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    Vigourously ringing a bell when 3 or 4 yards behind a pedestrian is scary and downright rude, but a single 'ding' when 15-20 yards away, and then a polite 'thank you' does wonders for boater / walker / cyclist relations. If you get no response from the 'ding', then maybe, as mentioned in a previous post, the target may be hard of hearing, so just be polite and pleasant and get off the bike to walk past. If you are in too much of a hurry to do this, catch the bloody bus.
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    For a quick and delicious chicken curry get a tin of hot spicy chicken curry at Aldi about a quid, dearer at Sainsbury and Tesco but not as good. Now, you buy it really purely for the hot curry sauce, the chicken chunks in it are just an extra. Ok, boil up your long grain rice (easy cook from Aldi) 15 mins. In another pot bung in the tinful of curry, adding whatever you have, example, Chopped onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, more bits of cooked chicken ect, mix and simmer whilst rice is cooking. When cooked scoop the rice onto a big plate making a crater in the middle, into this crater when piping hot dump the curry mixture. And enjoy. Ooh I forgot chuck a chicken stock cube in with the boiling rice for more flavour.
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    CRT don't organise fishing matches. If you want to tell the organisers not to do it again, you'll have to find out who organised the match, which will probably be the local angling club.
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    What are you actually expecting CRT to do about a fishing match that occurred a few weeks ago?
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    As a regular " wild " camper for forty years I have been burying my shit a lot and it is not a big problem on a small scale. Dried shit is even better of course. Also a lot of animal waste, cattle, horse and especially chicken is dried and then spread on the fields were most of the decomposition takes place. I think most animals also shit in the woods, don't they? I luv how defensive some of the "committee" get with topics like this.
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    So you agree that immigrants get cars bought for them and we only make babies to get benefits! Anybody who disagrees with you, ie bases their belief on facts and not tabloids is far left and a goody two shoes! Blimey.
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    Talking of waste of money signage, we've just gone past the 7 day moorings at Foxton on the Market Harborough arm, I'm probably a bit slow here but I can't actually see how you are supposed to moor. There are no bollards or rings and if you are supposed to use the mooring pins you'd have to drive them through the fairly solid towpath (so that someone can trip over them!). Is this what I'm carrying an anchor for??
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    I think if your happy with what you got then don,t worry about anyone else, with a cost of around 500/1000 quid it's not something I would just buy to give it a go then stick in the garage if i did,nt like it and if it,s really about saving the planet just shit in the hedge like 99.9 percent of other mammal species do
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    Radical solution, forget about the inverter and get a 12v fridge instead. Phil
  10. 1 point
    500 Squids over 2 years ago works great. Just love watching you lot with cassettes lug liquid poo twice a week to sluice scared you will get covered when it glugs allover and it stinks and you claim they are the best mmmm who has been had Peter
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    I agree with Alan on this one, & would add. Not to mention probably voiding your insurance if you went any thinner or lighter in ground tackle than the old 'Fit for Purpose for size ,weight & Characteristics of vessel in a given cruising area' chestnut, & ofcourse the recommendations of Both the Anchor / Chain / Warp Manufacturers. I for one wouldn't risk Life n limb, my Investment, My Home or Possible damages for the sake of a suitable Chain,Warp & Anchor. just my take on things.
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    Hi ya, what Make / Model / Size / Weight is the NB in question, I have seen many a NB style boat with Outboards used for propulsion. Has yours ever had an onboard Engine, if so what HP was that ?. To give a guide, I have used a 15HP Outboard on my current boat,That pushed it along quite happily, once it got moving. Stopping wasn't so good, but it would have got me out of trouble if ever I had to use it. (I've got a 41 x 11 Widebeam with a V Hull, of approximately 13T weight). https://www.dropbox.com/s/u4msmq5boatc9nh/IMAG0218.jpg You can see the Bracket I used on the Stern. This is it in the Down position, ready for use. https://www.dropbox.com/s/buchen18rjx5okj/IMAG0309.jpg
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    I reckon it won't be long before networks are forced to share masts.
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    And I will be living afloat by the end of September if all goes to plan
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