife and at night its the only times my ears stop hurting and i get peace.
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    I am not sure how moderation is supposed to work can I ask a question or two. 1. Does it only need one person to be unhappy with a thread before action is taken? 2. Is there any relationship between the number of contributors in a thread and the number of complainers before action is taken e.g. if there are say 20 contributors does it require a number of reports equal to x% before action is taken? What I am trying to establish is can one or two people who submit a report disrupt a thread which is ticking along with non of the posters getting upset. If that is the case it hardly seems fair. Apart from a single individual this thread seems to have been running OK but statements like "There were unhappy voices" makes me wonder how many "unhappy voices" are needed to trigger an action.
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    I think perhaps these unhappy voices need to get a life. Most of us managed to cope with the trauma.
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    I haven't very often agreed with Carl, but PG, you really are pushing the limits now. Give over, will you?
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    Like most of us, I am not omniscient; that's why I asked the question, which Carl has already answered, thanks anyway.
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    From the NBTA website - Background to the 'statement' : "...the council intends to criminalise, prosecute and evict Bargee Travellers from the river if they do not have a mooring or a residential mooring licence" As it only appears to be C&RT that are subject to allowing CC activities, the councils actions seem to be reasonable. If you want to CC (or not pay for a mooring) then move onto waters that allow you to do so. If you want a mooring, are prepared to pay for it but non are available, move onto waters with available moorings. It is not a 'right' to be able to insist that you can live where you want to live.
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    they call themselves travellers yet dont want to travel anywhere , Weird
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    Personally I wouldn't block the services even with the sign. It's not easy to clamber across a wet and slippy boat in icy conditions with a cassette in your hands.
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    Can we have a sub-forum for the "Word Game" threads so I can hide those. (Page after page of the same four people posting meaningless words).
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    I a very surprised (but actually - maybe not) that the battery 'box' holding the 3 batteries passed the BSS. The BSS states : All batteries must be incapable of movement in excess of 10mm in any direction. NOTE – restraint against vertical movement is generally required. However batteries may be secured by means of a cradle or framework sufficient to ensure batteries remain secure under any condition up to 45˚ to the horizontal. Recesses, cradles or frameworks extending to half the height of the battery meet this allowance. There does not appear to be any restraints stopping the batteries moving 'vertically' (the lid looks as if it just slides down the edge-supports), there is no sign of any 'straps' and the 'tray' certainly does not extend more than half the height of the batteries. The batteries can certainly move in excess of 10mm. Easily solved by adding a 'ratchet strap' across the top of the batteries terminated each side on the 'tray'. Max - Don't worry about it - its not life threatening and you have more to worry about at the moment - however, consider it a job to go on the list for next year (maybe when you are having Solar fitted) Just to give you some support, here is a little gift from me-to-you, they are very rare and I seldom give away any of my limited stock so look after it carefully.
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    Max says that one of the cats did sound. It may thus be deemed a reliable warning device, and should be nailed to the wall near the stove.
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    I'm truly fearful now, Twitter is on fire re the court's decision! Threats have always been guarded, but I'm surprised at some things I'm reading now. Hope the 'powers that be' take a moment to reflect as they celebrate Guy Fawkes night.
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    A common market! That would be a good idea. What happend to it and how did we end up in the other crock of poo? Tim
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    This has nothing to do with parliamentary transparency and everything to do with stalling the exit process in the hope that it can be limited or even prevented.
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